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Vaccine Plans for Coronavirus Will Sickness and Death End?

Claudette Carter, is thrilled to share the good news of Jehovah God's kingdom and its hope for the future with people of all nations.

“Coronavirus The Race To Respond”

Now that the major holiday season has passed, there is a concern that control is lacking regarding the virus. Various governmental officials are sending out warnings by stating, “We are running out of time. We’re running out of options. Limit your social gatherings to just those of your immediate household.” Cases of Coronavirus loom as hospitals and their staff are overwhelmed. On #CBS This Morning Dr. Ashish Jha, Dean of Brown University School of Public Health made this point about the virus, “And the numbers are just much, much worst than we have ever seen before. With vaccines on the horizon there is an end to this #pandemic. And its in sight but the worse is far from over for us. I understand the fatigue but people really do have to pull it together. We’re not talking about forever. We’re just saying for the next couple of months.” Critical times are here but we can and will get through this with Jehovah God’s help.

On the website of Johns Hopkins University and Medicine the total cases of #Coronavirus worldwide is 51,636,989. The total deaths from the virus are 1,275,124 in more than 191 countries. Tremendous anticipation was expressed by news anchor Tony Dokoupil of CBS This Morning news. During a segment entitled, “Coronavirus the Race to Respond. Health and Human Services Secretary On Distribution Timeline and Transition to New Administration.” Within this series it mentioned, “The drug maker #Pfizer plans to ask the #FDA for emergency use authorization for its Coronavirus vaccine. After announcing promising results from its chemical trial just yesterda. The US government is planning to roll out multiple vaccines as soon as they’re ready. And Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar is meeting its efforts. He joins us now... Tremendously good news as to progress on the vaccine. I’d like to give America some practical information on what happens next so my first question is: What is the date you forsee when the first American may get this all important shot in the arm?”

With an expression of pure excitement Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar responded, “Well Tony as you said, yesterday was an incredibly historic day in public health here in the United States. The US has the first of the vaccine with Phase 3 effectiveness data and it was incredibly positive this #Pfizer vaccine. Over 90% effective in the clinical trials. So at this point Pfizer will submit an application for emergency authorization. I anticipate them doing that very quickly. FDA will then run through its process, looking at the science and the evidence. And they’ll make a independent determination on whether to authorize that vaccine. We have millions of doses of the vaccine already prepared and Pfizer will be producing up to 20 million a month over the next several months for use. So I’d be thinking in December to be focusing on vaccinating the most vulnerable. We’ll have to look at the data and see which groups but focused on the most vulnerable. And then by the end of January we would have enough for all of our health care workers and first responders. By the end of the March, early April we should have enough for all Americans. Not just Pfizer but all the other vaccines in our portfolio. The great news is with Pfizer coming in positive, it really enhances the probabilities that we’ll see the other vaccines in our portfolio that can deliver that kind of volume of production. #Moderna in particular. We hope to get results very soon.”

Tony Dokoupil went on to ask, “ Secretary Azar the federal government is leading the distrubution but at some point it will go to the states. Will the states actually administer the doses? How are you able to guarantee that the people who get this vaccine on the early side are the people who need it most and included in that population are those who are vulnerable or part of poor communities? Communities of color, those hardest hit?”

Azar responded by giving this assurance, “Working in collaboration with the governors to do this, they will make the determination of who should get the vaccine within their state. We will make recommendations based on the professional judgment of the #CDC. But the governors will be in the driver‘s seat. We’ve got plans from all 64 health jurisdictions in the United States and they’ll run that process. We’ll support it with the distribution system. Pfizer will be distributing their vaccine and then connecting it up with kits that we have prepared of syringes and needles etc. To get that to people. But very comprehensive, localized planning will happen. Incredible data systems to make sure that people who get it, get the same vaccine at the appropriate time for the booster the second shot if it’s the Pfizer, Moderna vaccine.”

Tony continued to probe by asking Secretary Alex Azar, “So you mentioned those two shots. Gus Perna the General in charge of distribution at the federal level. He told 60 Minutes that his worst nightmare, his words, “Is that you have the vaccine and Americans don’t take it. Do you share his concern and what’s your message to those vaccine hesitant Americans?”

Secretary responded again with tremendous confidence, “Yes. Vaccine hesitancy is a real problem and l hope that the whole country will come together now and say, listen this is an independent process. Its exactly what l’ve assured the American people for months which is, there would be an independent data and safety monitoring board that determines if you even see data that happen. There would be a pharmaceutical company a great reputation advisor that will independently determine to see if the data meets their ethical standards. That’s happening now. That will go to the FDA and the FDA will consider the application against publicly published standards in guidance that they put out. They will have public advisory committee of independent advisors and FDA will make the determination if this vaccine meets their standards in a public and transparency way. So everybody will be able to talk to their health care provider and determine if it makes sense for them. But data and transparency and rule of law are what l hope will cause people to have great confidence in the integrity of any vaccine or therapeutic...” The interview ended as everyone agreed this was exciting news concerning a possible vaccine becoming available for the treatment of Coronavirus. We will see what the future holds. In the meantime prayer to Jehovah God in the name of his precious son Jesus Christ for his Kingdom to come so that diaseases will no longer exists based on Matthew 6:9,10. Go to for additional information.

Coronavirus Continue to Increase in the United States and Worldwide

Watching the news daily can be depressing as we hear how many lives are being destroyed by Coronavirus. The pain and distress these families are experiencing is a source of constant pain in my heart. I can’t imagine how Jehovah God must feel as our creator when he sees the pain and suffering of millions. Is God complacently watching and not doing anything about this pandemic or other problems in the world? The solutions are given clearly in his word the Bible which is a roadmap to every issue we are confronted with today.

Cases of the deadly Coronavirus continue to rage throughout the world. News Anchor Anthony Mason of CBS This Morning revealed this information, “This morning the record number Coronavirus cases has reached forty million worldwide. The US has been reporting the highest number of new cases since this summer. Hospitalizations are up in at least 30 states. Our lead National Correspondent David Begnaud is tracking the latest outbreak.“

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David Begnaud report continues with these disastrous facts, “One of the states is Utah and that’s where we’re gonna begin this morning. One of the largest hospitals in that region is over capacitated and quite frankly what’s happening there is simply unsustainable. And that’s why they’re about to open a field hospital in Utah. Coronavirus is pushing Utah’s hospitals to the brInk. The ICU at the #University of Utah Hospital in Salt Lake City was at 104% capacity last Friday. And that forced patients into surge beds. Dr. Russell Vinik is Chief Medical Operations Officer at University of Utah Healthcare. He said, ‘With cases still rising and no noticeable improvement in people’s behavior he believes the worst is still ahead. We cannot manage a long surge and with the weather getting worse... We absolutely have to have the public change their practices and make some sacrifices.’“ Are people willing to make these type of sacrifices? God gave his people the Israelites instructions on quarantining when diseases developed during Bible times. Those instructions continue to be relevant for our times as well. We must learn to make sacrifices to protect ourselves and our families.

CBS Medical Correspondent Dr. Jon Lapook conducted an interview with #Dr. Anthony Fauci on the television series 60 Minutes. Dr. Fauci took the time to explain why his stance on the masks changed. Some were questioning as to why in the beginning of the pandemic he said we did not have to wear mask but now Dr. Fauci explains that masks are vital. “Let’s see if we can put this to rest once and for all. It became clear that cloth coverings things like this here and not necessarily a surgical mask or and N95. Cloth coverings work. So now there is no longer a shortage of masks. Now number two, Meta Analysis Studies show that contrary to what we thought masks really do work in preventing infection. No doubt.” Both Dr. Lapuk and Dr. Fauci were in full agreement that masks do work to prevent the virus from spreading.

News Correspondent David Begnaud agreed with both specialists, “And there you go. This morning we are in New York City. You know New York state continues to be really strict when it comes to keeping an eye out for large gatherings. You know Gayle there was supposed to be a wedding in Brooklyn in an Ultra Orthodox community. And the guest list reportedly was gonna be as high as 10,000 people. Well the governor intervened on Friday night. He sent his officials there and said you can’t have more than 50 people.“ How sad these were religious people who are instructed in God’s word that we must obey Caesar or ruling officials especially when they are not breaking God’s law. Romans 13:6 states, “That is why you are also paying taxes; for they are God’s public servants constantly serving this very purpose.” Jesus paid taxes while on earth not because he had to but because Jesus was directed by his Heavenly Father to do so. Jehovah allows these rulers to serve but whatever they do God will hold them accountable. Romans 13:1 explains beautifully, ”Let every person be in subjection to the superior authorities, for there is no authority except by God; the existing authorities stand placed in the relative positions by God.“

News Anchor Gayle King of CBS This Morning agreed as she stated, “l heard that David. It was an open invitation for the Rabbi’s grandson. I’m glad the Governor intervened on that one.” Gayle went on to show how even politics are involved in this race to protect people from spreading Coronavirus as she explained, “The case against five men accused of plotting to kidnap #Michigan‘s Governor Whitmer is heading to the Grand Jury. Prosecutors say their evidence include this video of what they called a field training exercise. They also have a map allegedly drawn by one of the men showing the area around Whitmer’s home. Lawyers say the suspects argue, ‘Listen they never intended to kidnap the Governor.’ She was challenged by right wing protestors who object to public restrictions to fight the Coronavirus.” How sad that the virus has caused some people to commit serious crimes against elected officials who are trying to protect their citizens.

God's Kingdom Is "The Solution"

We Have the Solution Now What Can We Do?

Humility, is vital in order for us to gain spiritual stability. We must put faith in the promises spoken of in the Bible. The examples of faithful servants such as King David, Abraham, Moses and Sarah, demonstrate that we do not have to be perfect but maintain obedience to God. We cannot move forward without admitting that we are in desperate need of help. Prayer, to our Heavenly Father Jehovah through his son Jesus Christ is important. When we take in accurate knowledge of our Creator's purpose based on John 17:3 which states, "This means everlasting life, their taking in knowledge of you, the only true God, and of the one whom you sent forth, Jesus Christ." If we adhere to God's regulations and do not fall by the wayside to false teachings and lies, we will be part of this promised paradise on earth without sickness, death, pain or sorrow. (Revelation 21;3.4) This is my prayer and hope for all mankind, that all violence, sickness and death will end soon; when God's Kingdom rules over all the earth in the future.

Jehovah Witnesses - Dead loved one - We will See Them Again - Resurrection Hope. Jehovah Today. Video is from YouTube.

For additional information concerning God's Kingdom which will end violence, death and sickness go to website below.

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