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University Study Shows People With Lower IQ's Are Political Conservatives


"The best argument against democracy is a five-minute conversation with the average voter."

Winston Churchill

What IQ (intelligence quotient) means:

IQ means, "An intelligence test score that is obtained by dividing mental age, which reflects the age-graded level of performance as derived from population norms, by chronological age and multiplying by 100: a score of 100 thus indicates a performance at exactly the normal level for that age group."

The Nature Of Conservatives And Liberals

The article above suggests that conservatives attempt to live within a previously standardized mode of thought. They are not ones to step outside conventional and traditional beliefs. Their tendency is to try to destroy what they do not understand because change and evolution scare them. They are concerned only for themselves and their families. They like the institutions of the past for no other reason than they are of the past. This is why so many of them who are not wealthy are okay with the wealthy being given big tax breaks. And since they are fine with the trickle-down theory of economics they are happy to have big oil rape the American people at the gas pump and they don't care if the thieves of Wall Street take all the economic freedoms away from us. They don't mind not giving medical care to those in need, because they only care about themselves. They don't mind if children die of starvation, because they are well-fed.

Liberals, on the other hand, recognize that if everyone is not taken care of, it makes the world unsafe for all of us. They don't see elitism as a measure of a person's value, because they know that someones having more privilege does not make them a better or more deserving person. If we look at our Congress and Senate, it most surely will evidence this. Liberals see that change is inevitable and do what they can to be creative with the changes as they come. They would rather understand someone who is different from themselves than fear them. They would rather live a life of personal exploration than promote the stagnant institutions of the past to more powerful positions.

Reviewing the political map below, where the red states represent Republican/Tea Party states and the blue states represent Democratic/Liberal states you will see the average IQ of the population of those states. Notice anything interesting? The IQ's of the blue states are considerably higher than the red states. I can't say that becoming a liberal will raise your IQ, but given that only one of the red states is even up to the 100 mark, it is certainly something to consider.



DeWitt on January 04, 2019:

Your IQ by States contradicts accepted ratings. Based upon how distorted those are with California really being at an Average IQ of 95, I wouls assess your article as pure propaganda and a blog with no truth.

No name on March 21, 2017:

This is just another use of propaganda used by the left. I've checked other sources that had basically the same. North Dakota actually has the 3rd highest IQ rates, while Hawaii is at about... 47th. And there's clearly no demographics mentioned here. And I haven't checked any articles linked to any politics. Truth is, it is more of a demographics issue than it is a political issue. So surprise here that atheists tend to be smarter. North Dakota has one of the highest standards of living in the US. They can't be possibly compared to majority black Alabama. And since blacks have lower IQs than whites it means something. And California has one of the lowest IQs btw. 48th place. Wow. Sad attempt to push leftist neoliberal agenda.

CreatePerfection (author) from Beautiful Colorado on January 14, 2017:

Matt, Thank you for the link. All the maps are very interesting.

Matt on January 14, 2017:

What do you think of this? I believe is is more recent (and accurate)

CreatePerfection (author) from Beautiful Colorado on March 01, 2016:

Your denial is not the truth. It is your opinion. Thanks for sharing yet another opinion on this topic.

RetroG on March 01, 2016:

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I have to call out some of your comments here:

"The most recent evidence proving this study is the number of uneducated people and people with lower IQ"s who are voting for Donald Trump."

According to exit polls, Obama received twice as many votes from high school dropouts than either McCain or Romney. Its the least educated who vote overwhelmingly for Democrats. College graduates are split pretty evenly between those who vote R or D.