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Veranda Sitters

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Empty Barrel

A veranda is the front part of a house, like a porch. People can sit out there and do absolutely nothing but look.

If they just sat and looked it wouldn't be so bad, but the kind of veranda sitters I am discussing are of a special category.

These are people who run their mouths like a toilet with a broken flushometer about topics they know nothing about; especially politics.

They belong to no party, might not even vote, but express their views in a loud and vicious manner as if they know what they are talking about.

One who doesn't know who and what they are are likely to believe they know something, they have some special information.

Those who know them, or those who are actually involved in issues they are pontificating about are aware they are either inventing or repeating what they have heard from unreliable sources.

Simply put, they believe if they proclaim loud enough and sure enough, they will convince themselves and others of their 'platform'.


Easy Example

Imagine you were a member of the P.T.A. who had organised a trip for a First Grade class.

The bus is to arrive at 8 am and take the group to a venue. Just before 8 am you receive a call from the driver of the bus you have retrained. He explains that he is unable to come.

You think quick, you and another parent who are present, quickly load your cars with the kids and the teacher who are present, and drive off on the trip.

What you would say, if questioned, is that there was a tight schedule. Those who were late had to be left behind.

But you won't be questioned.

Someone who knows nothing will give reasons why so many kids were left behind.

In this case, it is likely the 'Veranda Sitter' will claim that those who were late missed the bus.

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Kids who were left behind will will learn that when "8:00 a.m." is said, that means 8:00 a.m. Not 8:05.

By the time you return from the trip, the story promulgated by the Verdana Sitter, who knows nothing, has been swallowed.

You don't have to explain anything.

You let the fallacy continue.

The Backroom

There are people who are in the 'backroom', that is, they actually are present when a decision is taken. They actually know all the facts.

The 'Backroom' could be attached to a political, social, business venture. It could be planning a march, a dance, a new product, anything.

Those in that Backroom actually know what and why and how and when. They make decisions based on variables only known in that backroom.

When the decision is implemented, those in that 'backroom' may be silent on the quirky facts. They may have a particular spin they wish to put on an event.

Very often, they have nothing to explain because Veranda Sitters, not privy to the 'secret' information, run their mouths with this attitude of certainty, giving reasons and explainations.

Sometimes, those in the Backroom let the fallacies created by those Veranda Sitters stand. Sometimes, they might try to push a little light into the darkness, and often fail.


When it comes to politics, one gets the best examples of Veranda Sitters.

Here are people who are not members of a particular party, who know nothing, but support a particular leader.

They don't know the leader, he might use them for toilet paper. But they, having given their 'lives' to him, will support, defend, explain, advocate.

He can do anything, say anything, and they will defend and explain it.

They know no more than the guy sitting on the sidewalk picking maggots out of his foot, but they make their pronouncements as if privy to 'secret' or prime information.

Stupid people listen to them, are fooled by them. Veranda Sitters take the awe and deference as their due.

When their current Massa changes his mouth or does something unexpected, they get whiplash, then sprain their tongues trying to fit the new action into old patterns.

Seeing them post their fingers off on Facebook is amusing when you know these are nothing but Veranda Sitters.

When you know they have no special information, when you realise they are seeking some kind of platform because in real life they are nobody and know nothing.

Be Aware

If you don't know any more about a topic than what you heard, or think you heard, you really shouldn't ponitificate.

There are many fabrications; the news reporter who works for a biased network and spins a story, for example.

If one realises they actually know nothing about the topic save what they heard, then being a bit quiet is wise.

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