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US 'on brink of war' with China-Russia: Kissinger.


Former US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger commented that the United States is currently on the "brink of war" with Russia over the Ukraine issue and China over the Taiwan issue. The Russian news agency Tas said in a report on Sunday (August 14) that he made this comment in an interview given to the Wall Street Journal recently.

"You can't say now that we can separate them (Russia-China)," the former US secretary of state added, noting that Washington's move away from traditional diplomacy and the lack of a "competent" leader is raising fears of war. All you can do is find alternatives without escalating the tension.'

Kissinger said, 'We (the United States) are on the brink of war with Russia and China. We created this situation in part without having any idea how the war would end or in which direction it would go.'

Meanwhile, Beijing has announced the suspension of 8 agreements with the United States, including a cooperative anti-narcotics campaign, due to the visit of US House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi to Taiwan.

Confirming this in a statement, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi said that Washington-Beijing diplomatic relations are deteriorating because of the United States. In addition, international analysts fear that Pelosi's visit to Taipei could lead to a "catastrophe" for the Taiwanese people.

The Chinese foreign minister said, "Despite the strict ban, the US speaker's visit to Taiwan proves that the relationship between the US and China has deteriorated badly."

Countermeasures will continue from our side. China withdrew from the mutual agreement of the anti-narcotics operation. Everyone should know that China is far ahead in preventing the spread of drugs. So Washington will be in danger.

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