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University Study Shows People With Lower IQ's Are Political Conservatives


"The best argument against democracy is a five-minute conversation with the average voter."

Winston Churchill

What IQ (intelligence quotient) means:

IQ means, "An intelligence test score that is obtained by dividing mental age, which reflects the age-graded level of performance as derived from population norms, by chronological age and multiplying by 100: a score of 100 thus indicates a performance at exactly the normal level for that age group."

The Nature Of Conservatives And Liberals

The article above suggests that conservatives attempt to live within a previously standardized mode of thought. They are not ones to step outside conventional and traditional beliefs. Their tendency is to try to destroy what they do not understand because change and evolution scare them. They are concerned only for themselves and their families. They like the institutions of the past for no other reason than they are of the past. This is why so many of them who are not wealthy are okay with the wealthy being given big tax breaks. And since they are fine with the trickle-down theory of economics they are happy to have big oil rape the American people at the gas pump and they don't care if the thieves of Wall Street take all the economic freedoms away from us. They don't mind not giving medical care to those in need, because they only care about themselves. They don't mind if children die of starvation, because they are well-fed.

Liberals, on the other hand, recognize that if everyone is not taken care of, it makes the world unsafe for all of us. They don't see elitism as a measure of a person's value, because they know that someones having more privilege does not make them a better or more deserving person. If we look at our Congress and Senate, it most surely will evidence this. Liberals see that change is inevitable and do what they can to be creative with the changes as they come. They would rather understand someone who is different from themselves than fear them. They would rather live a life of personal exploration than promote the stagnant institutions of the past to more powerful positions.

Reviewing the political map below, where the red states represent Republican/Tea Party states and the blue states represent Democratic/Liberal states you will see the average IQ of the population of those states. Notice anything interesting? The IQ's of the blue states are considerably higher than the red states. I can't say that becoming a liberal will raise your IQ, but given that only one of the red states is even up to the 100 mark, it is certainly something to consider.



DeWitt on January 04, 2019:

Your IQ by States contradicts accepted ratings. Based upon how distorted those are with California really being at an Average IQ of 95, I wouls assess your article as pure propaganda and a blog with no truth.

No name on March 21, 2017:

This is just another use of propaganda used by the left. I've checked other sources that had basically the same. North Dakota actually has the 3rd highest IQ rates, while Hawaii is at about... 47th. And there's clearly no demographics mentioned here. And I haven't checked any articles linked to any politics. Truth is, it is more of a demographics issue than it is a political issue. So surprise here that atheists tend to be smarter. North Dakota has one of the highest standards of living in the US. They can't be possibly compared to majority black Alabama. And since blacks have lower IQs than whites it means something. And California has one of the lowest IQs btw. 48th place. Wow. Sad attempt to push leftist neoliberal agenda.

CreatePerfection (author) on January 14, 2017:

Matt, Thank you for the link. All the maps are very interesting.

Matt on January 14, 2017:

What do you think of this? I believe is is more recent (and accurate)

CreatePerfection (author) on March 01, 2016:

Your denial is not the truth. It is your opinion. Thanks for sharing yet another opinion on this topic.

RetroG on March 01, 2016:

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I have to call out some of your comments here:

"The most recent evidence proving this study is the number of uneducated people and people with lower IQ"s who are voting for Donald Trump."

According to exit polls, Obama received twice as many votes from high school dropouts than either McCain or Romney. Its the least educated who vote overwhelmingly for Democrats. College graduates are split pretty evenly between those who vote R or D.

"If Donald Trump is elected president it will set the rights of women, blacks, Hispanics, religious freedom, the freedom of speech and the right to health care and education for the masses back hundreds of years."

This is just absurd. First of all, the President does not have the power to undo 'hundreds of years of progress' by himself without compliance of Congress. Secondly, believing this is simply insane. For example, Trump has already stated that he will not touch the issue of abortion.

"This is indicative of the Trump voters. They do not care that the super rich are getting richer and the middle class and poor are getting poorer, as long as they have what they need."

The rich have gotten richer at far faster rate during Obama's terms than during Bush's. Wages for the poor and middle class have been flat. The Democrats have not fixed these problems, but instead made them worse.

"They do not care that women make much less doing the same job as a man, because most of them are men, or women who do not need to work. "

The 'gender wage gap' has been thoroughly debunked countless times. Women do not earn less money for the same job as a man. Its a lie that will not go away because people keep repeating it.

tiretroll on February 29, 2016:

I did not say anything about Mr Trump. Where did that come from?

We have a liberal junior senator that never finished his first term for a president. The Affordable Health Care Act is not affordable. My health insurance has doubled and my neighbors is more than double what he was paying. Three family's on my block have no one employed, one family lost there house to foreclosure. Now I am unemployed and can not find work paying anything close to what I was making. If you check the Baltic Dry Index you will see container shipping is lower than it was in the 2008 crisis. In fact you can rent a container ship cheaper than renting a Ferrari. Your fearless leader said if you say the economy is bad you are peddling fiction. The banks want a negative interest rate so people are buying gold and silver or just pulling cash out of the banking system. Now there is talk of eliminating the $100 bill, 500 euro and other large currencies. Next step will be a cashless society so you have no choice, everyone will have a negative interest rate bank account. That will really help the lower classes. I really don't believe Mr Trump could damage our country as bad as our current president without trying. Did you know all US presidents genealogy except one can be traced back to King John of England?

I no longer believe in the left right paradigm they are all one happy family. A family of rulers. Maybe that's why Mr trump is hated by the political establishment. Lets see Mr Trump's genealogy, maybe he is not in the Royal Family.

CreatePerfection (author) on February 29, 2016:

The most recent evidence proving this study is the number of uneducated people and people with lower IQ"s who are voting for Donald Trump. I am glad I have created a forum for this subject, and I stand by the study's conclusion that people who are less educated and with lower IQ's tend to be conservatives politically. If Donald Trump is elected president it will set the rights of women, blacks, Hispanics, religious freedom, the freedom of speech and the right to health care and education for the masses back hundreds of years. One of the characteristics of conservatives I mentioned in the article is they only care about themselves. This is indicative of the Trump voters. They do not care that the super rich are getting richer and the middle class and poor are getting poorer, as long as they have what they need. They do not care that people with low incomes do not have health care or educational opportunities, because they have health care and educational opportunities. They do not care that women make much less doing the same job as a man, because most of them are men, or women who do not need to work. The rest of them are well known for voting against their own best interest and that is where the uneducated and lower IQ's come into play. Thanks for taking your time to comment and by the way, you could substitute the word intelligence for IQ and the same point is made.

tiretroll on February 28, 2016:

After 59 years of observation I find liberals believe so it must be true. With conservatives it is true so I must believe. Personally the truth is the truth no mater how hard you try to twist it.

I have been tested 3 times. The first test was at age 11, IQ 130. My last test two test were age 47 and 48, I testes 120 and 134 respectively.

I was robbed in an armed home invasion by three men in ski masks with hand guns. They tied my hands behind my back, put a pillow case over my head and proceeded to play a round of Russian roulette with my head.

I understand the need for guns and the ability to protect my self. When I was robbed I called the police 10 blocks away then my land lord two miles away then my father 5 miles away. In order my father arrived then my land lord arrived then finely the police.

One of the officers recommended the purchase of a firearm. I now have a permit for concealed carry of a firearm.

With a Beretta pistol at 50 yards I can put a full magazine into a paper plate and with an AR 15 I can hit a bottle cap at 100 yards.

I must have an ID10T problem. I just can not understand why it is superior to be victim over being able to defend myself.

I see it as r/k selection and most people that I have met that call themselves liberals are r/selection. I thought I was a liberal but then I aged a little.

IQ has little to do with your politics unless you have been to collage. In collage if you are conservative and it is known it will affect your grades. Liberal professors superior intellect can not accept a truth other than the truth they believe to be true, only because they believe it, not because it is really the truth.

There are many true believers here, I am not one of them.

CreatePerfection (author) on July 19, 2015:


You must not have read the actual study. The article was based on the university study, not on the graphic.

Dan Cronk on July 19, 2015:

You do realize that that "study" simply took the average IQ of a state and assigned the ENTIRE state to either being liberal or conservative. No state is entirely conservative or liberal. This doesn't prove anything other than the ignorance of people that when presented with a study they stop using their brains.

Of the 18,245,970 California voters registered for the November 6, 2012, general election:[3]

43.7% were Democrats

29.4% were Republicans

6.0% were affiliated with other political parties

20.9% were unaffiliated ("Decline to State" or "No Party Preference") voters

Connecticut voter registration and party enrollment as of October 30, 2012[183]

Party Active voters Inactive voters Total voters Percentage

Republican 430,564 19,084 449,648 20.27%

Democratic 768,176 47,537 815,713 36.77%

Unaffiliated 872,839 60,440 933,279 42.06%

Minor parties 18,960 1,063 20,023 0.90%

Total 2,090,539 128,123 2,218,662 100%

Those are just a couple of examples. Democrats only make up 36.77% of Connecticut and yet this study is attributing the ENTIRE states average IQ to being connected with being liberal? I'm neither liberal or conservative. I'm a libertarian just for the record. Just had to point out this study is absolutely asinine.

CreatePerfection (author) on July 19, 2015:


Your comment is brilliant. This is exactly the point of the article. Thank you for such a thoughtful contribution to this discussion.

Craig on July 19, 2015:

The Author's claims are supported by quantitative data. Saying "I met some dumb liberals before" only strengthens the authors position. Human minds are very bad at objective reality, case in point, look how long humanity "believed" the Earth was flat because the horizon appeared to "drop off". You can't use your own personal life experiences as a method of measuring anything on a national or global scale, because you can only see up to the horizon. For a while now I've been suspecting that the people I talk to about "hot button" political issues, that identify themselves as Conservatives, may actually be incapable of understanding the concepts necessary to make the logical connections that form the basis of most "liberal" arguments. I didn't have any real data to support this idea so it just stayed a suspicion. It takes a certain level of intelligence to see patterns and order in what most would see as chaotic and unrelated data. I started asking people this as a litmus test (and for entertainment purposes) and the responses I noted were not at all surprising. "During the Holocaust millions of people died, much of the culture, wealth and family connections of the Jewish people were destroyed in the process. As a result the state of Israel was established, and billions of dollars are sent annually from various nations, including the Germany and United States, for it's maintenance". I then give them this definition: Reparation-the making of amends for a wrong one has done, by paying money to or otherwise helping those who have been wronged. ""During the Trans-Atlantic slave trade millions of people died, much of the culture, wealth and family connections of the African people were destroyed in the process. As a result a method of reparation must be sought for those who are still affected by its ramifications". If the you are fine with the first statement, but the second offends you, you would be responding similar to how most of the self-identifying conservatives I have asked this question responded. If you can see the logical connection between the two statements you would be responding to how most of the self-identifying liberals and independents responded. I think there is a certain level of intelligence required to understand such a concept.

KoDas on April 04, 2015:

I would like to see such an IQ map for Europe by countries. It will be quite a surprise, I believe.

Blessed Star on February 20, 2015:

I must say that I am overwhelmingly perturbed by this biased article. Saying that "more intelligent people are liberals" has got to be the most biased, bigoted and judgmental thing I have read all year. I must say, that you are pretty "unintelligent" in your assessment. I am neither liberal or conservative, so before you go and make more bigoted assumptions let me go ahead and clarify that. Throughout my long life, I have had the blessings of traveling the world, and unlike you, have spoken with lots of people, also from around the world, in their native countries. Now, rather or not the indigenous people's of each land were "conservative" or "liberal" in their views, has absolutely nothing to do with intelligence. My father is a highly successful and intelligent college graduate and has performed his professional duties all over the world. I emailed him this article and asked him what he thought of it. He thought the same as me, and said that you, author, have absolutely no idea what you are speaking about. Indeed, I hope you can free yourself of close minded blindness sweetheart, and realize that politics has nothing to do with intelligence. Making inaccurate and unfair judgments only displays your own inability to see the world through an open minded and broad spectrum. I will pray for you.

Breazy7 on December 03, 2014:

Based on the belief that the author of this article thinks that you can actually improve your IQ, it is clear they have no idea how IQs and IQ scores actually work. Not surprising. Honestly some of the dumbest and most unintelligent people I have ever had the displeasure of meeting have been liberals. I am not a conservative either. I used to think I was a liberal until I realized how moronic they usually seem to be.

sl1mjm on May 28, 2014:

There was a book called The Bell Curve that talked about racial differences in IQ distribution. Liberals sure hated that one. Why do they love this article? Curious isn't it?

sl1mjm on May 28, 2014:

Odd that your map looks so different than this one:

The other map looks a lot more like you would expect IQ distribution to look like. Yours looks like a cartoon someone created just to prove the exact point you are trying to make. Maybe it's not derived from a real analysis of IQ by state? In any case, not sure that higher IQ = higher intelligence.

Anyway. Congratulations. You seem to have succeeded in pissing off the conservatives, and pumping up the chests of liberals.

Robert on May 15, 2014:

Most of you folks are idiots...This is media.. Why wouldn't media find "results" to support their agenda? It's common sense; ie: no thinking required.

But then California is blue... and they're going bankrupt. So how exactly again is a state full of illegal aliens and those with white guilt superior in intelligence than say the people of any red state with hardly any illegals?

This is the perfect example of media bias and political correctness.. As long as any group can fund their own studies and find "results" that just happen to support their own logical fallacies, we'll never know the truth to anything. How convenient.

Southern Born on May 08, 2014:

What a bunch of crap. Only a liberal would believe this garbage. And yes, I could have made a more intelligent response but felt these are the words anyone that believes this so called study could comprehend..

University Study on April 03, 2014:

Until I meet a liberal with an IQ over 100, I am forced to assume that this study is flawed. See how that smarts? Either the study is incorrect, or I am an anomaly who is so utterly intelligent that I am capable of poking holes in liberal thought in a single intellectual bound wherever such stupidity is found. Ignoring the homogeneity of liberalist thought in universities is ironically and deliciously stupid when the supposed homogeneity of conservatives is the theoretical basis for the supposed comparative lack of sagacity. The appeals to novelty in the references to this 'study' are particularly amusing to those of us who always suspected liberals were foolish, but were waiting for liberals to create a study like this to remove all doubt from that suspicion. The study attempted to throw intellectual jabs, but instead gave substantial proof that the authors of the study are (as conservatives had already suspected) not very intellectually-gifted. Being wrong in a myriad of new ways is a very strange sort of vanity; avoiding being correct for fear of repetition is possibly insanity.

TheRealTruth on March 23, 2014:

Everything is magically "contempt."

Everything is magically "slanderous."

Everything is magically "racist."

Everything is magically "hate filled."

Everything is magically "personal" and I need to be reminded "you do not know me."

Just way your Politically Correct wand and you can magically transform anything.

Since you belong to the Indoctrinated Cult of Political Correctness and anti-White ethnomasochism, you can self-righteously make this all to common Inquisitional cry:

"You are a racist, pure and simple. I will never publish a comment that only intends to be hate filled and has no basis in truth."

The truth is simple:

Blacks followed by Hispanics have the lowest IQ.

Blacks followed by Hispanics are Liberal in every nation on earth.

CreatePerfection (author) on March 23, 2014:

To TheRealTruth,

You are a racist, pure and simple. I will never publish a comment that only intends to be hate filled and has no basis in truth.

CreatePerfection (author) on January 27, 2014:

The reason I deleted your first comment was because it was mean spirited. You were not attempting to create a conversation, you merely wanted to be right, and in the process, show contempt for me, the author. I know that the Congress is the combination of the two houses, but because the media refers to the HOR as Congress, I used the familiar term to make a distinction in the reader's view.

I never mind having some one disagree with me. What I do mind is someone who is abusive and condescending. Early on in the comments, I made a statement that I would not approve mean spirited or hate filled commentary. Hubpages is a forum, it is not a place to sling slanderous comments. I have approved your second comment, because although you are still criticizing me instead of letting your opinion stand on its own, for the most part, you are making a valid point. The point being, we have been sabotaged by our whole body of elected officials in Congress and it is our own fault for electing such self serving bureaucrats. By the way, the definition of bureaucrat is "An official who works by fixed routine without exercising intelligent judgment. "

You are always welcome to comment on any subject that I author, what I will not approve is your making it personal because you do not know me.

HAHAHA on January 26, 2014:

Well, my post was deleted because it called to attention the authors attempt to separate the Senate from the Congress. This was an attempt to make the Senate look like the good guys because it is mostly democrat, and to make the HOR look like the bad guys because they are mostly repubs. Our congress in bicameral. This means that our CONGRESS in made up of two houses. These houses are the House of Representatives and the Senate. Do we have a do nothing congress? Yes. Is it only the House of Representatives? No. The dems in the senate are just as much to blame. Everyone must remember that the repubs only control ONE HALF OF ONE BRANCH OF GOVERNMENT. The dems still control TWO AND A HALF BRANCHES OF THE THREE BRANCHES OF GOVERNMENT.

CreatePerfection (author) on November 29, 2013:

Hi Blank,

The study and the article do not say that people who are conservatives have a lower IQ, it says people with lower IQ's typically become political conservatives. Hope that clarifies the issue for you. Thank you for your comment.

Blank on November 28, 2013:

My father is a conservative, but he has an iq of 175 much higher than most people. So this must not always be true

CreatePerfection (author) on November 20, 2013:

GreedrulestheGOP your comment is right on. As long as people use small mindedness and prejudice to decide important issues that will be the evidence and validation for what the University study said is true. Thank you for your comment.

GreedrulestheGOP on November 18, 2013:

@ the poster who linked skin colour to iq, India has more people with an iq above 120 than there are people living in the usa....or are they not brown enough to count?

Ken on November 06, 2013:

Correlation without causation is meaningless

Mike on October 09, 2013:

This map is a fake. True IQ demographics are virtually reversed, and show a strong correlation based on immigration numbers. Sorry people. Fact check your borrowed information before making fools of yourselves.

CreatePerfection (author) on August 31, 2013:


I applaud your wisdom. I, too, am an independent. I consider myself to be a moderate independent. I wrote this article because I think the study is timely, but until people realize that their opinion is just that, conjecture not based in fact, we will have people whose motives are designed to serve only themselves. The problem with self-serving legislators is evident in every part of this land. The majority of people are never served by those elected because the primary goal of those elected is to serve their own greed and intolerance.

In a land, such as the United States, much harm can come to the country by the short-sightedness of those we allow to govern, and that is what has come to pass. We owe trillions of dollars, we cannot pay back. One in 6 people are below the poverty level. Over 17 million children in this country go to bed hungry every night. The rest of the world hates us and fears our irrationality and they cannot trust us to do the right thing which would be to consider the consequences of our actions and do the thing that would most support everyone's well-being.

Thank you so much for your comment. It is a breath of fresh air.

Bryan on August 31, 2013:

My god, this is exactly why I'm an independent. I see the good and bad of each parties views but the voters in particular scare me. Republicans/Conservatives need to stop being so stubborn and paranoid, and Democrats/Liberals need to stop thinking they are intellectually superior, high and mighty, everyone who disagrees with me is dumb because my OPINION, key word, is better than yours.. basically both sides dont seem to realize as good as their ideas sound to them, they dont speak to everyone, which is good, a world where everyone agrees would be boring.. and slightly creepy. My two cents.

CreatePerfection (author) on August 24, 2013:

MF Burbauigh,

Thank you for sharing your opinion. If you know anything about quantum physics you know that what the observer is searching for has everything to do with the results. Thus, the results of all studies mirror the mindset of those doing the study. I guess all studies are bogus, based on quantum theory. So, if we are to decide who is really intelligent, we must look at the trail left by those who governed. The conservative congress we have right now has said much and done much to disenfranchise their constituency. Whether this will have been a good decision or a bad decision will come to pass soon and we will be able to tell for ourselves whether they have acted intelligently or not. IQ might tell us the potential that a person has, but it cannot tell us whether they have enough real intelligence, or common sense to do the right thing. The right thing being the thing that most supports the general citizenry of the U.S., not jut those with the most money.

MF Burbauigh on August 24, 2013:

This entire study is of course bogus, as all teh socalled 'educasted' people would instantly see. Harvard University did a REAL study of more than 100,000 people over 12 years and it showed how truly mentally challenged Democrats were. But nice try.

CreatePerfection (author) on July 05, 2013:

Thank you, Tom. As you say, higher education is one of the primary characteristics of liberals. People who are more highly educated seem to have a greater tendency to think outside the box than those who don't have a higher education.

One of the characteristics of political conservatives is they admire the institutions of the past, even if the time for that is over. One example of this is that the monetary system of the U.S. is being run by the big banks instead of by our elected governance. They brought this country to its knees economically, but because of conservative politics, George Bush, the president at the time and his Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson decided to use tax payer dollars to bail them out and then the banks turned on the taxpayers and used the money to buy each other out and giving themselves huge bonuses, instead of making credit available to revive the economy as it was intended.

It is time we stopped allowing the banks to dictate our economic policies in the United States and force our elected officials to do the job they were elected to do.

Tom Koecke from Tacoma, Washington on July 05, 2013:

What Otto also does not explain is why a state with predominantly white and above average income population is liberal. The two most common demographic characteristics tied to conservatism are white and wealthy. One explanation for the seeming discrepancy is that one demographic for liberals is white and educated. Obviously, there are other demographic characteristics for liberal folks, but education is one of the primary characteristics, just as the author contends.

CreatePerfection (author) on July 05, 2013:


Thanks for stopping by, but what you said sounds more like racial prejudice to me. I did not see anything in your comment that would reflect liberal or conservative views. It is still a free country which guarantees us the freedom to speak our minds; what it doesn't guarantee is that what we say is true. We all have opinions. The primary characteristic of opinions is that they are NOT based on truth, but rather on our conjecture.

Otto on July 04, 2013:

Just that the population in Liberal States is predominantly White. Take Massachusetts for example 86.+ percent white. So the Liberals have figured a way to keep the rifraf at bay. Its an old trick, raise the taxes so they can not afford to live there then dictate to the rest of the country what they should or should not do.

Anyway your argument has lots of holes in it.

Otto on July 04, 2013:

One thing I would like to point out

CreatePerfection (author) on April 11, 2013:


Thanks so much for your comment. Part of the problem between the conservatives and the liberals is the conservatives think it is necessary or desireable to dictate lifestyle and personal choices through legislation to the masses, but in a country where our freedom of choice is guaranteed by the constitution, it is inappropriate to dictate lifestyle and personal choices that do not break any laws. All personal choices should come under the constitution's guarantee of the pursuit of happiness.

CreatePerfection (author) on April 11, 2013:


Thank you and right on. It really is about tyranny vs. freedom, but I think the issue between liberals and conservatives comes down to how they interpret the actions that should be taken by those in political power. Do they create more freedom for everyone here in this democracy or do they create an environment of suppression for a huge segment of the population? This is the biggest question a citizenry should ponder in a nation where the constitution guarantees ALL its citizens the same freedoms. You can not, in a free country, treat one group, the super wealthy with favoritism and treat those of lesser financial means with disdain.

Thank you for your comment; very thought provoking.

Kabuki on April 11, 2013:

No doubt the IQ tests had questions such as "Is gay marriage good?". "Correct" answer was yes.

Ethan on April 11, 2013:

Well I've had mine professionally tested and its over 140 and I'm about as right wing as you can possibbly get. But I see the political spectrum as a Tyranny vs. Freedom spectrum rather than the traditional liberal vs. conservative.

Mike on April 06, 2013:

Alright, and the majority of folks living in trailer parks vote Democrat.

CreatePerfection (author) on April 04, 2013:

Thank you for stopping by and thank you for your comment.

This is stupid on April 04, 2013:

This is the dumbest thing I've ever read. Some liberal kid with too much time on his hands

CreatePerfection (author) on March 26, 2013:


Thanks for your comment. I think what you said makes sense. It is not a good idea to generalize where people are concerned, but some of the things our elected officials do and don't do leave me wondering about the legitimacy of our electoral process. Thanks again for your wise comment.



LauraGT from MA on March 26, 2013:

As someone who lives in the second smartest state (and went to college in the smartest state!) I feel like I should have a good explanation for why smart states are liberal and vice versa. I have to believe there are many confounding factors - education level, for example, and the fact that IQ tests favor certain groups over others. As a liberal, I would like to think that it's because liberals tend to think more critically about issues, but I know many conservatives who have razor sharp critical thinking skills. Interesting - great food for thought!

CreatePerfection (author) on March 24, 2013:


CreatePerfection (author) on March 19, 2013:


I am going to have to agree with Credence2 on this one. Liberalism also means equality in the U.S. Had it not been for the liberals, minorities and women would not have had the rights we now have. Also, conservative politics has NOTHING to do with conservatism. If you look back you will see that the highest deficits were created under Reagan and George W. Bush. The additions they left to the national debt were, in combination, more than all the other previous administrations combined. You mention Kennedy and Clinton, Kennedy was more responsible for racial and gender equality than any other president, and Clinton was the only president in modern times to create a surplus, by raising taxes on the wealthy, which George W. Bush promptly gave the wealthy back.

In the last election, Mitt Romney promised to undo the regulations placed on Wall Street during Obama's first term. As it is the regulations that were imposed on them were not nearly enough given they brought our country's economy to its knees, but Romney received hundreds of millions of dollars in campaign contributions from these same Wall Street bankers and promised them he would deregulate them entirely again. As the article says, conservative politics loves the institutions of the past, only because they are of the past, even if the time for that type of governing is over.

This is not a country of the wealthy. It is a country of the middle and lower income citizens, too, and it is time to consider all of the people of our country in ALL legislation, not just those who can buy our elected officials.


Jane Goodman on March 18, 2013:

Another thing that must be noted is that internationally the terms "liberal" and "conservative" are much different. For instance, in Europe, liberal means equality and liberty for all, while in the US, liberal means the idea that the government needs to take a direct intervention in society in order for it to function. The same way, in the US we think of conservatives are people who believe we need to spend less, become self sufficient, and have less government. In a country like China, conservative would mean going back to back to Communism.

Credence2 from Florida (Space Coast) on March 18, 2013:

Jane, you are a racist, who says that blacks are the backbone of the liberal agenda? perhaps you should do your homework and realize that Jews, Hispanics, Asians voted for Obama in majorities. You and your line of reasoning is the "case in point" for this article.

Jane Goodson on March 18, 2013:

This is inaccurate. Conservative methods have been proven throughout history to work time and time. Liberalism is a political ideal based on emotion and impulse, not logic. If liberals truly have higher IQs, please explain while black people, who, no offense intended, ARE the backbone of the liberal agenda, have been proven to have an average of a 30 point decreased IQ compared to the average white person, whom is 6 points lower than the asian, according to a study by Yale. Kennedy, Clinton, and Reagan all applied conservative methods, especially tax slashes, and the economy soared.

CreatePerfection (author) on March 06, 2013:

Thank you for sharing.

Drake on March 06, 2013:

This data is skewed. Most of the blue states are also states with large metropolitan areas in them where people are more likely to be educated (because there are jobs in cities) which is of course going to be connected to a higher IQ.

There are plenty of studies on the internet that show that liberals and conservatives are extremely close to each other in terms of IQ. That being said, using IQ as a reference point to who is the more intelligent political party is pointless. Having a high IQ does not directly correlate to being able to make correct political decisions.

Your blog was so blatantly biased, which is your right but it is still laughable. "They care only about themselves" in reference to conservatives. Really? Your wide sweeping generalizations are pathetic.

There's no reasons why you can't like ideas from both sides, right wing and left wing. Grow up, it is this partisan crap that is destroying our country.

CreatePerfection (author) on December 22, 2012:

Hi Tom Koecke,

Thank you for your wise comment. The incident with Wayne LaPierre speaking about armed police officers at each school continues to prove the point of the article. "Conservatives" are very faithful to the institutions of fear. They make excuses instead of facing the reality of their actions.

The current fiscal situation in the Republican lead Congress is another example. Even their own constituents are saying we want you to increase taxes on the top 2% of our citizens which are the super wealthy and it has been proven that keeping taxes lower on this group does not have a significant affect on the economy. What makes a big difference is keeping taxes lower on the middle and lower income groups, because most of the small business owners are in this group, and because the more disposable income this group has, the more they spend and save, which improves the economy tremendously.

The fact that Obama was reelected speaks loudly for a population that is tired of the super rich running everything in our government, and it amazes me that after this past election the conservatives in congress are still kowtowing to this group.

Thank you again for your coment.

Best wishes,


Tom Koecke from Tacoma, Washington on December 22, 2012:

Nice to meet you, CP!

There is certainly something about intelligence and progressive thinking. I believe it has more to do with seeking higher truths and considering contrary ideologies making a person more intelligent, and believing dogma and exercising prejudice making a person less intelligent, than it does with education.

I contend that redistribution helps the wealthy more than it does the poor. It is often countered with "it is unfair." I suppose they believe the unintended consequence of theft and murder for survival is more fair.

We had a prime example of someone favoring prejudice over intelligence yesterday when Wayne LaPierre of the NRA said the solution to school shootings was to put armed policemen in every school, and to deal with the culture that glorifies killing in movies, in video games, and on TV. He offered no solution on how these policemen would be paid, or what the consequences of pulling currently paid policemen off other duties may be. It was terrifically ironic, though, that he suggested that the second amendment was not the problem; the problem is the first amendment!

Even those of us who generally support the second amendment must either think the guy is an idiot or join him in his idiocy! What a choice, but some will go one way and some will go the other.

I guess my main point is that I enjoyed your hub. I look forward to reading more.

CreatePerfection (author) on December 12, 2012:

Hello PokerFace,

As you say, good and bad in everyone. I personally am a moderate independent with libertarian leanings. I don't know how important IQ is, but intelligence is more than that. Intelligence includes the ability to reason and to consider the impact of one's actions. I do not see that in today's politics. What I do see is a group of elected officials who have lost sight of what is important to their constituents.

Thank you for your comment.

PokerFace on December 12, 2012:

Interesting points, tsadjatko. I suppose a better way to get data is to administer IQ tests and political compass tests to random individuals and then try to find a correlation between views and intelligence :P I think we can estimate liberal:conservative ratios based on the ballot counts from the election.

I feel that if you are referring to my voting patterns when you say political views, my other biological circumstances shape my stances. As a queer person, I cannot afford to stand apart from my brothers and sisters in our pursuit of happiness. Our numbers are so small that our only chance is to stick together. Therefore, I always cast my vote with my brethren after we collectively decide on something. That means when there's votes going around, I will definitely vote liberal. Additionally, as a woman and a person of color, I don't see what I can possibly gain by voting with a group whose policies do not favor us.

However, if you're talking about actual views, I'm your fellow libertarian, even if I'll be voting liberal until the day we take over. As for IQ, I feel like each side has good and bad ideas and each side has people that I respect. I'm not sure as to my stance on economic policies, as my gut tells me that a significant portion of what's happening inside any country's borders has as much to do with what's going on in the rest of the world, which we can't control that well as it does the policies inside its borders. I know for sure that extreme government regulation (ie communism) has never led to good results, but I'm not sure on the details. Jacob and Create, I do agree with your stances on encouraging entrepreneurs.

Create, I understand your feelings on this issue. I feel like several huge things are definitely not boosting the conservatives' public image. The first is some extreme group's refusal to believe in evolution/global warming for religious reason. What's worse is that I've seen that sort of people automatically label everyone who did not agree with them as a liberal, even though many proponents of good science are conservatives. It's impossible to reason with them as their ears seem to be deaf to good science. Then there are the groups that tried to legalize the use of religious beliefs as an excuse to bully people. They seem to conveniently forget that the religion that they're referring to advocates peace and love. Then there's the lady who ran over her husband for not voting. She's invited a lot of negative comments about conservatives when she made the news.

On the other hand, I know some brilliant conservatives. It's a shame they get a lot less attention than the ones that I mentioned in the preceding paragraph.

Sooo... where do libertarians and other independents fall on this IQ map? :P

CreatePerfection (author) on November 17, 2012:

Everyone has an opinion. Thank you for sharing yours.

The Logician from then to now on on November 17, 2012:

"The IQ's of the blue states are considerably higher than the red states. I can't say that becoming a liberal will raise your IQ, but given that only one of the red states is even up to the 100 mark, it is certainly something to consider. "

Your entire hub could not be more deceptive.

You start with a title stating the conclusion of a university study? My search of the internet shows no study that puts forth that conclusion if you read the study. Then you site an article describing a study as "Higher IQ linked to liberalism, atheism" by a researcher but you obviously have never read that study.

There are always articles every day that sensationalize and misreport study results to either propagandize their view point or sell copy and any one article about a study on any subject is no indication of validity of its conclusions.

Then of all things you claim some credibility to your hub title premise by displaying a map of blue and red states? This is so blatantly propagandizing as to not even merit consideration of credibility. Red or Blue, any state contains a population that is not nearly 100% either Democrat or Republican, liberal or conservative but a mix which in most states is close to 50/50. According to your "map" there is no way to tell whether the majority of the IQs lie in the red or the blue parts (say by county) of any one state. This is just an example of one of the tricks liberals use to make false points that appear to coincide with what ever narrative they want you to blindly accept and it works as you can tell by some of the comments on this hub..

But I am glad you included your red state blue state analysis because it goes a long way to demonstrate the totally unscientific self (liberal beliefs) serving, propagandizing, nature of your own hubpage.

If you are tempted to delete my comment to censor my right to free speech or to avoid embarrassment by the truth I fully understand so please do.

CreatePerfection (author) on July 08, 2012:


I really try not to spend a lot of time pondering the past, but after George W. Bush got through with this country, most of my life long savings was gone, the economy was in ruins, and we had bailed out the banks, those responsible for destroying a lifetime of financial investments I had worked so very many hours over 35 years to create. I have since forgiven George Bush and the "Conservative" Bankers on Wall Street for this personal tragedy in my life. When you say I seem conservative, I am, but I am what this word really means, not some contrived construction adopted by a party who has done nothing if not waste trillions of dollars on folly.

The meaning of conserve according to is, "To prevent injury, decay, waste, or loss of." That is what I am in favor of, not the curent meaning political conservatives try to make it mean.

I hope this gives a little more clarity into the inner workings of my mind. In a previous comment you made you said that money is best used in the hands of Small Business Owners. I could not agree more, but who gets to take advantage of our political system are those who need no more, but whose greed is unbounded.

Blessings to you Jacab,


Jacob on July 08, 2012:

Yes I agree.

However, I am still a little confused however of why you did all of that conservative-bashing in the intro. We seem to agree that less government is good and that view seems to coincide with a conservative view. I definitely agree that there are things undesirable about both parties, in your intro you seemed against the conservative mindset (not republicans). Now you seem to agree with conservatives that there should be less government. Even if you are independent you still seem conservative at least with the roles of government (generally wanting less of it).

Just trying to understand another point of view,


CreatePerfection (author) on July 07, 2012:

Hi Jacob,

I absolutely agree with you.

By the way, I consider myself to be a moderate independent. I would say that my actual political leanings are more Libertarian than anything else. I feel that we have been so abused by our representatives. They have done a terrible job all around, and the primary focus of Libertarianism is LESS government. I don't think the democrats or the republicans have been responsible. In my opinion, we really only have one party in the US and it is the spending party. They just spend it on different things, but they all forget how hard many of us work to pay the taxes they so readily waste.

I read that Romney raised $100,000,000.00 during the month of June for his campaign. I looked at the list of the largest contributors and almost all of them were banks and financial institutions. I don't know an industry in need of regulation more than this one, but when they buy our politicians with their millions of dollars of contributions, it leads me to believe that there will be no regulations forthcoming on this industry.

I sincerely appreciate your thoughtfulness and for having a conversation with me.

I don't know what it is going to take to make the world work for everyone, but none of us has a greater right to it than anyone else.

Blessings Jacob,


Jacob on July 07, 2012:

I now see that your opinions are based on compassion for needy people which I respect. Maybe in your experience all conservatives have been cold, unloving people who "only care about themselves." I have, however known conservatives who are just as compassionate and caring for the needy as any liberal. Even if you have had only negative experiences with conservatives, it bothers me that you should label all as having no integrity and compassion. You are judging people you have never met(including myself) by their political beliefs and saying that it relates directly to how good of a person they are.

I also think that you don't quite understand why conservatives believe what they do. It is not because they simply don't care about the poor that they wish to have small government, rather, they have a different approach to solving the issues. For instance, if the government made it easier for small businesses to expand, those 8% unemployed could get jobs, significantly reducing the 17 million in poverty. In the long run, we believe that this would be better than just giving them money. "If you give a man a fish, he will eat for a day, if you teach a man to fish he will eat for a lifetime."

I understand that there are many more factors to these problems than I mentioned, and you could probably find all sorts of holes in my ideology. My point was, conservative beliefs aren't based on fear or greed or uncaring (at least no conservatives I know), rather, we are trying to solve the same issues that liberals are, just from a different angle. In the end, to solve anything I believe democrats and republicans will have to compromise to solve anything at all and this requires understanding the other viewpoint.

CreatePerfection (author) on June 29, 2012:

By the way, Jacob, when I first wrote this article there were 15 million children going to bed hungry every night in the US. There are now over 17 million, just in the span of a few months. The population of homeless teens is growing exponentially, too. How safe will any of us be with the numbers of those barely surviving increasing daily?


CreatePerfection (author) on June 29, 2012:


It was not my intention to insult you. I am only trying to point out that we all have our opinions. Opinions by their nature as biases. As I said in my first response to you, my biases are based much on my direct experience. On the other hand, I have always and will always defend your right and the right of others to speak their opinions, regardless of our level of agreement or disagreement.

I am going to say in this comment that I believe the most important point I have made in this article is that if everyone is not taken care of and considered it places everyone in harms way. You cannot have huge populations of people struggling to survive without the dangers that come with that type of desperation. We are still spending trillions of dollars to fight wars all over the world to supposedly help others fight oppression when we have 17 percent of our own population living below the poverty threshold. It does not matter who in this country has a higher or lower IQ. What really matters is our level of integrity and compassion. We have given the banks billions of dollars of tax payers money and yet they still treat their customers with utter disrespect. Forty-four states are letting teachers, firefighters and police go because of their combined 125 billion dollar deficits, while Wall Street bankers were paid 135 billion dollars in salaries and bonuses in 2011.

Jacob, I do not understand a population of people who are so selfish that they would let 17 million children go to bed hungry every night.

I appreciate that you have taken your time and thoughts and shared them here with me and the others following this Hub and I always wish you and yours the very best.

Blessings to you,


Jacob on June 28, 2012:

I find it ironic how you turn around and tell me to be "tolerant of the opinions of others". My last comment was merely a suggestion of how I think that you could be more convincing by presenting the study in a less biased light.

I respect your opinion, but understanding both sides of an argument doesn't mean insulting the side you are not on, even if you don't deny comments. The description of liberals and conservatives was biased and rude, not tolarant.

CreatePerfection (author) on June 28, 2012:


If you read the study, you will see that I am reiterating the information in the study, however, it has also been my direct experience that has contributed to this conversation. Hubpages is a place where people can write about their views and have readers discuss them. You may not like my point of view, but you have just expressed your point of view which is not based on any fact. It is an opinion. I write about my opinions and information I research, diligently. You say, "Even if you don't agree, you can at least try to understand." I do understand. I have the ability to deny any comment. I have denied none. I think it is important to write thought provoking articles so that people on either side can discuss them. We, in the free world, who are allowed to speak our minds have a tremendous obligation to do so. It is important to be responsible with the things we say and do, but it is just as important to be tolerant of the opinions of others who do not agree with us.

Thank you for your comment. Please read the study and all the other comments.


Jacob on June 27, 2012:

Why do you think that anyone would believe statistics such as these coming from such a biased source. As soon as I read your description of your misconceived notions of what conservatives and liberals are, it took all credibility from the study. If you want to be convincing, don't make it seem like you are just using numbers to back up your own biases. Also you seem very intolerant and ignorant of views other than your own. Even if you don't agree, you can at least try to understand.

CreatePerfection (author) on May 29, 2012:

jim92065, I always feel that people who are really intelligent don't need to tell others how smart they are or prove it to anyone. You may or may not have understood the article. It does not say that political conservatives have low IQ's. It says PEOPLE WITH LOWER IQ'S, MORE OFTEN, GRAVITATE TOWARDS POLITICAL CONSERVATISM! I did find it interesting how defensive you became upon reading the article, however.

Thank you for your comments.

Best wishes!

Jim92065 on May 28, 2012:

This entire page shows that gullibility and ignorance know no political bounds. RetroG is correct. The "information" put out in this article was debunked in November, 2004.

Now, from personal experience, I know some very intelligent people with views on the political right, left, and center. I am an Independent and an atheist, but I would consider myself a definite fiscal conservative. My best friend and two of my co-oworkers all have PhDs in some scientific field. All three are registered Republicans. Two of them are atheists, and the third (arguably the most brilliant of the lot) is very involved in his church. I also had a friend, years back, who was a nuclear engineer and a hard-core, Bible-thumping Christian.

My IQ is in the 99th percentile. I would put all four of the aforementioned in a league above my own.

Some people use statistics like a drunk uses a lamppost: For support, rather than illumination.

CreatePerfection (author) on May 27, 2012:

To Seriously --- seriously ??????????????

Seriously on May 26, 2012:

Dudes, people vote republicans because the else the stupid people would take their money and use it on mcdonalds.

CreatePerfection (author) on May 18, 2012:

Thank you wwolfs, that really is my whole point. If everyone is not taken care of, it puts everyone in harms way. We currently have 17 million children in the US who go to bed hungry every night, and 1 in 6 of us in the US are below the poverty level. We keep wasting billions on wars in foreign countries while we allow America to go down in the flames of negligence.

It really will not matter who was right and who was wrong when our country is overrun by poverty and hunger. Thank you again for your comment.

Best wishes,


wwolfs on May 18, 2012:

I, normally, don't get involved in a political discussion, but found your hub interesting. I agree that everyone has to be taken care of. There is no other way.

Many of us don't like all the issues, but to do anything less than consider everyone really does make for an unsafe world.

Liberty on May 17, 2012:

To A Euroliberal-

Are you kidding me? European liberals equals American conservatives?! And you just made someone actually believe that thing and especially stating that conservatives now have higher IQ's in "actual data". Then all of a sudden stating that it's not that IQ is important but "common sense and personal values". Beautiful.

So the "socialist" Labour Party is conservative by American standards?? Read Wikipedia carefully!! The statement there telling that America's conservatism is the rest of the world's liberalism is a statement shrouded by the myth of American exceptionalism! And guess what, that statement was written during the 1950's conservative era in America. And height of the Cold War too.

My goodness. The Europeans have more advanced democratic institutions than Americans now. And their liberalism, America calls communism! not conservatism!

Just want to enlighten people who just read that very disturbing statement.

But it depends, what Euroliberal calls liberalism might be classical liberalism. And that one is close to American conservatism.

But Europe is not classical liberal anymore! It's modern liberal already! Even more than America!


CreatePerfection (author) on May 10, 2012:

Hi Terry,

I googled 'map showing average iq by state', and found several sources. Hope this helps.


Terry Moran on May 09, 2012:

Interesting post and comments. Do you have a source for the state by state IQ numbers? I'd like to do a similar article but need verifiable data.



CreatePerfection (author) on May 07, 2012:


I too am an independent. I vote for the person and do not vote for a party representative. I hope that everyone in this country will start spending time actually investigating the candidates and vote, "more by common sense and a sense of what is good for society as a whole." Because, after all, our history shows that people have voted for special interests and look where that has gotten us. Great comment. Thank you.



Austin on May 06, 2012:

I enjoyed the article, however (admittedly) I am always skeptical of politically driven pieces. I would be pretty sure a good many of the more educated and/or intelligent people do not side with any one party and therefore tend to vote "independent"---which, by the way is very prevalent in southern New England; they tend to be rather progressive, but they are not swayed by a party's ideas and more by common sense and a sense of what is good for society as a whole. The issue at hand is dealt with by personal reasoning and not so by a consensus or preconceived notions which dominate one party or another. from upstate, NY on April 25, 2012:

AEuroLiberal- That's very interesting and revealing! I suspect the actual data would most likely show that conservatives on average have higher IQ's. Now I don't put much emphasis on IQ's anyway, because to me common sense and a person's values are more important!

AEuroLiberal on April 24, 2012:

Sorry to disappoint but in Europe, the geography within which this study was conducted, the term "liberal" tends to mean what most would call "conservative" in the U.S.

CreatePerfection (author) on February 29, 2012:

I would like to address one of the last points of your argument, "Liberalism is the weapon by which these groups destroy effective co-operation in other political groups that would otherwise be very effective. They will always be conservative, because that leads to the most effective group co-operation, but they promote liberalism amongst you to destroy your ability to co-operate."

If you recall--during the last period of government interaction where there was a call to raise the debt ceiling, the political conservatives were in no way "cooperative". I am not supportive of the runaway government spending, but when debt ceiling talks are underway we are not talking about new spending, we are talking about paying for the commitments we have already made in the past. So, cooperation, in my opinion, must be secondary to integrity. We must be accountable to do what we say we will do, in this case pay our obligations. But ultimately the political arena in America is neither about integrity or cooperation, but about one-upmanship, self-service and posturing. The American people, as a whole, have not been represented in Washington for a very long time, and even though the Constitution assures us that we will not have 'taxation without representation', it is not the case. If that were the case, only the rich would pay taxes in this country, because they are the only ones represented in American politics.

Political conservatives believe that they are conservative, but the debt in this country increased more under Presidents Reagan and George Bush than under any other administrations in our history, so political conservatives should revisit what it means to be conservative, which is to live within one's budget.

Thank you for your comment. I appreciate the level of thought put into it.

D on February 28, 2012:

First , this IQ data is strongly suspect. ie: it contradicts other established state average IQ data that isn't being used for political purposes( contradicts what modern science tells us about IQ development in populations over time (that cold weather exposure is the largest factor in brain growth over generations in any population of humans - the following article is compelled to make the PC disclaimer that larger brain size is not associated with better IQ, but conventional IQ science disagrees and last it contradicts the common sense that adjacent genetically similar (European heritage) populations will not differ that significantly(10 IQ points) from one another due to genetic intermixing, environmental(the weather) and cultural (for those that believe that nurture is a factor in IQ - I don't) similarities. The data used in this article has us believe that the IQ of North Dakota and the IQ of Minnesota differs by 10 points, a hugely significant margin, but this is a massive improbability due to the aforementioned reasons. One to three points would be believable. Ten points is not. This improbability, taken together with the contradicting IQ data, points to the fact that this data and this article were both created for the political purpose of defaming conservatives.

The data that I point to is much more credible, as it's conclusions agree with what modern science knows of brain development in relation to environment, what it knows of genetics of adjacent intermixed populations, and for the fact that it is not being used to make a narcissistic political assertion. The IQ data that I pointed to has lists North Dakota as not one of the lowest IQ states as this article would have us believe, but as the SECOND HIGHEST IQ state with a 101.4 average, only 1/10th of a point behind Massachusetts.

Furthermore, the data used for this article has the population of New Hampshire at an average of 109 IQ, a full seven IQ points higher than the state with the next highest average of 102. Anyone who knows anything about adjacent populations, genetics, and statistics will tell you that this difference is so improbable as to make this assertion a farce. This data is corrupt, point simple.

Last, I used to be a died in the wool liberal. I used to have those views because, first, it feels good to "love everyone" and it is one of the human instincts that allows us to co-operate effectively as a group. Second, i was indoctrinated with these views since I began viewing Sesame Street at age two, and this indoctrination continued through Grad School. However, our human instincts and indoctrination (read: biased information) does not good politics make. One day, I figured out the true nature of politics and everything fell into place very quickly. Politics is about co-operation. People are, right now, co-operating with one another and do not see you as part of their group, but as people that need to be conquered and exploited to aid in the purpose of keeping their group on top. Liberalism is the weapon by which these groups destroy effective co-operation in other political groups that woul otherwise be very effective. They will always be conservative, because that leads to the most effective group co-operation, but they promote liberalism amongst you to destroy your ability to co-operate. Liberalism is not about group co-operation between people who have a hardcore loyalty to one another, but about group dissimilarity that forever inhibits truly effective co-operation. Food for thought.

CreatePerfection (author) on February 08, 2012:

Thank you for your comment. Romney says he is not concerned with the really poor. Santorum says make the Bush tax cuts for the rich permanent. They may think what they want, but I always feel that the actions of a person speak volumes about who they really are. I said this in my article and I must repeat it again. If you create huge populations of poverty ridden and homeless people, you put everyone in harms way, because a person who is struggling for survival will do ANYTHING to survive including stealing what they need and killing, if necessary, to feed and protect themselves and their children. Thank you again for your comment.


Lela from upstate, NY on February 08, 2012:

It's refreshing to hear the true beliefs of liberals spelled out so honestly. That fear, cowardess, ignorance and a lack of compassion are the driving forces behind the conservative movement. Of course conservatives belief much the same about liberals.

CreatePerfection (author) on February 07, 2012:

Matthew, you should read the book "The Trillion Dollar Conspiracy", by Jim Marrs. You should also see the film "Thrive" by Phillip Gamble, which is on their website at They both speak of exactly what you are referring to in your comment. The uber rich, Rockefellers, Morgans, etc. have conspired to defraud the American people out of all their wealth and the bank bailouts were just one of the ways they have done it. This book and this film I have mentioned will make your skin crawl and the unfortunate fact is that they also own our elected representatives.

The best thing Americans can do to take back any control of our own is to take all of your money out of the big banks and put it into community credit unions, which are owned by the members who have deposits in them. Also stop doing business with these banks.

It is clear that when the banks were bailed out, they had no intention of making credit available to consumers, which was the reason it was given to them. They instead bought each other out and increased their profits on the backs of the American people from whom they stole the money.

Thanks for your comment, Matthew. You can see I am a little worked up over this issue.



Matthew on February 07, 2012:

I see the same thing all around me that this report/study finds. But have they researched the intelligent people on the right? I find (No study done) that these people tend to be more dishonest and corrupt, More likely to be the uber rich, and more likely to work to keep things the same, and more likely to lie to keep control.

Sooner28 on February 06, 2012:

Wow Canuck. That was awesome!

CreatePerfection (author) on February 06, 2012:

Well said, Canuck observer!

Canuck observer on February 06, 2012:

The Frog Prince: prerequisite to being a conservative "the ability to believe the unbelievable and deny the undeniable" I believe you just proved the whole premise.

CreatePerfection (author) on February 02, 2012:

Thank you for your comment. Many people think that political conservatism means what it says which is to conserve. This is far from the truth. What it has come to mean is favoring those who pay the most to be represented in Washington. Those of us who just go about our business every day, trying to do the right thing, are ignored and those in grave need who live below the poverty level, which now number one in 6 of us in the United States, are blindsided. Thank you again for your comment.

Best wishes,


Sooner28 on February 01, 2012:

I had read some of the psychology on the difference between liberals and conservatives, but I didn't know about the IQ thing. Interesting hub.

CreatePerfection (author) on July 28, 2011:

RetroG, thanks for your comment.

RetroG on July 28, 2011:

The map you've used here is misleading because it's based on fake IQ scores based on a hoax that originated in 2002:

The true IQ scores by state are much closer, where half of the country is only separated by 3 points.

CreatePerfection (author) on June 06, 2011:

Hi Mimi721, you are probably right. Thanks for your comment.


Mimi721wis on June 05, 2011:

I'm in a red state and just find this simply funny. I'm a liberal and I'm sure conservatives could find some numbers that may prove more to their likings.

CreatePerfection (author) on May 22, 2011:

Dear d.william, thank you for this very fun comment. I always appreciate your taking the time to read and comment on my articles.

Best to you,


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