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United States Declaration of Independence

united states declaration of independence

united states declaration of independence

What is the Declaration of Independence?

The Declaration of Independence of the United States is a legal document written by Thomas Jefferson in 1776 right after the Revolutionary War against Britain. It states that the American colonies are finally free from British rule and it describes a man’s place in society. It is divided into political, economic and social aspects.

Political Aspect of the Declaration of Independence

The political aspect of this document deals mainly with the government. People have the right to overthrow the existing government if it becomes tyrannical and too destructive. They then have the right to establish a new type of government. To ensure that the government does not have too much power it should be broken up into several parts that have equal power. It must pass the laws that are just. Government must represent the people and not control them. It must protect the rights of the people and not take them away. It must not do anything without the consent of the governed.

Before the American Revolution the colonies were under the control of a British Monarch who had total control of the people. The colonists did not like this absolute rule. So, after they won the Revolutionary War they sought out to create a new form of government. They established a republican form of government where there was rule by the people. This type of government was known as a Representative Democracy.People elected representatives who would govern the country. The power within the government was divided among three branches each having equal amounts of power. No one branch could ever overthrow the others. This government was just and it met the needs of the people.

Social Aspect of the Declaration of Independence

Another aspect of the Declaration of Independence is the social one. “All men are created equal” and they should remain equal. People should have equal protection under the laws and cannot be discriminated against no matter what color, or race they are. No state law can discriminate against others. This is part of the equal protection of the 14thamendment to the U.S. Constitution. People are born with certain inalienable rights that are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. They cannot be taken away without due process of the law. This is also part of the 14th amendment. Troops cannot be quartered in people’s homes and neighborhoods. In times of peace standing armies cannot be brought to people’s homes and neighborhoods without the consent of the legislators. They must be protected from invasion. They cannot be deprived of a trial by jury. War cannot be waged against the people. People cannot be denied the right to migrate to this country. They cannot be denied citizenship or naturalization. This is also part of the 14th amendment. People should not be forced to become captives on the high seas to fight against their friends and execute them. People cannot be accused or tried for a crime that they did not commit.

Economic Aspect of the Declaration of Independence

The last aspect of the Declaration of Independence is an economic one. Taxes cannot be imposed on people without their consent. This is a big change since under British rule the American colonists were heavily taxed. They had to produce goods and send them to England for which they had to pay a tariff. Trade cannot be cut off with other parts of the world. This is also a big change since the colonies were not allowed to trade with the other parts of the world. They were only allowed to trade with mother England.


Joseph Beridze (changed too, against my will in 1947) from Los Angeles on July 09, 2013:

You , David are probably right,

Thought "incorporating them" is too mild.

"Them" are now imperial resurrect on Global scale,

Russia in 1954 invited envoys of Queen and "Bechtele",

To resurrect Russian, British and German-Austrian hell.

Since, they destroying Human Civilization for "shmektele".

Reason of your oblivion looks milder than mine, pure poet.

They might see name Benjamin and your poetry in conflict

Of repopulating new Citizen's, French, land by greedy lads,

Neanderthals and their posterity - versus you, a poet-misfit.

Reason envy me and kill my mother severe, according greed

Of ruling Normans, Viking-Varyags, Prussia and Chaldeans

Imperial resurrect and their Global war. They expropriated

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My intellectual property - due in royalties many billions,

I helped built CIS and defend it, and I write about that.

I am also not one of them, or their posterity, my father,

A noble Georgian, killed in Second World War, in 1943,

My mother of Iberian Jewish extraction hereditary tree,

Didn't please mentioned races and their reptile's leather.

Lena Kovadlo (author) from Staten Island, NY on July 07, 2013:

Thank you David for your comments. I had no idea about what you mentioned.

David Lester Young from Somewhere in America presently Austin TX on July 06, 2013:

Another thing was that America was under Royal Charters that ruled the colonies, and we broke free of those shackles. Unfortunately we are incorporating them back into Government.

Joseph Beridze (changed too, against my will in 1947) from Los Angeles on April 23, 2013:

Thank you.

Maybe the answer is in a hub about George Washinton and illuminate...

Lena Kovadlo (author) from Staten Island, NY on April 23, 2013:

I wish I could answer your question but I don't know the answer to it unfortunately.

Joseph Beridze (changed too, against my will in 1947) from Los Angeles on April 23, 2013:

Sorry, Mrs. Lena, I had to be short in my comment.

If my mother became naturalized Citizen and I was legal resident,

Were we included into "us" and "our posterity", or only USA elite and

ruling race? If we were, why had we be tortured, plagiarized and killed?

Lena Kovadlo (author) from Staten Island, NY on April 23, 2013:

Joseph Beridze - I don't understand your question...

Joseph Beridze (changed too, against my will in 1947) from Los Angeles on April 22, 2013:

I have a question - strait:

What "for us and our posterity" meant?

In 1947, Russia, Britain and USA did outweigh

Law Of God - plagiarize my property and bait,

Each-other's red-grey elite - "us" and "our"?

Since I have no life the last 33 years in USA.

"Our" killed my mother. Plagiarize for "us"?

rauffray from BC, Canada on October 04, 2012:

I think this is most apt and timely considering what is happening in your country and throughout the world. I sometimes wonder how many of those "in power" actually know why they are there. Thank you, Lena.

Nathan Bernardo from California, United States of America on October 03, 2012:

Very good examination of the Declaration of Independence, one of the most beautiful documents ever conceived.

Thomas Byers from East Coast , United States on October 03, 2012:

As a veteran it means a lot to me. I have many friends and family members who have died for America. I have been to Philadelphia and saw it there and the liberty bell. It really is something else. Standing there it gave me cold chills. Thanks for a great Hub I really enjoyed.

carol stanley from Arizona on October 03, 2012:

Interesting to read especially since the election is upon us. Great and interesting hub.

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