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US Congressman Urges Biden to Reject Appointment of 'Jihadist' as Pakistan Envoy and How Biden's New Justice Will Impact

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US Congressman Urges Biden to Reject Appointment of 'Jihadist' As Pakistan Envoy

A US Congressman has questioned the nomination of Masood Khan as Pakistan's envoy to the United States. The nomination was sent by the Pakistan Foreign Office in November last year. However, the US deliberately delayed its approval of the appointment of the Pakistani ambassador-designate. In a letter to US President Joe Biden, Congressman Scott Perry explained that the appointment of a 'Jihadist' undermines US interests in the region.

Perry said the appointment of Khan is "a serious concern." He pointed out that Khan has a history of smearing Israel and blaming the US for the failure to impose sanctions against the leader of Hizbul Mujahideen. He also pointed out that Khan has a history of supporting terrorism and has aided Jamaat-e-Islami, a jihadi group that participated in the genocide of the Afghan people in the 1970s. 'Terrorist Sympathiser,' he wrote.

A former US congressman called Abdullah Khan a 'Terrorist Sympathiser,' praising terrorists and foreign jihadist organisations. He also praised the suicide bomber Burhan Wani, the commander of Hizbul Mujahideen, who was shot by Indian forces last year. As a result of this controversy, Khan was named Pakistan's envoy. The appointment has been suspended.

Perry's criticism is based on his 'Jihadist' comments about Khan. He commended terrorists and foreign terrorist organizations in his remarks and encouraged young men to emulate him. The US Congressman then asked Biden to reject the appointment of the 'Jihadist' as Pakistan's envoy.

'Terrorist Sympathiser: As a 'Terrorist Sympathiser,' Fazlur Rehman Khaleel is a member of the Friends of Kashmir, a group which openly identifies itself with jihadist causes. He was recently arrested by the Indian police for her ties to Lashkar-e-Taiba, and subsequently released from custody.

'Terrorist Sympathiser: Appointment of 'Terrorist' in Pakistan's Foreign Ministry is 'a violation of our international obligations and priorities'. 'Terrorist sympathiser': The US Congressman is urging Biden to reject the appointment of 'Terrorist" as Pak Envoy to the US.

US Congressman Urges Biden to Dismiss 'Terrorist Sympathisers' as Pak Envoy’ and 'Terrorist Friend' by Pakistan's 'Terrorists' 'Terrorist Sympathiser and 'Terrorist'

US Congressman Urges Biden to Disapprove appointment of 'Jihadist' as Pakistan's Envoy to US: The Pakistani Embassy has denied the resignation of 'Terrorist Sympathisers'. In a statement issued last week, the Foreign Ministry had apologised for its decision and 'Terrorist sympathizer' as the US's ambassador.

The US Congressman has questioned the appointment of 'Terrorist' Masood Khan as Pakistan's envoy to US. In a letter, Perry argues that the Pakistani ambassador should not be appointed to the position because he supports 'Jihadist' groups.

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'Terrorist Sympathisers': US Congressman calls on Biden to reject the appointment of 'Terrorist Sympathiser.' The 'Terrorist Sympathiser,' the US Congressman, has a long list of terrorists among his 'friends' in the United States.

'Terrorist Sympathisers': Ayub Khan is a prominent member of Pakistan's Islamist armed forces. While the former U.S. President was an ally of the Pakistani government, Khan was a guest of the Taliban in Afghanistan. Both leaders are known to support extremists.

How Biden's New Justice Will Impact The Supreme Court

Biden's new nominee should be a very serious consideration. His decision may have a lasting impact on the court's conservative slant, but he must also consider the potential implications of a Black woman on the court. Whether he chooses California Supreme Judge Leondra Kruger or D.C. Circuit Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson, the consequences will be felt for years.

Regardless of his judicial temperament, the new justice will be a big deal for the court. As a former attorney at the Department of Justice, Kruger has a stellar track record of interpreting federal law. As a lawyer, he's well-versed in the area of criminal law. However, he's a liberal, which isn't always a good thing for the liberal wing of the court.

A majority of Americans view the Supreme Court as partisan. As such, many voters are opposed to President Biden's plan to nominate a Black woman to fill the vacancy. And the president's aides have said that a Black woman might be a perfect fit for the position. Another bipartisan judge, Derrick Johnson, was nominated by President Obama during his campaign.

While many experts are predicting that the new justice will be a liberal, the new Justice would likely be confirmed by the end of the current term in October. The Supreme Court is preparing to hear the case on university admissions. A conservative justice could simply vote lockstep with a liberal one, but a liberal justice would have no influence on the judicial process. And that means that the new Justice would not change the ideological balance of the court.

The nomination of Ketanji Brown Jackson and Leondra Kruger is a major coup for Democrats. The two women were previously district court judges in Washington. They were both confirmed by the Senate on a 53-44 vote. The new justices will replace the ailing Merrick Garland on the left-leaning appeals court, which was the first to do so. This would make the court even more conservative and weaker than it is right now.

The selection of Leondra Kruger and Ketanji Brown Jackson to the Supreme Court will certainly affect the ideological balance of the court. They both clerked for Justice John Paul Stevens, and they are both African-American women. A black woman would not have the same impact as a White male. A white male would have a different effect on the Supremes. While this new Justice will be the first Black nominee of the Obama administration, her nomination will not have an impact on the judicial slant.

The incoming President will likely choose his new justice in a quick and timely fashion. Breyer's appointment is a huge coup for Democrats, but it could also hurt the Republican Party. A black woman will be nominated by the President. And he has also promised to nominate a Black woman for the Supreme Court. This will be a historic moment for women's rights.

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