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Unrest In Afghanistan Under The Curse Of Gandhari? Know What The Mahabharata Is Saying!

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He lost his hundred sons in the battle of Mahabharata

Gandhari. His brother Gandhara was involved in the conspiracy of Raj Shakuni

The battle of Kurukshetra took place. Empress in that anger

Gandhari cursed the vulture that his

There will never be peace in the country. That is Gandhara

Today's Afghanistan. What is the curse of Gandhari

Troubled Afghanistan?


It is currently under Taliban control

Afghanistan. The government has destroyed democracy

The departments and offices are now under Taliban control

There are. This is currently the Muslim community

The country once adhered to Hindu culture and customs

Moving on. India's relations with Afghanistan

Not a few years, but five thousand years old. Just

Not so, or the beginning of the Mahabharata war conspiracy

It happened from here. That is from the time of Mahabharata

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India has relations with Afghanistan.


It Was Here That The Mahabharata War Conspiracy Took Place

The Gandhara mentioned in the Mahabharata
Part of Afghanistan. Before the name of Kandahar

Gandhara was. How this Gandhara in time

Turns out to be Kandahar, he found mention of the subject

In the epic of Bedavas. About 6 thousand years

Earlier Gandhara was ruled by King Subal. His daughter

The name was Gandhari, who was married in Hastinapur

With Prince Dhritarashtra. There was a brother named Shakuni

Gandhari. Gandhara ruled after the death of his father

Comes in the hands of the vulture. King Subal's family is ruined

Shakuni thought Bhishma was responsible for this. His

Between the Kauravas and the Pandavas for revenge

To destroy Hastinapur by creating division and waging war

He conspired. After losing his hundred sons

The angry Gandhari cursed the vulture, saying, ‘Mine

King of Gandhara, you have killed a hundred sons, yours

There will never be peace in the state. '

Gandhari's curse returned after taking possession of himself

Has become a topic of discussion. It is thought that

Gandhari has not yet been freed from Gandhari's curse.

Unrest in Afghanistan under the curse of Gandhari? Learn

What does the Mahabharata say?

Kaurava's Descendants Lived Here

It is believed that after the defeat at the hands of the Pandavas

Hundreds of descendants of the Kauravas live in Afghanistan

Began to do. Here they remembered Gandhara.

After that, he gradually went to Iraq and Saudi Arabia


How Gandhara Became Kandhahara

After the end of the Mahabharata period, Buddhism is here

The campaign begins. Even in some parts of Asia

When Buddhism began to spread rapidly

Worship of Shiva decreases. After that of Buddhism

Preachers began preaching their religion. Muslim

Before the rulers, multiple Maurya rulers are here

Ruled. Then in the eleventh century

Mehmud established his dominance here

Ghajini. In this way Gandhara became Kandahar.

According to historical evidence, Gandhara at that time

The state included parts of present-day North Pakistan.

Relationship With Shiva

Gandhara in North Ramayana and Mahabharata except Rigveda

Word references are found. The word Gandhara means smell.

Gandhara refers to the fragrant land. Myth

According to Shiva, another name is Gandhara. Shiva

It is mentioned in Sahasranama. It is thought that

Shiva's devotees lived here. In ancient times

Part of the North-West Punjab belonged to Gandhara.

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