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Unemploy All Incumbents

Absolutism = Tyranny


Unemploy All Incumbents

No one speaks of it but we have been subjected to an absolutism state in the United States for the last 30 years. Democracy is dead when absolutism exists. It is irrefutable that all fo the power and wealth of this country is in Washington DC which in of itself is the definition of absolutism. And yet, DC still insists on keeping all the wealth and power within the beltway. Well of all the wealth and power is centralized inside the beltway the best thing we can do outside the beltway is remove all those who have abused their powers in the name of our service from wealth and power.

Perhaps there is no better message to send to Washington DC that there is real change on the horizon then to kick out all of the incumbents. I can’t think of a year when it would be better to throw all the bums out of DC then this year. Four years ago I was much better off then I am today. No one has a crystal ball and no one can promise me the next president will be any better then the last. As a matter of fact they just seem to get worse.

When I speak to my Democratic friends they dislike Romney. I am okay with that they do not have to like him but when I ask them are they prepared for four more years of Barack Obama, who has disappointed them greatly, the answer is, “No.”. And it is weird for me to see Democrats who are so stead fast in their support for Democratic candidates say they can’t support Barack Obama.

And my Republican counter parts are the same way about Romney. They are not wild about Romney but when confronted with Romney or four more years of Obama, they choose Romney. Perhaps because Obama hasn’t made an effort with the Republicans but instead fought them as hard as he could to appease his base. I think historians will look back at that as a tactical error. The only thing Obama could have done to assure his re-election was to cross over and become that uniter he claimed to be upon first entering office.

While Romney has not had much of a battle on hands and he hasn’t been out shaking hands either. I haven’t met either candidate. Of course I wouldn’t pay to meet them and that is always a requirement. Somehow I think they have lost their way in DC. We pay to see them? We already pay them why would I pay to meet them? They don’t have answers to the hard issues our country faces. If they did they wouldn’t be politicians.

The truth is Obama in all probability will be re-elected but he will lose his Congress entirely. I don’t think anyone in DC should be allowed to remain as they have not proven to have the peoples best interest at heart. I would fire everyone from the top to the bottom and send them all home. I think everyone in DC forgets what it is to struggle and to be a real human being. They live so well off the money provided by the states that they forget until it is over.

And there is another problem. Who do you replace them with? Congress has politicians stove piped in so if you fire one you have another criminal waiting in the wings to rip the people off. I think we need to start looking outside the parties and outside of DC. DC suffers severely from nepotism. There should be a law that if you have one family member serving in public office that no one in that family can ever serve again. And we need people who really represent the people not the corporate interests. Or we need a much softer society in which no one cares. Because let’s face it if DC was doing its job and providing the leadership we needed for the last 30 years we wouldn’t care what they were doing. Good government is one which fears the people and the people do not have to fear.

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I don’t know who said it but a coward dies a thousand deaths and a hero but one. If you read my work you know I am not afraid of our government. And the day I arrive in DC will be the day there will be true change because I understand public servants are suppose to be serving and not fear mongering while they rip the country off for ever single last penny. It would do you well to remind Congress and everyone running for election this year the same.

Definition of Absolutism

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JT Walters (author) from Florida on June 30, 2012:

Yes, we have big problems in our government. Thanks for reading and commenting.


Elijahokelley on June 30, 2012:

You make a great point in questioning if the replacements for incumbents will be any better. I personally think they very rarely will be any better than their predecessors and that the problem far exceeds nepotism.

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