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Major Reasons Why You Should Say No to Drug Abuse

Adekunle Akinmade is a counsellor with strategies and counselling techniques for the rehabilitation of drug addicts in Nigeria.

You Need To Read This Article To Save Yourself & Your Loved Ones From This Killer Of Destiny!!!


Why Is Drug Abuse The Killer Of Good Health And Destiny?

Drug abuse remains a worldwide menace that plague our society, especially our youths.

A nation whose youths are crippled is

at a high risk of poor progress and development, because our youths are the leaders of tomorrow.

Drug abuse is a disorder that is characterized by a destructive way of using one or more substances, leading to significant problems.

Several people have lost their lives, children, parents, and even freedom to drug abuse. Some are serving terms in jail as s result of this social menace.

It is very rare to see a drug abuser become a responsible citizen of a nation; such people who indulge in this habit are also likely to be involved in other acts like rape, robbery, kidnapping, prostitution, violent activities, ritualism etc

A drug abuser is not only a danger to those around him/her but also a danger to himself/herself. Many have lost their lives in road traffic accident and domestic accidents while under the influence of a drug.

Many are currently at various psychiatric facilities receiving help or treatment as a result of drug abuse.

It is therefore not an issues to be taken lightly for it is a trend that will continue unless people rise together to address it thoroughly and educate our youths on the dangers affiliated with such deadly habit.

Billions of dollars are spent internationally preventing drug abuse, treating addicts and fighting drug related crimes.

Different stories of untimely death, brain - malfunction and family seperation as a result of drug addiction have been heard in our society.

Avoid Being A Victim Of Drug Abuse Effects.


Marijuana, Cocaine, & Heroine.

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Effects Of Drug Abuse On Babies, Adolescents, Adults And Parents..

Babies exposed to such drugs in the womb may be born premature and underweight. The exposure can slow the child's intellectual development and affect their behaviour later in life making them a burden to the society.

Adolescents who abuse drug often act out, do poorly academically, drop out of school and are at risk of infectious diseases, violence and unplanned pregnancies.

Adults who abuse drug often have problems thinking clearly, remembering and paying attention, they often develop poor social behaviours and poor personal/work place relationships.

Parents who abuse drug often have chaotic, stress - filled homes, and tend to cause neglect and child abuse of those depending on them.

Specific Effects Of Drug Abuse.

1• Alcohol: This is one of most commonly abused substances because of its ready availability. It causes intoxication when consumed in excess with the following effects:

Euphoria, Relaxation, Affected people tend to become talkative and less inhibited. Increase risk of fatal accident. Sudden withdrawal can cause anxiety, autonomic dysfunction, seizures and hallucinations.

2• Nicotine: When tobacco is smoked, nicotine is absorbed by the lungs and quickly moved into the blood stream (within a short time) Where it is circulated throughout the brain, resulting in the following effects:

Nicotine initially causes rapid release of adrenaline, the "fight- or - flight" hormone, causing rapid heartbeat, increase blood pressure and rapid shallow breathing.

It increases the risk of heart attack, lung cancer and cancer of the throat. Tobacco causes chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) which damages airways and causes them to narrow, making it harder for air to pass in and out of the lungs.

3• Anabolic steroids: Commonly abused by body builders and other athletes because steroids tend to enhance muscle development, increase blood flow to tissue and increase one's tolerance for pain and activities. This group of drugs can lead to terrible psychological effects and cause permanent damage.

When taking indiscriminately or over a long time result in reduced growth (stunted growth short stature for those still growing, reduce fertility, chest pains, cancerous growth) etc.

4• Cannabis Scientific name "Cannabis Sativa" the major Psycho - active ingredient is Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). It is commonly called Marijuana or Indian Hemp. It is usually smoked or prepared with meals.

It effects include: Panic attacks, damage to lung, heart and brain tissues, illusion, delusion and depression, long term use could result in infertility etc

5• Cocaine: A drug that tend to stimulate the nervous system. It can be snorted in powder form, smoked, when in the form of rocks ("crack" cocaine) or injected when made into liquid.

This is known worldwide as "a hard drug/ drug of addiction". It acts as a stimulant, affecting almost every part of the body. It's effects include: increase alertness, riseintenaperature, increase heart rate, increase respiratory, feeling of competence, irrational behaviour, anxiety, parannia, Euphoria etc

In pregnancy it causes miscarriage, preterm labour, congenital anomalies, mental retardation of the child. In severe cases, it could result in restlessness, Tremors, convulsions and death.

6• Caffeine: When consumed in excess can be habit forming. It is often present in coffee, tea, carbonated drinks like coca cola etc.produce palpitations (an awareness of one's heart beating), insomnia (lack of sleep), tremors and significant anxiety.

7• Opiates: Example is Heroine, a salt - like crystalline powder. The lethality is often the result of the abuses having to use increasingly higher amount to achieve the same level of intoxication, ultimately to the point that the dose needed to get high is the same as the dose that is lethal for that individual by halting the person's respiration (respiratory arrest),

8• Hallucinogens: E.g LSD (Lysergic Acid Diethylamide) and mescaline as well as so called naturally occurring hallucinogens like certain mushrooms.

These can trigger delusional and othe psychotic phenomena long after cessation of use. It alters the user's perceptions and can result in dangerous behaviours like jumping out of a window because the individual thinks he/she can fly etc

Psychological Effect Of Drug Abuse.


General Effects Of Drug Abuse

1• Behavioural Effects: A drug abuser usually isolated and involved with strange people who are dealers or friends with similar habit.

2• Social Effects:

3• Psychological Effects: Most of the drugs produce similar psychological effects, which on the long run lead to damages, such as Depression, Anxiety Disorders, Nervous Breakdown, Lack of Sleep Tremors/Fear, Euphoria, Delusions etc.

4• Medical Effects: This occurs when drug are used at a high dose or for a prolonged period of time. Various systems of the body can be affected. Such effects are

(a)• HIV,Hepatitis and other infectious diseases.

(b)• Cancer: Drugs that may cause cancer include Nicotine (substance found in cigarettes) and steroids.

(c)• Cardiovascular effects such as abnormal heart rhythm, heart attack, bacteria infections of the blood vessels and heart valves etc.

(d)• Respiratory effects: Use of some drugs can worsen asthma symptoms, cause respiratory tract inflictions, cancer etc.

(e)• Gastrointestinal effects: Nausea, vomitting, abdominal pain, loss of appetite etc.

(f)• Prenatal effects: These are the effects on the unborn child when a pregnant woman indulge in such habits. They include miscarriage, preterm delivery, low birth weight and a variety of behavioural and captive problems.

Adverse Effects Of Drug Abuse.


What Is The Difference Between Drug And Drug Abuse?

Drug: is a substance we use in the prevention, cure or alleviation of disease or pain i.e the medicine we take when sick.

A more comprehensive definition states that drug is a chemical substances which when taken in its natural or synthetic form, affects the individual by altering mood or behaviour.

Abuse: Simply means misuse or Excessive use but in the context of drug - it is the misuse of legal or illegal substance with the intent of altering the user's feelings, behaviour or perception.

Drug Abuse can also be an excessive or improper use of drugs especially through self - administration for non - medical purposes.

It can also be defined as a patterned used of a drug in which the user consumes the drug or substance in accounts or with methods neither approved not supervised by medical professionals.

The Difference Between Drug Tolerance, Drug Dependence And Addiction.

Drug Tolerance: This is body's ability to increasingly withstand the effects of a substance being used, thereby requiring larger quantities of such substance in order to bring about the desired result. In other words, the compulsive and repetitive use of a substance result in tolerance to the effects of the drug and certain symptoms arise when use is reduced or stopped.

Drug Dependence: This is a physical or psychologic state in which a person displays certain symptoms. If the drug use is halted suddenly, the individual becomes observed with the drugs and has the compulsion to take it at all cost.

People who are drug dependent tend to neglect families, friends, their job and even their personal needs. Such people tend to become malnourished and look unkempt because they spend all their time and income on the drug.

Addiction: This is a psychological compulsion to use a drug despite harm that often persists long after all physical withdrawal symptoms have abated.

In other words, people addicted to drugs depend on them to feel normal and also to avoid the horror of withdrawal symptoms.


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