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We Need Debate Moderators Who Throw Hard Questions Instead of Tossing Slow-Pitch Mudballs

Ken is a retired entrepreneur. He is married with two adult children and nine grandchildren. He loves traveling and any beach that has sand.


If you don't ask the right questions, you will always get the wrong answers

Thirteen months from now, our Republic will again be embroiled in a highly charged, emotional election cycle. Our reality, however, is that we never ended the last election cycle. It is ongoing in our judicial halls even now, as this is being written. Parts of our election system need repairs, at the very least.

We are looking for a failsafe way to count votes independent of political affiliations, which is next to impossible. As of October 3rd, the Brennan Center for Justice, an independent, nonpartisan law and policy organization, is tracking 54 lawsuits filed in seventeen states, including D.C., that were filed in 2020.

"To date, we are tracking 54 lawsuits in seventeen states plus D.C. So far in 2021, at least 43 voting cases have been filed in 12 states, and Georgia and Texas lead the way with ten new lawsuits each in 2021. We are also tracking an additional 11 lawsuits in eight states and D.C. that were filed prior to 2021 but remain active and bear on voting access going forward."

More lawsuits are popping up daily, which begs the question: Will any, or all of these lawsuits be settled before the next election? Will there be some solutions to the problems they present? Do you realize the effect these lawsuits are having on our future elections?

One effect of all the litigation is that it distracts us from what is most important. I know the voting process has to be fair for everyone. But, it seems we are spending more time on this one issue, while not getting our politicians interested in addressing any of the other complex problems our nation faces.

  • What is the answer to crime, looting, rioting, and the killings that are happening n our communities?
  • Who has the solution for our immigration problems?
  • With racism, ethnicism, gender bias, and discrimination still rampant in our society does anyone have a workable plan to abolish them from our Republic?
  • Climate change needs some political ostrich to get their head out of the sand and acknowledge the obvious, then take measures to curtail the harmful practices that are causing it.
  • Education concerns should be addressed as well. Critical race theory and student debt are searching for answers.
  • Should there be term limits for our Senate and Congressional members, much like there is for the President and Vice President?
  • Health care is another area that needs attention. Covid-19 and Abortion rights need in-depth answers to perplexing questions.
  • What about gun controls?
  • How about the drugs and gang warfare taking over our city streets?
  • What happens if Roe v Wade gets overturned by the Supreme Court?
  • How do we realign the Supreme Court to get a better balance of opinions?

That list is just for starters! Think of all the other issues that haven't been given the light of day. Yet, all we seem capable of addressing is voting rights and procedures.

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Debates should clarify a candidate's positions, not distract us from concentrating on the issues

Clearly, at our next set of debates, we need to select moderators who aren't afraid to ask these tough questions. We need moderators who will swat away the pettiness of politics, and not give in to the animosity it brings between candidates. Let them settle their differences outside of the debates. What's more, name-calling, and dragging each other down in the gutter are signs of weak and immature leadership. It should never be played out on a national stage. Make the candidates give definitive answers to each of the questions.

Politicians are experts at avoiding the issues. They use three tactics to complicate their answers: Delay, Deny, and Defer!

Any candidate worth his or her salt knows it is better to delay an answer for another day, rather than give an inaccurate answer today. The candidates all know to deny any, and all allegations that may be surprisingly sprung on them. They know how to escape such entrapment. They also know to defer answering any questions about pending legislation, due to the "sensitivity of the negotiations." Well-worn phrases somehow still work!

The debates can only be effective if the proper questions are asked by reputable moderators. My personal belief is our moderators and candidates should be held to a higher standard of performance.

When candidates are allowed to interrupt moderators' questions, or an opponent's responses, mayhem, and distraction, along with confusion, are the tumultuous end result.

America, no matter which side of the aisle your sentiments favor, we deserve so much more than this!

Thank you for reading this!

Vote for Debate Moderators Who Throw Hard Questions Instead of Throwing Slow-Pitch Mudballs

This content reflects the personal opinions of the author. It is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and should not be substituted for impartial fact or advice in legal, political, or personal matters.

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