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Unsolved 2009 Murder Mystery in Scioto County, Ohio: Nichole Alloway

Nichole Alloway

Nichole Alloway

On June 10, 2009, Nichole Alloway, a young mother from North Carolina, went missing near Portsmouth, OH. Her badly mutilated body was found a month later, on July 12, in Little Bear Creek, near McDermott, OH. Nichole was an attractive, young, blonde woman, which likely played a role in her murder.

My friend and her husband own the farm where she was killed. They lived in Washington state at the time of the murder. They hired their neighbors, CB and EB, to maintain their farm while they lived out of state. CB and EB were known drug addicts, dealers, and “snitches” for the Scioto County Sheriff’s Department (SCSD). We are unclear what information they could have provided to the cops; everyone knew they were drug snitches. It was rumored shortly after her murder that Nichole was a federal snitch, and that was why she was murdered. As far as we know, this rumor is untrue.

My husband was stationed at Fort Hood in 2009; my family and I lived and were in Texas at the time of the murder. I’m adding this because Nichole’s family has publicly accused my friend and I of committing the murder.

In the spirit of full disclosure, I will note here that while I obviously want to see closure in this case, my friend’s safety is and has always been my number one priority. She has been threatened numerous times by Nichole’s murderers. They are her closest neighbors. Not only that, but we have suspected the entire time that there is a larger conspiracy that involves prominent local citizens and police. Nichole’s family is, understandably, not as committed to keeping my friend safe as they are to putting Nichole’s killers in jail, which is why we butt heads.

I don’t believe that, in general, police are involved in or trying to cover up most murders. I know that a high number of murders are never solved because police hit a dead end. There are several … anomalies in this case, however, that strongly suggest that the police are protecting someone. Both a judge and a prominent defense attorney - both of whom were working at the time of Nichole's disappearance and murder - were recently arrested on human trafficking charges. Their actions go beyond mere incompetence. I know this is a claim made by a lot of amateur detectives, but in this case, there is evidence that this speculation is true.

  • EB, one of our main suspects, worked as a prostitute for Mike Mearan, who was recently charged with human trafficking and is awaiting trial. Mearan could be involved with (or have knowledge of) Nichole’s disappearance and murder.
  • William T. Marshall, a former judge in Scioto County, is allegedly involved in Mearan's sex-trafficking scheme. Marshall retired in 2018, but in 2010, he dismissed all charges against EB and CB in regard to a stolen ATV, despite solid evidence that they committed the crime. Thousands of his cases are currently under review; his family says he suffers from severe alcoholism, which prompted them to file for guardianship. We believe his connection to (if not his involvement with) Mearan, and his severe alcoholism, would have compromised him in regard to Nichole's murder.
  • there was a catastrophic fire at EB's and CB's trailer; no charges were filed against them after firemen reported the fire started during the process of making meth.
  • our main suspects, EB and CB, were hired as caretakers by my friend and lived at the farm at the time of Nichole's murder. The only person ever charged in connection with her murder, Richard Howard ("Richie"), also lived at the farm. Richie was initially charged with abuse of Nichole's corpse, but technically went to jail on a probation violation. The abuse charge was subsequently dropped at the end of his sentence so technically, no one has been charged with her murder or subsequent mutilation. Richie is EB's brother.
  • again, police never investigated the farm after Nichole’s murder. EB and CB are not the owners of the farm, nor did they have a lease, so my friend could have granted access to the property at any time with one phone call. Police only went to the farm over a year later to recover a stolen ATV; at that time, they could have “noticed” something that would have warranted a search, but they had no interest in doing that. Note that they “didn’t notice” that EB and CB were making meth out in the open; the farm was littered with evidence in plain sight. The only time the SCSD “investigated” (I use the term loosely) the farm was at my friend’s persistence; as far as we could tell, they took nothing from any possible crime scene.
  • the SCSD only followed up with witnesses at our insistence. This was particularly frustrating, because we had to convince the witnesses to come forward in the first place.
  • the Portsmouth news reported her death as an overdose, and inexplicably, as of April 2021 ...
  • … all those local news reports have vanished off the local web sites and are not available in an archive search. Please note that the articles/video published in North Carolina are still available.
  • Detective Matthew Spencer refused to accept possible human remains on several occasions.
  • Agent Steven Timberlake, a Scioto County Drug Task Force Agent, has been completely silent on this matter for 12 years, despite being the last “reliable” person to see her.
  • no calls to the public from the SCSD for more information; they abandoned asking the public for more information before my friend and I were ever involved.
  • on more than one occasion, when asked to come out to the farm to speak with her or investigate, they told my friend that they had already been out to the farm, she “just wasn’t home when we were there."
Preliminary Death Certificate, Nichole Alloway

Preliminary Death Certificate, Nichole Alloway

Final Death Certificate, Nichole Alloway

Final Death Certificate, Nichole Alloway

Nichole’s family, my friend, and I have contacted the FBI, Ohio SBI, Ohio Internal Affairs, Ohio Attorney General’s Office and US Marshal about this matter. We have contacted numerous media outlets, including Dr. Phil, Nightline, and Nancy Grace. A local media outlet told us they couldn’t investigate Nichole’s death unless they worked with the SCSD. Despite the information on her death certificates to the contrary, SCSD tells anyone who calls them that Nichole overdosed. The SCSD even threatened Nichole’s family with a lawsuit if they didn’t stop posting online.

In 2008, Nichole met Dylan Maring on MySpace. Dylan Maring isn't a suspect, but he is a cousin of EB. Nichole and Dylan were both about 20 years old at the time. She was in Spring Hope, NC; he was in Portsmouth, OH. After about 6 months of talking online and on the phone, Nichole decided to visit Dylan and his mother in Portsmouth.

In May 2009, Nichole got on a Greyhound bus bound for Portsmouth. She hesitated for a moment, then turned to her grandmother, Diane Dille, and told her she had a bad feeling about going. Diane urged her to stay, but Nichole got on the bus anyway.

When she got to Portsmouth, Nichole realized immediately that Dylan was full of empty promises and that there was no way she could have a long term relationship with him. He certainly wasn’t ready to be a dad.

After a couple of days, Nichole called her grandmother and told her she wanted to go home. Diane wired her money for a bus ticket; about $20. We are unsure of the exact timeline, but that evening, Nichole went to the Kroger grocery store in Portsmouth and picked up her money. She is seen on store surveillance video leaving the store and getting into an unknown, dark-colored Honda-like vehicle.

Possibly on the same day, about June 7, 2009: Dylan wanted to buy meth from EB’s husband, CB. Dylan and Nichole drove out to the farm, which is about a half hour drive from Portsmouth. For an unknown reason, while they were at the farm, Dylan hit Nichole. This upset CB. He made Dylan leave. Nichole stayed at the house.

At some point after this incident (probably the same night) Nichole was in a car with Jason Craft, a known local drug dealer (convicted). EB and CB know Jason Craft. Jason Craft is not a suspect. I believe he was in custody at the time of the murder. We think that there was some kind of agreement with Jason to take Nichole to the bus station, so she could return home.

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Jason was pulled over by Portsmouth Drug Task Force Agent Steven Timberlake on suspicion of having meth-making materials in his car. Jason indeed had those materials in his car and was arrested. Nichole was initially detained. It is my understanding that at this time Agent Timberlake contacted Nichole’s grandmother and asked her whether Nichole was involved with Jason Craft and cooking meth. Of course Diane told him that, no, Nichole would not be involved with making meth, and that Nichole had only been in the Portsmouth area for a short time to meet with Dylan Maring. Based on this conversation with Diane, Agent Timberlake chose not to arrest Nichole.

We spoke with people who said that Agent Timberlake is a DEA agent, but we have no proof of that. As far as we know, he did not murder Nichole. His reaction to her murder - or rather, his deafening silence on the matter for over a decade - is suspicious. It was weird to us that he just let her go after talking to some random woman on the phone. How would he even know Diane was really Nichole’s grandma? The only thing we can speculate was that he had a more sinister plan for Nichole when he first detained her.

Alleged murder scene.

Alleged murder scene.

After releasing Nichole from police custody, Agent Timberlake took her to the Portsmouth Homeless Shelter, where she was supposed to spend the night before getting on a bus back to North Carolina. However, he immediately pulled her out of the shelter without signing her out. He clearly did not make sure she got on the bus, like he promised her grandmother.

Although the crime was unrelated to Nichole’s murder, a couple years later, Agent Timberlake’s son was arrested for narcotics possession. The SCSD conveniently “lost” the evidence, resulting in dismissal of all charges. Additionally, Agent Timberlake is well known around Portsmouth as being a “ladies man” and “helps out” young women in the community. Again, we do not believe he murdered Nichole, but his refusal to speak on the matter in any capacity whatsoever is suspicious.

The following was posted on the Topix website (website is now defunct but I have screenshots):

Oct 25, 2009 - i know its been a long time ago but if the portsmouth police department would have been at the homeless shelter that next morning to pick her up and take her to ashland to the bus station then she would still be alive. they told her that they would be there that next morning at 7am and they never showed up. how wrong is it that it don't bother them.

We don’t know what happened between the time Agent Timberlake took Nichole out of the homeless shelter and the time she went back to the farm. We have no idea how she got there, but we know she returned to the farm after her “arrest.”

What the farm would have looked like at the time of Nichole's murder.  Please note all buildings were demolished in 2018.

What the farm would have looked like at the time of Nichole's murder. Please note all buildings were demolished in 2018.

In April 2009, EB “bought” a red 1982 Ford F150 pickup truck from Mike Crabtree for $50. EB didn’t buy it in her name; she used my friend’s name and forged my friend’s signature on the title. She did this within a couple weeks of my friend giving her a comparable blue Chevy pickup truck. My friend was already en route to Washington state when EB purchased the truck.

EB then traded the truck with Jason in exchange for pills. Jason kept the truck at his dad’s house. His dad’s name is Clarence Craft; Clarence is prominent in the Hillbilly Mafia and is, generally, a scary guy. He is not a suspect. The day after Jason was arrested, EB made a plan to steal back the red truck. We have a witness that says that Nichole was sexually assaulted at Clarence Craft’s house, by whom we do not know. Nichole called her grandmother again. The following is a message from Diane Dille that supports our witness’ account:

back on or about june the 7th --right after nikkie left dylan maring's house-she went to spend the night at [my friend’s] house. The next day is when jason craft was suposed to take her to the bus stop. instead he took her to his dad's house--nikkie called me from that house and said she had been raped--she said she was scared--she said she could not let them see her on the phone--I told her to try and leave and I would call the police from here--that's when she told me not to--she said she was all right--she would be leaving to go back to [my friend’s] and would be on the bus the next day. I said "nikkie, if u were raped the police should know" . she then said well it wasn't really rape but I didn't want to do it! she did say it was [redacted] who did it. I begged her to let me call she said again she didn't want that--she just wanted to leave.It wasn't till the 9th that jason left to take her to the bus stop it was that day Jason was pulled over and he and nikkie were questioned. late that evening is when det. timberlake called me and asked me if I knew nikkie and why she was with jason. Det timberlake appolgized for making her miss the bus and said he would take her to a womans shelter that night and make sure she was on the bus the next day. that day was the 10th--she dissappeared that day!

It is our understanding that EB did steal the red truck back, then junked it in exchange for money to purchase more pills.

My friend found the car title in her attic in the summer of 2011; we were totally unaware of the truck before then. We compared the handwriting in a letter that EB wrote to my friend later that year, and it is identical to the writing on the back of the car title.

The title was notarized by Notary Public Kimberly Keeney, who works in the Portsmouth Welfare Office. Ms. Keeney denies notarizing this document. She stated that her brother-in-law, Kenny Salyers, may have “borrowed” her notary stamp and seal to notarize this fraudulent document.

We found out later that people knew that EB forged my friend’s name on the title, and that she told them my friend allowed her to do it.

My friend took the title to the courthouse and they had no idea what to say about it, or how the forgery could have happened. Both SCSD and the Ohio State Patrol said there was nothing they could do about it. They did not ask to see the forged title or the letter confirming EB’s handwriting.

My friend has known CB and EB almost her whole life, so she thought that even though they had a rough past, she could trust them. She was wrong. Right after she left for Washington, CB and EB allowed numerous sketchy friends to live at the farm. They cooked meth in a couple of the bedrooms in the house and sold drugs (mostly pills). They made meth when it rained, because the rain covered up the smell. They dumped all the meth-making by-products either in the pond on the hill above the house, or at the end of the big field behind the house, near the creek. We found numerous glass jars filled with a milky-white sludge in the creek bed at the end of the field. These jars were often submerged during heavy rains. The creek empties into Little Brush Creek, which empties into the Scioto River. My friend also found glass jars and blue gloves near the pond. My friend contacted the EPA regarding the toxic chemicals, but after Detective Matthew Spencer said he would make sure someone came out to the property, my friend received no further response from that agency.

Nichole’s family reported her missing on June 10, 2009.

After Nichole disappeared, Nichole’s grandma hired a private investigator named Ken Days to investigate Nichole’s disappearance. I contacted Mr. Days, but was unable to speak to him. I spoke with his son in spring 2011, but he had no information to share.

When their search hit a dead end, the family contacted America’s Most Wanted. Again, Nichole was a young, attractive blonde whose disappearance certainly would have tugged at the heart strings of many Americans, and especially AMW viewers. In a move that no one understands, SCSD refused the help of America’s Most Wanted. AMW told Nichole’s family that the SCSD was the first police department in the history of the show that didn’t want their help at all. I confirmed this information with someone who worked peripherally with the show.

And then, the worst news imaginable. On July 12, 2009, Nichole’s lifeless body was found in Little Brush Creek.

Detective Matthew Spencer

Detective Matthew Spencer

Out in Washington state, my friend was perusing the Portsmouth news. She was shocked to see her address pop up in connection with an overdose death. Sorry, that original article is just GONE from the internet. She called EB immediately and demanded to know why she had to find out about the tragedy in the news. At that time, about July/August of 2009, EB told my friend that she had been too stressed out to call her. She then told a story of how Richie - her brother! - and Nichole were shooting meth in his truck and Nichole overdosed. According to EB, Richie, in a panic, tried to burn Nichole’s body in the fire pit at the far end of my friend’s property.

Several of my friend’s goats had been killed by an escaped black panther the spring before. My friend burned their carcasses in a makeshift fire pit so the panther would not return, but it took several days. Because of those fires, the fire pit was well established. Richie knew about the goats, so to him, a hard core, delusional addict, it probably made sense to burn Nichole’s body like my friend burned her goats. He didn’t know that bodies don’t burn in a regular fire. EB said that Nichole’s body didn’t burn like they hoped, and that’s why Richie dumped her body in Little Brush Creek.

Several news reports said that she was found in an abandoned building. That is incorrect.

Initially, SCSD arrested Richie in connection with Nichole’s death. Richie told police that he and Nichole were doing meth in his truck at the farm, and that Nichole overdosed in his car. He then attempted to get rid of the body.

The police found blood in the truck. Richie said it was menstrual blood. He then confessed to an unknown charge. He was not charged with murder but did serve a short prison sentence for abuse of Nichole’s corpse. Technically a parole violation landed him in prison, not the abuse charge. He is the only person that has ever been charged in regard to Nichole’s murder. The abuse of a corpse charge was also dropped, after he served his sentence.

We believe that EB may have used the red truck to dump Nichole's body.

Please note: Although Richie was living at the farm when Nichole was murdered, and there was a reasonable expectation that Nichole was murdered at the farm, the police never came out to the house to investigate the scene, even though the family asked them to question CB and EB, and forwarded the following e-mail from a “Bonnie” to the County Prosecutor:

From: Denise Dubois

Sent: Friday, January 22, 2010 2:17 PM

To: Mark Kuhn

Cc: Julie Ratcliff

Subject: EB [redacted]

Good Day Mr. Kuhn & Mrs. Ratcliff,

Mr. Kuhn I also wanted to inform you that I did speak to EB, on January 1/21 - 1/22: 
After to speaking to her in length I just wanted to tell you a few things that were stated, whether they mean anything lets hope so.
She stated to me that she was brought into questioning and received a lie detector both her and [CB], and they both passed. She stated her and her husband are innocent, and stated that she has been in contact with Det. Matt Spencer. She states that Richerd admitted to her that a man by the name of [redacted] held Richerd by gunpoint and made him dispose of Nichole's body. 
She is stating that she thinks Nichole was killed at [redacted] residence where [redacted] frequents on a daily basis, she stated that her address is [redacted]. EB also said [redacted] lives with a blind man, in a trailer or something like that, she also stated he is wanted in W.V and possibly in P.A on felony warrants. I tried to check into this but as of yet no info. her neighbor also stated that she has been in contact with Det. Spencer telling him of the address and where [redacted] is. She actually called me on 1/21/10 10:00pm in a panic saying that she called the Sheriff's Department because she seen [redacted] and she wants to make sure that he goes to jail for "what he did to Nichole", she called me back today and stated she was unsure if the police got him or not. 
EB also knew about [redacted] being tazed and he had a leather jacket on and it was not able to penetrate through his jacket, she said he was pulled over on a bike, and after he ran from the police, the bike was never impounded nor did the police wait to see if he came back for his bike. She said she only knows this because she seen [redacted] the following day on the bike, and that is when her and [redacted] got into an argument. EB said she yelled for her husband to come out because [redacted] already threatened to hurt her neighbor for snitching.

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The news initially reported Nichole’s death as an accidental overdose, and my friend believed that for a year and a half. She had no reason to think otherwise. I do not have the official toxicology report because this case is unadjudicated, but it is my understanding that Nichole did not have any drugs in her system at the time of death (confirmed by her family). It was interesting that they reported her death as an overdose, considering the coroner immediately determined COD as “undetermined homicidal violence.”

SCSD has formally suspected one person in connection with Nichole’s murder: Richard Howard. Their one and only suspect, Richie, was ultimately only charged with “abuse of a corpse,” although those charges were later - inexplicably - dropped. Even though the SCSD knew Richie lived at the farm at the time of Nichole’s murder, they never searched the farm. They never questioned the 50+ people known to come and go (and sometimes stay) at the farm. They never asked anyone what they thought of Richie taking a corpse to the end of the field and burning it in the fire pit. If they had questioned people at the farm, they would have discovered that Richie’s girlfriend drove a purple car that could, on a grainy surveillance video, be mistaken for a dark-colored Honda like the one seen on the Kroger surveillance video. Detectives never questioned this woman in regard to Nichole’s murder, either.

On July 29, 2010, a woman named “Joanna” (not a suspect) wrote the following message to Nichole’s tribute page on MySpace:

[Joanna] says

To: HYPERLINK ""Angel in heaven.. Rest in... (HYPERLINK ""

Hi Im [Joanna] and I only knew Nikki briefly but even tho it has been a year i am still so sad.

I was recently told a very detailed story of how and where she died. I honestly do not know if the person made it up or what and I dont want to pass a long hear say.

Im not sure what to do.... because it may be just made up.

I am so sorry for your loss and I hate to bother you with this, If you never want me to write again let me know.


Second E-Mail:

[Joanna] says

To: HYPERLINK ""Angel in heaven.. Rest in... (HYPERLINK ""

all right I will tell you what was said and it is graphic and I do apologize before hand because I know ypu love and miss her deeply.

What I was told was that Nikki was at EB’s house, that Richie was sitting on the porch and EB went to the store and CB took Nikki into the barn and was [redacted - case sensitive] when EB pulled up and saw them, [redacted - details of murder], but was still moving and CB freaked out and [redacted - details of murder]. so they had richie help them put her in the truck and [redacted - details of disposal of body], richie drove, the put her [redacted - details of disposal of body].

I was told that in the barn where she was attacked they [redacted - details of disposal of body].

Agian i am so very sorry, but I hope this helps. I really liked Nikki. She was fun and outgoing and sweet. I very much want justice for her death.


The family forwarded this information to the SCSD and the Scioto County prosecutors; nothing was done in regard to this information.

E-mail from prosecutors telling my friend she could tear the barn down.

E-mail from prosecutors telling my friend she could tear the barn down.

Additionally, Nichole’s family forwarded the following exchange from MySpace to prosecutors:

[Nichole’s Family] 
To: HYPERLINK [redacted] 

i have talked to richard while he was in jail and i believe his story, i have tried time and time again to talk to the police in regards to info richard has given me, but the police are too damn lazy to do their jobs. i thought u were a relative of dylan. and as far as richard being on the page this page was made when richard was 1st arrested. maybe u should go to the police and tell them what u know. nikkie never did meth and if she did steal it, it was for dylan he is a full blown junkie... the meth cooker is that [redacted]??????

Jun 16, 2010 

RE: <No Subject> 
[redacted] says
To: HYPERLINK ""Angel in heaven.. Rest in... (HYPERLINK " "

for 1 i aint no redkneck and if u ever refer to me as a fake phony [slur] marine agin there will be problems.2 i didn't threaten u i tried to give u answers , but it seems u really don't care so neither do i. my uncle didn't kill her and dylan was 30 miles away. my uncle tried to save her and almost got killed himself i no this shit for sure bcause my uncle cried to me over it. he liked her. i wasn't there but from wat i heard from my uncle she got caught stealing meth from a cooker and he [redacted - details of murder]. i realy didn't want in but i figured i would tell u wat i no to help out in exchange 4 my uncles freedom and i'm sorry if i offended u but its a touchy subject and it pissed me off. tell ur family to cool their shit. i am a patriot i live by the rules of the usmc and verry proud of it. i kill for my countrie's freedom so i would be greatful if you would keep your insults to yourself.and agin i'm sorry if i offended u but its wrong the u did my uncle on this page. he isn't a killer hes a good man if u would get to know him. peace and sorry for the misunderstanding.

May 25, 2010 

RE: <No Subject>
[redacted] says
To: HYPERLINK ""Angel in heaven.. Rest in... (HYPERLINK " "

keep the shit talk up you pieces of shit. you know nothing about wat happened.i demand all my uncles pics be removed asap and if not i will do something about it. if u want to know more about wat happened get a hold of me.bitchs.

p.s. i mean wat i say.


Remnants of cement floor in barn.  We were struck by the amount of work it would have taken to tear up this cement pad.

Remnants of cement floor in barn. We were struck by the amount of work it would have taken to tear up this cement pad.

In fall 2010, my friend moved back to Ohio. In summer 2010, before the move, she returned to McDermott to visit her mother. What she found at the farm horrified her.

CB and EB had destroyed her house. They tore out all the electrical wiring. There were numerous syringes and needles everywhere, inside and out. Human and animal blood and feces covered the walls and floors of the house. It was filled with the clothes of numerous, unknown people. CB and EB cooked meth in the house, so the whole thing smelled like animal pee. Out in the fields, there were junked cars and car parts, tires and gas cans, glass jars filled with meth by-products and more trash all over the property. There were deep tire ravines in all the fields. Numerous burn piles dotted the small landscape. The creek was filled with every imaginable piece of junk. It seemed as though no trash had left the property, even though my friend paid for trash collection the whole year she was gone. The farm now looked like the city dump.

My friend and her husband quickly cleaned up their property. Because they didn’t know Nichole had been murdered, a lot of evidence probably wound up in the garbage; there were several dozen full trash bags. My friend said they filled an entire roll off dumpster with trash.

My friend thought it was strange that most of the drywall had been removed from the second floor of the barn, but she didn’t question it. With the house and property so trashed, nothing surprised her. Her biggest question, though, was, "Where did it all go?"

When CB and EB vacated the farm, they stole my friend’s new refrigerator, deep freeze, washer and dryer. CB tried to sell the deep freeze to a friend of my friend’s sister in McDermott. My friend knew the refrigerator resided with EB’s sister, who has since died. Ironically, my friend was going to give the washer and dryer to CB and EB, and they knew that.

I should note here that my friend is a forgiving person, and their family is not hurting for money. She is the type of person to forgive and move on. Our accusations do not stem from EB and CB destroying her house and farm.

CB approached my friend during this time with a ring. It is my understanding that he showed her the ring, which had a pink stone in it, and asked if it was hers. He claimed to have found it on her property. According to my friend, EB was angry that CB asked my friend about the ring. Diane told us later that Nichole had a ring with a pink stone in it. Because my friend did not have knowledge of the murder at that time, she did not take the ring from CB.

My friend wanted to put this mess behind her. She didn’t want to make waves, so she didn't even report the stolen appliances. She just wanted to focus on the next couple of years, when they could tear down the house and barn, like they had always planned. The house and barn were demolished with the full blessing of the SCSD in 2018.

Possible human bones found on property.

Possible human bones found on property.

On December 24, 2010, my friend’s other neighbor, “Amy,” walked down to the farm with a heavy heart. Amy is not a suspect.

My friend was standing outside her barn. Amy told her that the barn gave her the creeps. My friend thought she was creeped out because of the black panther that killed her goats. But then Amy told her how Nichole really died, and that her daughter, “Laura,” was a part of it.

Laura told her father about the murder and her role in it right after it happened. She did not confess to her mother until August 2010, when she was about to go to the Ohio Reformatory for Women in Marysville, Ohio, for her part in an unrelated armed robbery.

Laura told her mother that in June 2009 she walked down to the farm to buy meth. She had two slightly different versions of where Nichole’s body was when she arrived. We believe that Laura may either have been high when she came down to the property so she is a little fuzzy in her recollection, but it is more likely that Nichole was still alive but unconscious and Laura was attempting to cover up her part in Nichole’s murder. Laura admitted to her mom that Nichole may have only been unconscious when she assisted in her mutilation. Regardless, CB and EB told her that they murdered Nichole, and somehow convinced Laura that she had to help them dispose of the body, probably in exchange for drugs.

Side note: Laura has a long history of torturing and killing animals. Her mother stated that she knew Laura killed several cats when she was a child. Witnesses said that she tortured my friend’s cats at the farm by breaking their spines, cutting out their tongues, or gutting them when they were still alive. She shot my friend’s dog in the head and bashed in the head of my friend’s goat. My friend found the skulls of the goat and dog and her vet confirmed they died traumatically.

It would, therefore, be entirely within the realm of possibility for Laura to torture, murder and mutilate a human being.

In one version of events, she said that Nichole was lying either dead or unconscious in the first stall inside the barn. In another version - the less likely version - she said that CB and EB murdered Nichole on the second floor of the barn then threw her out the window.

Laura told her mother that the reason she didn’t go to police sooner was that CB and EB threatened to kill her children if she said anything to anyone about the murder. They also threatened to kill Richie’s child if he said anything about the murder. EB was Richie's daughter’s guardian and Richie was in prison, so this was a viable threat.

Laura told her mother exactly what they did to Nichole. It was ... inhuman.

My friend asked Amy about all the drywall and cement missing from the barn. Amy said there was so much blood on the walls in that room, CB and EB knocked out the drywall in that room and dumped it in the pond.

Then Amy said that when CB murdered Nichole, it left some blood on the cement downstairs that wouldn’t wash out, so CB had to cut out that cement and dump it in the pond. CB told my friend he had to cut out that cement because the creek flooded and filled up the barn, and that was the only way to drain the barn.

We told the SCSD about what Amy and Laura said. SCSD dragged its feet in regard to questioning Laura, even while she was imprisoned at the Ohio Reformatory for Women. It was only after we sent several e-mail tips to the prison administration that Detective Matthew Spencer of the SCSD followed up with her. He told her that her information was not of any use to the investigation.

Missing drywall in barn.

Missing drywall in barn.

Missing drywal in barn.

Missing drywal in barn.

Drywall missing and unidentified stains on carpeted floor.

Drywall missing and unidentified stains on carpeted floor.

  • Possible Human Bones Nichole Alloway | Flickr
    These may be animal bones. We have had experts say they are human, some say animal. The SCSD first said they were human but not Nichole's, then backtracked and said they were animal bones.

My friend and I went online and found several Topix discussion boards regarding Nichole and her murder. The community discussed it freely, uncensored, and at length. A common theme was that the police weren’t going to do anything about her murder.

Riverqueen8685 in the Fort Wayne, IN, area claims to have found Nichole's body and posted the following:

May 31, 2011 - Wow. I'm just surprised at all the people who get on here acting like they know things they don't. First of all....I found her body. She had been [redacted - details of disposal of body]. Then they hid her up on the bank above the creak and [redacted - details of disposal of body]. Then they [redacted - details of disposal of body]. Regardless of what people are saying I KNOW that's what happened because I seen her for myself. I'm sorry to the family for their loss and even sorrier that they have to deal w the drama and politics associated with a small town like this. But people this could easily be your sister or mother or aunt. Just bc she wasn't a home town girl doesn't mean this case doesn't deserve all the attention it would get otherwise. Juss sayin

June 1, 2011 - She was mutilated. Although she was very small it was possible that one person could have carried her. But the location of the body was difficult to get to bc u either had to wade through deep water or tackle the briars through the woods. [redacted - details of disposal of body] I do not think this was the work of one person. And judging by the extent of the damage to her body it seems like a crime of passion. It's sick! Just think people....think of all the children who went swimming and fishing down there while her body lay just feet away on the bank. If that doesn't scare you it should. I'm a grown adult and it took me days to sleep. If couldve been your child that found her. It's in everyones best interest to help in this situation

The family continued to receive messages. Below is an email from “Carli:”

11/14/2009 2:18 PM

To: HYPERLINK "[redacted]"

I dont have a picture of them but i will see if i can find one. my daughters friend use to date CB’s son. his name is “Eric” and if you check his myspace it is about death and weird things, but there may be pic of them on it. “Casey” is a friend on myspace of his so i will have her look when she gets home. their house is still there, not burnt down. a good friend of mine went to a house where her neighbor was and they got into a argument and her neighbor yelled for CB to come out so he did and he started yelling,(this is his words and sorry they are harsh, but you need to hear it) [redacted - details of murder] my hands are shaking as i am typing this. [redacted - details of murder] i will get a pic of them some how this week. i dont trust that dylan as far as i could through him, he hit her and then just left her there, he just gives me the heebie jeebies. anyways glad that her kids are doing good. I will talk to you later.

EB collected news clippings about Nichole’s murder and plastered them all over the wall over my friend’s bedroom closet. All that was torn down when my friend cleaned up her property. Almost immediately after the murder, EB was even brazen enough to contact Denise DuBois (Nichole’s cousin) and Diane Dille! It is my understanding that both Denise and Diane spoke by phone and online with EB for many hours regarding Nichole. Denise told me that she always suspected EB, but wanted to get information from her.

EB even sent a bag of “Nichole’s” clothes to Diane. Diane did not recognize these clothes, however. One of our witnesses told my friend that these were her clothes, because she and Nichole were about the same size.

The more we investigated Nichole’s murder, the stranger it got. It was odd that the SCSD never went out to the farm until August 2010, to recover a stolen ATV. They did not return to the farm until spring 2011, after a lot of hounding by my friend.

Initially, Detective Spencer came to the farm. He did not question my friend regarding Nichole’s murder, nor did he collect evidence. He seemed more concerned about negative things being posted about him online. We do not think he is a suspect in her murder, but we do believe he is covering for someone.

At this nor at any other time did Detective Spencer restrict access to the barn or house.

Detective Spencer came a second time, but again did not collect evidence. Please note that Amy and her husband, “Ralph,” had, at this time, told Spencer everything they knew about Nichole’s murder. Detective Spencer hesitated to take their statement, and told them and my friend that neither Amy nor Ralph gave him any viable evidence.

After Detective Spencer left, my friend went to pick up her kids from school. When she returned, she found CB’s SSI card shoved in the latch part of her sliding glass door, like someone used it to try to open her door.

Detective Spencer called a few weeks later and told my friend that he could not collect evidence until the local evidence collection unit (which serves several small counties) was available. When the evidence unit became available, nearly a month later, they came to the barn and “collected evidence” for nearly 4 hours.

My friend is uncertain of the exact date they came to the house, but is certain it was before April; it was still very cold and her pond was frozen. She said that she did not see them take anything from the barn. They did not ask to search the house. It is my understanding that if the property owner gives investigators “free reign” to search, they do not need a warrant.

While he was on the property, my friend told Detective Spencer that there was a layer of topsoil in the stalls in the barn that she had not put down. She discovered it after receiving the e-mail from Diane detailing the murder. The soil was visibly distinct from the original hard dirt floor.

Although my friend told Detective Spencer about the topsoil, neither he nor the crime scene investigator removed this soil from the stalls. When Detective Spencer was out at the farm, my friend pointed out several marks that looked a lot like blood (and after looking at them, I believed this also). Detective Spencer told her the splatter marks were not blood. We cut out that section of wall before the barn was demolished.

In July 2011, the SCSD told my friend she could tear down her barn because “there was no evidence” in it. We decided to collect evidence ourselves because eventually, my friend would tear down the barn regardless. I swept out the stall where Laura said Nichole died. It took me about a half hour to photograph and sweep away the topsoil in the first stall. Before my friend knew about the murder, she kept rabbits in the stall, so there were rabbit droppings, a hutch and a table in the stall. None of that was moved by Detective Spencer.

I discovered several torn pieces of the same sheet with strange stains on them. When we tested one of the strips with luminal, it tested positive for blood. I found a similar sheet upstairs, with a large square cut out of it. It smelled like an unknown, strong chemical; it’s possible it was used to clean up meth-making materials.

I'm no expert, but it looks like blood spatter.

I'm no expert, but it looks like blood spatter.

In July 2011, my friend and I bought luminal online and conducted several experiments in the barn. I removed several areas of drywall and carpet, etc., before we did the experiment, because we were using the “student” luminal, which, the package stated, can destroy DNA. Our experiments showed blood where the spots were. Unfortunately, we couldn’t get photos of the luminal when it was glowing.

The splatter marks on the wall were indeed blood. We also found blood splatter in numerous other places in the barn. Most notably, we found what appeared to be bloody footprints on the stairs, a stain near the top of the staircase that looked as though something bloody had been wrapped up and placed there, and a spot on the carpet where there appeared to be quite a bit of blood staining (although our subsequent tests proved inconclusive on that area of the carpet).

My friend also found several small bones outside the barn that, to our untrained eyes, resemble human finger bones. She took a couple of these bones to several Portsmouth veterinarians, who told her they were most definitely not animal bones. My friend attempted, on several occasions, to give those bones to Detective Spencer, but he refused to take them.

We also found a glass tube with what seems like blood in it, and a condom wrapper. These items support witness accounts of what may have occurred in the barn prior to Nichole’s murder.

Additionally, my friend told Detective Spencer about the large amount of drywall and cement that had been cut out of the barn by CB and EB, and were nowhere to be found on the property. Considering the mountains of other trash found on the farm, the drywall and cement were strangely absent. My friend told Detective Spencer that it might be in the pond, but detectives never searched the pond.

My friend and I found a section of the floor downstairs in the barn that was dug out, and some drywall and cement were buried there. There has never been drywall on the walls of the first floor of the barn.

We considered draining the pond ourselves, but my friend was justifiably concerned that the pond may be so toxic that it would be unwise to drain it into the creek. Again, she attempted to address this matter with the EPA, but as soon as Detective Spencer got involved, there was no further communication with them.

My friend spoke with another individual who claimed to have witnessed Nichole’s murder, but including any information here would likely put her in danger so I will exclude it.

My friend talked to people in her community to gather more information. In addition to Amy and Ralph, a man named “Skeet” told her that CB admitted to him that he killed Nichole. Apparently when CB is high, CB spills all his secrets. Skeet said CB told him how he killed Nichole. Soon after, when Skeet was at CB and EB’s house, either CB or EB maced Skeet then beat him. CB threatened to harm another witness “in the same way he killed that girl.”

EB posted the following bizarre comment about Nichole’s birth certificate on the Topix website:

Sunday August 21, 2011 - This isn't something to play about Nickie was a wonderful person and would help anyone if she could I remember the last time I seen her she woke me up she was sitting on the side of my bed had paper tore up in her hands. It was her birth certificate. I gave her a hung taped it back together for her and she told me how her real prents did her

The barn in which Nichole was allegedly murdered.

The barn in which Nichole was allegedly murdered.

I have the utmost respect and sympathy for Nichole’s family, but again, we had to put the safety of my friend first. CB and EB threatened my friend daily. They could see everything going on at my friend’s property, because they live on the hill above her. They could watch her whole valley 24/7. They saw the police and "CSI" vehicle come to the property. Several times, EB tried to run my friend off the road with her car. EB and CB vandalized her mailbox. In August 2011, they put a dead rat in her mailbox; about a week later, they destroyed the mailbox completely, then they stole it. Ralph witnessed them destroying and stealing the mailbox.

About 7 years ago, I sent in an FOIA request to all relevant agencies in Scioto County. I received letters back from all of them that it was still an open case (unadjudicated) so they could not release any information.

My friend and I thought that we would bring that new information we had to the police and BAM! Her murder would be solved. I certainly never imagined that 12 years later, her murder would still be unsolved. Nichole’s isn’t even the only unsolved murder in southern Ohio, and there have been numerous disappearances from Scioto County as well. I dunno … I know it’s been a long time but I think about this case constantly and would like just the tiniest bit of closure. How have the police not solved this yet? They don’t seem to be working on it at all. It seems like they never worked on it.