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Venezuela: The Fruits of Democratic Socialism

James A. Watkins is an entrepreneur, musician, and a writer with four non-fiction books and hundreds of magazine articles read by millions.


Venezuela: It's a Real Paradise

A migrant caravan full of leftists desiring to enter the socialist paradise of Venezuela departed the United States Thursday and began marching toward through Mexico, stating they will demand asylum so they might experience the far better life that Socialism offers.

The migrants claim they are leaving America because of its high standard of living, strong economy, and record employment numbers, and hope to find a better life in Venezuela's much more equitable system.

"Everyone there has the same quantity of possessions and food," said one marcher. "It's a real paradise."

The refugees want to see everything socialism has to offer after suffering the amazing benefits of Capitalism for too long. At its current pace, the caravan is expected to arrive just in time for Venezuela to run out of food entirely.

JUST KIDDING! The above is satire published by the The Babylon Bee.

The rest of this article is dead serious. We can only wish it was satire as well.


Paradise Lost

While my first section above is satire, the rest of this article is a grim reality.

“SOCIALISM WAS SUPPOSED TO PROVIDE EVERYTHING FOR US,” says a man on the street in Venezuela. Instead, starving girls as young as fourteen-years-old line the streets, selling their bodies for seven US dollars. Women of all ages are choosing prostitution to make enough money to escape the country. Even heterosexual men sell themselves on the gay market because they are starving to death.

There is no need to guess if the socialist policies of today's Democrat Party work. Venezuela was the wealthiest country in Latin America only 20 years ago. That's when they practiced Capitalism. Then they voted for Democratic Socialism.

Democratic Socialist Hugo Chavez took over. He modeled Venezuela after Cuba. That alone should have set off alarm bells.

Cuba boasted the highest standard of living in the Spanish-speaking world—outside of Spain—when Socialism came to destroy it. Now only Haiti is more impoverished than Cuba in the Western Hemisphere. The average Cuban today eats 1/4 of the meat, and less rice, beans, and bread than did Cuban slaves in 1840.

Before Fidel Castro declared, “Cuba is now a socialist country,” it was a nation of cities with a large middle-class. The share of the national income that went to regular wage earners was 65 percent—4th highest in the world behind the US, the UK, and Canada.