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Abuse of Racism by the Liberal Left.

If we as true Americans don't quickly speak up, we won't have any freedom left. I'm taking the time to speak up and speak out the issues.

Know your rights!

Know your rights!

Who cares where you're from? We're Americans!

Who cares where you're from? We're Americans!

Preserving Our National Foundation of Liberty!

A lot of bad things are done in the name of civil rights, in the name of racial equality, and in the name of "righting the wrongs". It seems if authentic reasons existed behind the unrest, that lawlessness, looting and murder would not follow in its path. But in greater substance than people realize, these issues are exploited by the greed of politicians and their quest for power: All this, while fulfilling destructive agendas created by villainous factions found both in the legislature and in the business world.

You will find these people are part of liberal coalitions that are promoting illegal entry into the United States by promoting abortion and by promoting a one world government. I give you Agenda 21 and its depopulation quest; The transgender community; Politically subversive and controversial movies; as well the wrong belief that we need subscription to international army and government. These ideas fuel errant policy of open entry into the USA. It's as if they want to fill us up with foreigners, so that our opinions are swallowed up by opposing voices. American heritage, along with its opinions are left powerless and effective, as they seek to socially overhaul our society. It is reprehensible and irresponsible to flood our land with people who will inevitably destroy it and change it from what we are. The end of it is to lose our voice and our individual freedoms. Where all that we have is taken from us, and no longer are we a free nation. But it remains, America is not a socialist nation. It never was.

The Agenda 21 program is set to destroy American freedom in the wake of a larger universal order. Full government control has a goal that includes one world religion, one world medical access, and one world leadership. Here at home we already have haters of the USA within our congress and house of representatives. Their primary intention is to plunder and destroy our nation. So much insider influence and political buy-out of legislators and those who would so easily sell our birthright of national freedom.

So what do we do? Undoubtedly, its time to protect our United States Constitution and to join a freedom group in order to make our voices heard. Its time to put pressure on our senators; to admonish them to keep a clean house and to refuse to sell out to bribes and subversion. It's time to support national programs that are protecting our constitution and its amendments. Our second amendment freedoms are on the line right now. Antifa, BLM and leftist politicians are boiling over the social pots of unrest while inciting rebellion. The mobs, riots and violence are not just concerned with the death of black men, but of destroying our freedom by exploiting the death of a few black men. It is sad and it is tragic. Ask yourself, "What can I do to put the spotlight on the real enemy"? I spotlight hate-driven democratic liberals that want to destroy the USA's wealth and weaken the economy! Those who want to pit American's against each other and cause confusion. Ivy League liberals who fill our universities with global policy and attempt to gain control of our Social Security System are encroaching on our rights. This is a wake up call, and we need to pin the tail on the donkey where it counts.

We need to tighten up, America! We need to stop pimping out our national guardsmen and billions of dollars to let the subtle but savage enemy of the USA use our military to fight their war against us and against our freedoms. Many don't realize that 75% or more of our national guardsmen are under UNICEF control and are deployed overseas: They are are assigned to a world peace-keeping force, which inadvertently considers the USA as a threat to their regime. What am I saying? Our own countrys purpose and existence has been allowed to disintegrate and to become distorted.

Time and again we give billions of dollars to nations and regimes who do not have our best interests in mind. Just recently we left Afghanistan in a chaotic mess, while criminally charged terrorists make up their leadership. We left them 84 billion American dollars worth of high tech military weaponry and equipment; including hummers, attack helicopters, sophisticated computer intel and much more for them to play with. Behind the Taliban, lurking in the shadows is the ISIS militant group who have already come out against us, killing 13 American service men with bombs; espoused out of brutal hate and doctrines of violence against the western world.
It is the time for strengthening American values and building our defenses against the those who hate us and oppose capitalism, freedom, and constitutional liberty. I feel like these words are so inadequate, but where are the true sons of liberty? Where are the daughters of freedom? Who is standing in the gap between heaven above and the true light of God that was born in 1776, in the hearts of our founding fathers? And who cares about THE FUTURE OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA? Are you doing anything to keep her alive? Together we must keep and preserve our freedom.!

Please open your eyes and your ears to the cry of "liberty, freedom and justice for all." Unite with the majority of true Americans who are lighting the fires of freedom, equality and who want to preserve our nation's values. If you are already concerned, then please know you are appreciated. Its time to speak up for what we hold valuable! Long Live the United States of America and the Land of the Free!

It starts with each of us doing our part.

We each have a responsibility as United States Citizens to protect ourselves, our values and intangible assets, even beyond protecting our borders, our institutions, and our homes.

People don't realize that the last political letter that Ben Franklin wrote and proposed before congress was a plea to free men from slavery. I believe he died that same year,1775. It was approx 90 years in advance of Abraham Lincoln and his quest to bring equality. I believe in our founding fathers and what they stood for. But now I'm the minority it seems. One of the things I would point out; EEOC preference has taken swipes at me along my career path, to paint me as a racial outcast of this new society. It wasn't until I was older I realized it was due to I was the "targeted" subgroup. I was not black, not American Native, not female, and maybe I could check a few more boxes. This "equality" law has done its work and needs to be reformed so that we can all come back to the center again and truly be equal. Today in many industrial settings, EEOC minority groups lead the government workforce and basically thumb their noses at us who are pushed down in order for them to thrive. I know its not something politics is too worried about, but, if we don't speak up for ourselves, others might not grant us any privilege before its over. All lives matter and I've always played and worked equally with whatever men or women that God brings close to me and my career, church, family, and world..

If you feel that you are discriminated against and you live in America, then you have a right to challenge the entity that is discriminating against you. The constitution was upheld in 1962 by way of Civil War and it was Abraham Lincolns purpose to bring all of America together regardless of our color, race, religion, and any other preference. By this time as many as 200,000 black men and women joined with the Union Army to help fight for our constitutional rights to be free and to all be equal. I cite for reading; "The Mystic Chords of Memory" by Abraham Lincoln.

In retrospect, it takes strong leaders of today to implement and keep the goal set by the extraordinary founders and writers of the Constitution. What does that mean? It means that we need to be conscious and aware of every single vote that we mark on our election ballots for government office at every level.

A Cry of Prayer for America

America, Oh, America, who has trashed you, plundered you, and gutted your storehouse of treasure? Will any American's who love her, stand up for her and protect her from the evil spirits that have surrounded her, and from the politicians who hate her and do evil things to her, and who pass bills in order to do their plundering? Will anybody recognize it is "WE THE PEOPLE" who must defend her and preserve the constitution and bill of rights, along with the 1st and 2nd amendments which designate our liberty's and our freedoms and our protections? Will anybody pray with me, march with me, and demand that our highest offices be filled with honesty, with respectfulness, and with integrity? America, the nation made of Europeans, Immigrants and Natives, Africans and Irish, Chinese and Hispanics, Asian and any other nationality, We must all respect her, love and protect her, so that she will continue to be great and beautiful! Great is our God, and great is our land!

© 2020 Oscar Jones


James A Watkins from Chicago on June 29, 2020:

Your article is brilliant. I enjoyed reading it. Well done.

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