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I believe I am capable to write about and give ideas about how to handle this Covid situation, because I, like you, are experiencing .

Photos of life today!

my husband and me wearing our masks faithfully!

my husband and me wearing our masks faithfully!

Gary and me, surviving

The number one item we all should be wearing are our masks. Such a simple thing to do in order to protect ourselves, and/or others. Keep in mind some of those "Others" are your loved ones.

Many people are fighting this subject , saying the whole think is a made up situation. I say , if it is, it hasn't cost me anything (maybe 5 bucks for the mask) and if it isn't, I have done my part to protect the nation.

We know people who have been in hospital or have died from Covid 19, so we know it is not a hoax . It is a real killer.

Masks for the Maskless!

Designer type, attractive mask.

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