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Ukraine Under Fire

Vladimir Putin is a cold heart dictator, who doesn't care about taking the lives of innocent children. Who would he react if this was his


Ukraine's are fight for their country

President Volodymyr Zelensky gave a powerful speech by video chat appealing to members of Congress for a no-fly zone and more aid. He thanked President Joe Biden for standing behind Ukraine but said more needs to be done. Zelensky said it was not too much to ask for a no-fly zone.

He wanted Biden to impose stiffer sanctions on Russia. Zelensky said the United States understood making refers to the bombing of Pearl Harbor and the terrorism of the New York Trade Center. He used the words of Martin Luther King about Ukraine having a dream. After the speech, he showed a graphic video showing the destruction of Ukraine. President Zelensky says other nations are not doing enough. After some members of Congress saw the video, some members broke down in tears, after they saw the destruction of Ukraine.

President Volodymyr Zelensky and Ukrainings are is refusing to give up their country to Russia without a fight, they are willing to die for their country. Vladimir Putin Unleashed his soldiers against Ukrainians, leaving a blooded massacre

After the Video shown by President Vodolymyr made his plea for help President Joe Biden. Two hours after the speech of Volodymyr, President Biden signed an emergency package for Ukraine. The package includes 100 drones,anti-armor, machine guns, shotguns, grenades launchers, and ammunition artillery. If Nato enforces a no-fly zone over Ukraine and shoots down a Russian plane, they would consider that as an act of war.

The United States is doing everything it can except to enforce a no-fly zone over Ukraine, which could start a war between the United States and Russia. If Vladimir Putin is not stopped by President Volodymyr in Ukraine, he will not stop, he will go after Europe. Putin is trying to rebuild the Soviet Union because he believes Eastern Europe belongs to Russia.

Vladimir Putin thought his forces would take over Ukraine, with Ukrainians surrendering and not fighting back. Ukrainian was stronger than he anticipated. Putin is sociopathy who needs to be stopped, sanctions have not worked against him. Vladimir Putin is a world threat. Putin has ignored every sanction that the United States and other countries hs brought before him, believing that nothing or nothing or no one can stop him. Who will stop Vladimir Putin from him?

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