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US-Elections- a Pattern of Fluke?

I work as a research assistant at Center for Social and Political Research. I have obtained my Masters in Political Studies.

Competing for the third time in the race for US presidential elections since 1988, former vice president Joe Biden seems to be getting heftier in national polls with every passing day in comparison to his ostensibly flair democrat and current president Donald Trump. Until February and even March 2020, it seemed that the era of Trump would not be going to clinkers anytime soon. But Joe Biden has become a very strong presidential candidate in the post Corona world. It seems that it has more to do with the creation of a vaccine than the experience of the Democratic nominee that would make him victorious

Polls, popularity, advertisement: headache for Trump

As of September 14, 2020 the national polls show Donald Trump way behind of Joe Biden standing at a 43% to 51% respectively. Apart from the popularity depletion, Donald Trump is facing another climacteric for his election campaign which is a huge drop in donations for the advertising campaigns. The republican officials are getting constant troubling calls from activists and donors, complaining about continuous Biden ads in their areas with extremely few paid Trump responses. According to a democratic firm, between August 10 and September 7, Biden’s campaign spent about $90 million on television ads – more than four times by the Trump campaign. Mike Bloomberg also announced his support to Joe Biden by committing $100 million to his campaign. This low Trump advertisement and a brawny democratic advertisement are giving a meaning of Trump surrendering to the Biden.


Kamala Harris rubbing salt on Trump's wounds.

Recently announcing Kamala Harris as his vice president nominee, more muscle has been added to Joe Biden’s presidential campaign. Kamala Harris brings ethnic diversity and steadiness for the 2020 elections which are two of the most required traits this year because there is a rage among the African Americans after the heinous murder of George Floyd. They are demanding someone from their own community to represent them and who’s better than Kamala to be representing the African as well as the Asian community at the same time while republicans have a potential lack of this ethnic diversity in the upcoming elections.

Following a sudden surge in popularity around March 2020, Biden’s democratic nominees started dropping out of the race one by one which led him to be an extremely strong democratic nominee. Loosing badly in the South Carolina primaries, the former South bend Indiana mayor Pete Buttigieg dropped out of the presidential race on March 1, 2020. After Pete, the Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren also dropped out of the presidential contest following a disappointing primary on Super Tuesday in March 2020. And finally the Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders also withdrew from the presidential competition in April 2020 leaving Biden as the most likable democratic presidential nominee for the 2020 elections.


COVID-19 and deteriorating economy. Trump can't do anything.

Until March 2020, the 77 year old who was being questioned as a presidential nominee by his own party’s critiques has now become an immense threat to Donald Trump. The most uplifting reason for his constantly growing popularity is unquestionably the American desire for a new face with fresh policies and programs to tackle the Corona virus as well as to bolster the deteriorating US economy. Americans have started to feel that there could be no better option than someone with a calm, reassuring and experienced profile and that is downright the democratic nominee; Joe Biden.

US Presidents: A timeline of skills or moody pickers?

Despite all these strengths that Biden has attained this year there are a lot of examples where victory became the fate of not the skilled but the one who was right for the moment. Like Barack Obama might have been the greatest political talent in US history but not many people realized that he was right on time when Americans were fed up of two long wars and desired a new face.

Then, Eight years of a Black president end with a steady diet of race-baiting from media and the widespread feeling that Republican leaders were feckless and weak created the opening for Trump to barge through. And now, when the democratic nominee Joe Biden seems to have a lot of skill and strengths on his side, the question arises whether it is his experience and talent or is it just the matter of time and the requirement of the moment in the Corona world which would help him to sweep off the presidency? We will have to leave that to November the third, 2020.

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MuhammedUmer787 on September 25, 2020:

The 2-party, 2-candidate political system of America leaves a gaping hole which engulfs a large proportion of Americans not wanting to vote because of the limited choice in candidates which often end up being paradoxically very similar to each other. On the one hand, there’s Trump, an extremely polarising figure with open racism, sexism and all the other forms of discrimination you can imagine but Biden is more of the same but his traits are quite subtle; there are incidences of sexism swept under the carpet, he clearly lacks a racial understanding of what is and has happened in the country and he like other republicans has also been pro-war under the Obama era. The choice on November 3rd is really between that of a proud and open bigot and a hidden bigot.

Mariam Zameer on September 25, 2020:

Joe Biden has unquestionably gained popularity among the American public over the past few months but his only strength is either being the former VP to Barack Obama and a possibility that he can provide America with a vaccine. Donald Trump, on the other hand, has remarkably served America in the past four years as President and he has represented the True spirit of USA in his regime

MuhammedUmer787 on September 25, 2020:

excellent writing, very thought provoking

abdullah on September 24, 2020:

Proefficiently written

Eliza Nur on September 24, 2020:

brilliantly written !!!Thumbs up for the writer

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