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The story of Ndapewah.

Hertha is a caring young woman that writes on anything including issues that are currently part taking in our societies.

The story of Ndapewah.

Ndapewah is a twelve year old girl that lives in Onyandi Village, in the northern parts of Namibia. She is as tall as the network pole of Oshakati. Her hips are as wide as oshana as, her skin is as dark evening blue sky and her hair is as thick as the Amazon forest.

Furthermore, Ndapewah lives with her mother, father and six other siblings. In addition, her mother owns a shebeen in the village. She sells various types of Oshiwambo brews such as tombo, epwaka and oshikundu , she also sells fried fish which she catches herself from the nearby river and baskets she has weaved herself. On the other hand, Ndapewahs father is a taxi driver. Early morning he drives his old Toyata bakkie to Outapi and transports people to their respective destinations. Take note that he even goes as far as Oshakati.

Moreover, Ndapewah attends school at Onyandi Primary School. She is a very brilliant, sharp and observant learner, always eager to learn. Every morning Ndapewah has to wake up at 4AM in order for her to be able to prepare breakfast and lunch for her younger siblings because her mother is busy frying her fish for her customers and she is at the cuca shop all day henceforth, no one can prepare for the children food to eat during the day.

As Ndapewah walks to school she sees alot of things happening on all corners of her village. Firstly, she sees Tate Silas and Me Rauha running around the house fence. Me Rauha screams with fear from her husband as he has a stick in his hand. Eventually, she gives in and Tate Silas gives Me Rauha her first beating of the day. Secondly, Ndapewah sees Me Ndamona on her way home from the shebeens drunk. Me Ndamona speaks to herself about how tired she is of her economic state. Thirdly, Ndapewah sees a group of young boys aged sixteen to twenty-three. The boys are busy fixing the house fence and they discuss their plans for the day. Then lastly, she sees a group of young teenage girls behind a building a few miles from school busy shortening their school skirts and applying make up while discussing something that had happened to Maria yesterday.

Ndapewah finally arrives at school after a five km walk and thank goodness she finally memorized her multiplication timetable just in time for the math quizz. Mr. Amupanda is Ndapewahs mathematics teacher. He drives a blue Mercedes Benz and wears black sunglasses. Meanwhile, Letukwafa, Ndapewahs best friend, tells Ndapewah how big and luxurious Mr. Amupanda house is. Moving on, Mr. Amupanda offers Ndapewah a ride back home and as usual Ndapewah refuses and starts her walk back home. She plays around the ways with stones and sticks just to kill time because she is not ready to see which woman her father has brought home for an afternoon dessert.

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On her way back home Ndapewah first sees Me Velma yelling at her husband Tate Shivute. She yells, " You are a useless husband, you don't but me what I want. How I wished I married Shipaka instead. You are a disgrace to manhood". Secondly, she sees Kuku Selina taking care of her three grandchildren including a two year old grandchild. Ndapewah waves at Kuku Selina and smiles warmly. Thirdly, she sees pregnant Nailoke, a fifteen year old school drop out on her way from the clinic. Nailoke asks Ndapewah if she still has any water or Oshikundu in her school water container. Finally, Ndapewah sees a group of boys sitting around a table packed with alcohol. They call unto Ndapewah to have a taste, Ndapewah doesn't pay attention to them she instead speeds up in fear as she has heard what happened to Maria yesterday.

Nevertheless, Ndapewah continues to kick stones and sings her song;

I am a beautiful and strong girl with big dreams.

Big dreams, Big dreams, big dreams.

Ndapewahs bedroom.

Ndapewahs bedroom.

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