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USA Whistletblower Edward Snowden Has Been Given Russian Citizenship By Putin

President Vladimir Putin on Monday granted Russian citizenship to former U.S. intelligence contractor Edward Snowden, nine years after his exile on Russian soil due to his involvement in exposing the secret surveillance operations by the National Security Agency (NSA).

Edward Snowden fled the United States and was given asylum in Russia after leaking secret files in 2013 that revealed a huge amount of domestic and international surveillance operations carried out by the NSA, where he worked as a contractor.

The United state of America has been tracking him for years about possible extradition back home from Russia to face criminal trials on espionage charges

Snowden's name appeared without Kremlin comment in a Putin decree conferring citizenship on 72 foreign-born individuals.

Snowden, later on, issued a message saying he wanted his family to remain together and asking for privacy.

"After two years of waiting and nearly ten years of exile, a little stability will make a difference for my family. I pray for privacy for them - and us all." Edward Snowden comment

Snowden 2020 had earlier said in a tweet that he and his family were applying for dual U.S.-Russian citizenship.

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In 2020, he was granted permanent residency by the government of Russia.

There was speculation that Russia is trying to recruit Edward snowmen into her military.

This speculation was challenged by Mr Anatoliy Kucherena, Snowden's lawyer on Monday quoted by Russian state-run news agencies as saying that his client has never served in the Russian army, and therefore would not be called up as part of a partial mobilisation announced by President Putin last week.

The Russian authorities say they want to enlist 300,000 army reservists to fight in Ukraine, despite many of public opposing the such move.

Reports in opposition Russian media outlets suggest that up to one million people could be called up.

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