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Violence: The Issue of Today Reflects the Beginning of Tomorrow


Pointing Out the Obvious

As the days have progressed, the apparent concern on everyone's mind is the increased violence in society. The senseless killings, crimes, and injuries that has happened to innocent people needs to come to an end. The best course of action to take is finding an effective way to control the violence. In other words, violence is inevitable due to the many factors in society such as human interaction, money, communication, power,etc.

The interactions among people of today's society greatly differs from the interactions in the past. For example, in the past, it was the norm to remain polite,honest, and loyal to family and friends at all time. Presently, it is the norm to do as you please, choosing to show respect or not. Due to the new technology, new fashion, different cultures, new nationalities, the principles and standards of the past have been somewhat forgetten and replaced with something more innovative. Since, this has occured, the violence has increased significantly because of how we interact with others, why we chose to, and the way we chose to do so.

Communication is another big factor of the increasing violence in society. The volume, pitch, and rate of our voices can miscommunicate to someone that what your saying is positive and or negative. The channel we choose to speak to people through, the tone of our voices, and the unappropiate words we use can cause someone to become angry and possible violent. Their violence can lead to something such as fighting, abuse, and/or suicides.

One of the top three biggest factors of violence in my mind is money. Money can be a good and bad thing, depending on your usage of it and the path you chose to get it. Money can be obtained by getting hired at a job, becoming self-employed, or writing blogs to post online. Through these means, money gives off a positive outlook on society and the way your life is lived. On the other hand, money can cause people to steal, kill, commit suicide, abuse, etc. Through this way, money gives off a negative look due to the horrible effect of trying to obtain it by quick and easy means.

In society, sometimes the most powerful people are the ones who are in control. This power can be obtained from being involved in politics, celebrites, tv icons, CEOs, etc. Usually, power displays that you have some sort of wealth that exceeds the average person, on the other hand, power can be from being a volunteer, feeding the hungry, sheltering the homeless, etc. In today's world, being powerful can be a good and bad thing. Your power can lead to greediness for more power, money, infidelity,lies, and secrets. On the contrary, your power can lead to helping the less fortunate, funding education programs, and reaching out to kids in need. Depending on the individual, society can be made into a better place for everyone, if only everyone saw it that way.

The rumors, the lies, and the denial can also lead to vengeance. In a sense, vengeance is returing the favor that someone gave to you in a bad way. For example, if you sleep with someone's fiance' , the girl's fiance' might want to hurt you or fight you because of what you did to him. The process of this can also lead to death, heartbreak, and lies upon lies. Likewise, this cycle is a never-ending cycle that will continue to happen, if we don't show certain individuals that we can be trusted and that we actually care enough to be honest with them about certain problems or situations.

The word "love" presents many different meanings to people. You may tell someone you love them as a friend or that you are actually in love with the person. Either way, love is a very mysterious and strange sensation that should be taking seriously, when the word is used and the feeling expressed. Love causes irrationality of thoughts, perception, and feelings of what someone says and why they said it. Love leads to happiness, sadness, fighting, arguments, sex, and a number of other things, depending on how you show it.

Cheating and lying have been two actions that have been misinterpreted as a protection method that will save someone from being hurt by not hearing the truth, when in reality that is a false interpretation. Cheating and lying to someone causes even more hurt and pain than whatever the truth may actually be. Instead, if you tell the person the truth, they may or may not eventually get over the situation but at least the secret is revealed and your guilt can be released. On the contrary, if you lie to someone then you have to cover that lie with a lie and so on and so far, until you accidentally slip up one day and tell the truth. Lies and cheating can cut a person much deeper and you will lose all trust from that person. These manipulations of feelings, covering secrets, and being sneaking can leave someone physically hurt and in pain.

Verbal, mental, emotional, and physical abuse still exist today, even though some might think otherwise. The rapes of young women, the profound disgusting words being used to name women and men, and the honest truth have a negative effect on society. These can be done our of love, of being lied to, of being hit when you were younger, as being taunted, and embarassed, when all you really wanted was a friend.

In conclusion, there are a few ways to try to control violence in society. Instead of communicating your feelings or thoughts one way, try using a different path or different words to explain how you feel or think. Instead of pushing someone away, try showing them your feelings, most importantly, show that person you care by listening and being there for them. The money situation can be best handled by always striving to be a better person, receiving some form of education, and finding ways so you can obtain a job. Power can be reached by becoming wealthy, becoming involved in politics, helping the homeless, donating, acting, singing, and or simply being yourself. The cheating and lying can be controlled by being honest to yourself and the others around you that you care alot about. Abuse shouldn't be tolerated and the only way you can help yourself is by getting out of an abusive relationship,friendship, and marriage, and finding who yourself again and who you stand for.

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Bill Holland from Olympia, WA on December 21, 2017:

I was in college in the late 60's. Saw a lot of violence here in the U.S.....I'll never understand it. I understand protests, and angst, and anger....but actually hurting another human being, I don't get and never will. :)

Merry Christmas my talented young friend!

torrilynn (author) on March 02, 2013:


Thanks for your feedback

on my hub. I think that violence

is an important issue and this

message should be spread to everyone

to help prevent it.

Sanjay Sonawani from Pune, India. on March 02, 2013:

A well written humanitarian piece of work.

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