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Ukraine War and New World Order

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Ukraine War and George Soros

Ukraine War and George Soros

Ukraine War and George Soros

Democratic Change and Orange Revolution

Who is to Blame for Ukraine War

We need to understand the Concept of Democratic Change, it is really mean Regime Change. Changing a regime which suits to the west's narratives, which protect west's interest is called Democratic Change.

America and Europe love every regime which protects their interests and talk their narratives. They may be dictator, military rulers or Kings. Everyone is welcome if he supports west narratives.

France Overthrew Democratically Elected Government in Algeria.

West and their allies overthrew Democratically elected government in Egypt and Tunisia. There are many such examples. Latest one is Pakistan. These Regime change is Facilitated to Protect Interest of Western Powers and Their Allies.

It was all Started in 2004, called Orange Revolution. The Pro Russian Prime Minister was removed by mass protest. This protest is core to the problem.

Mr. George Soros is main financier. He spent Billions every year in the name of democratic change. He is not only one, but there are many Organization in US and Europe, spending billions. Human Rights Protections, Regime Change, everything is very selective. It is all about Suitable Narrative of Western Powers.

West Forget the Violations happens in Israel, India and countries supported by west. West is hypocrite and selective.

Rouble is New World Currency

Ruble is Winning

Ruble is Winning

Rouble is Winning

As soon as war Started, Europe and US started imposing sanction. These sanctions supposed to destroy Russian Economy and Rouble. These sanctions are imposed expecting under weight of sanctions Russian economy will collapse.

Today Rouble is stronger and better. How that happened.

  • Russia immediately closed stock market.
  • Withdrawal of dollar is not allowed.
  • Sale of Assets and repatriation of Dollars completely banned.

These are first few steps which helped Russia to stay strong.

Then come Oil and Gas Sanctions. Russia is biggest exporter of Natural Gas and Biggest Exporter of Oil ( Non OPEC), Russian economy is driven by Oil and Gas. Europe is highly dependent on Russian Gas. When sanctions imposed, Russia put new conditions, and asked Buyers to pay in Ruble.

Europe which is highly dependent on Russian Gas, has to accept terms and started paying in Rubble.

Russia signed bilateral agreement for Trade in Rubles, this has changed many things. The Trade in Ruble has increased many fold. The Ruble got strong and Russia dominates the economic field.

The change is currency will define the New World Order.

New World Order

New Economic Order of the World

New Economic Order of the World

New Economic Order of the World

Dollar as Reserve Currency and Preferred Currency of Trade

Dollar's status as Reserve is changing. This will change many things. After long time we are witnessing Multi-currency, Multi-polar world.

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Multi-Currency / Multi-Polar New World Order

China has Signed Bilateral agreements with more than 38 countries to Trade in Yuan. Recently Pakistan signed agreement to trade in Yuan. (Renminbi). China has many more contracts for Trade in Local Currency. China is world's second biggest economy.

Russia is selling Oil is Ruble (Rouble) and it has signed contract with China, India and many other countries for bilateral trade in Local Currencies. China and Russia is changing the Trade is done, at-least 30% of G-20 countries has direct bilateral contract with China and Russia for trade in Local Currencies.

Saudi Arabia, biggest exporter of Oil has agreed with China for Bilateral agreement in Local Currency.

This has reduced demand for Dollar dollar.

Over next few years, another 5 years, the Status of Dollar as only reserve currency is going to End.

Europe is buying Iranian Oil and Gas in Euro. European countries also buying, Russian Gas and other products in Euro. There is substantial trade among Europe and China, Russia and other Countries which is in Euro. So Euro is already one of Global Currency, representing Developed World.

Presently World has Three Currencies


#Yuan (Renminbi) + #Rouble


Over the period of Time Dollar will not be only Reserve Currency. It will have many positive impact . The Currencies will remain stable and there will be less chances of collapse.

This is going long way in changing Global Economic Order.

Currency is most important Weapon used by USA against its enemies.

Ukraine War is changing many things, One of that is Domination of Dollar as reserve currency.

New World Order

New World Order

New World Order

New World Order

The World Order is Defined by Three Things

  • Money Power/Economy
  • Technology
  • Military

Economy/Money Power -

China is world's second biggest economy. China will overtake America by 2028, may be 2030. But definitely within a decade China will be biggest economy.

Russia is world's biggest Producer of Gas and Second biggest Exporter of Oil and Gas. Russian Economy is driven by Oil &Gas, Minerals and Grains. Russia is world's biggest export driven economy. It has developed itself into very strong economy with technical expertise and Money to build it.

When we look at Global Scenario, China+Russia+CIS Countries and Africa+Eastern Europe, all of them remain in Chines Russian Camp.

Pakistan, Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia are definitely close to China than US. This all make one thing very clear, Russia and China are Stronger than US thinks and will be biggest power soon.


America is Trying to stop Chinese Firms from growing. America is Pressurizing its partners to stop Chinese firms. China is world's biggest Technology Driver. 5G is it China's huge achievement. Chinese companies are leader in Mobile Technology. They are world's biggest Manufacturer. China is world's Manufacturing Hub. China produces everything.

China's another big achievement is Bullet Train. China has built huge Bullet Train Network. It is production Hub for Oil Tankers, Container Ships and Engineering Goods. China is Producing Everything.

The other competitor to China in Technology are Japan, Germany and South Korea. They are leader in innovation and new technologies. But definitely China has become world leader.

Airplane is only area where Europe and America are leaders. They compete with each other. It is only matter of Time, China will overtake US and Europe.

America is leader in Pharmaceuticals, and Many other Technologies, but China is competing with Europe and America is every sphere of Technology.


Russia is strong in Military Technology. Nuclear Technology Power, with strong Ballistic Missile Technology. Russia always strong.

It has strong Ground Force along with Technology for Ground Force. Russia has all types of equipment and is second biggest exporter of Military Equipment and Technology.

China is fast picking up in developing Military. China has world's biggest Ground Force. It has built its own technology. It is building its Naval Force with Aircraft Carrier, Submarines, Frigates and Missiles. China is dominant force in the see.

China and Russia together is bigger than NATO. Much Much Bigger than NATO.

Even though NATO and US has everything except the will to Fight. The loss of NATO in Afghanistan and its withdrawal destroyed morals of NATO Forces.

Russia has strong Allies in Iran Hizbullah and Iraq, Venezuela, Cuba. Russia has trusted partners all over the world. This is biggest strength of Russia. They are ready to send forces to fight with Russia.

This is new world order.

The world will be see major changes to flow of Trade and Money.

Europe is Losing

Europe is Aging

Europe is Aging

Cyber Security

Cyber Security

Europe is no Match

Europe is Losing

  • Aging - Europe is old, most of the European countries are facing population contraction. Europe is divided and slow.
  • UK - Second biggest economy of Europe is no more member of European Union. UK economy is facing Turbulent time. It is slowing and can go into recession. UK has another problem Brexit agreement.
  • Europe has not invested Enough in Innovation and Technology. In last two decades Europe has not produced any major Technology Giants. The Old Companies are Facing Challenges.
  • Europe's Startup and Innovation Ecosystem is dead, or not doing enough. This is single biggest reason. Europe must allow talents to come.
  • Europe is highly dependent upon Russian Gas, it will take time to replace. This will bring slow down in Europe.

Russia is Winning

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Europe is Aging

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