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UK on Track for Lifting of Restriction.


Lifting to Go-Ahead, Apparently!

Boris Johnson will conduct a press conference today at 5 pm. The subject, of this conference, will be the lifting of the last restrictions in the so-called 'Road Map'. Boris's 'Road Map' contains four clauses, for the successful and eventual, total lifting of all lockdown restrictions.

Clause 4 of the 'Road Map' was delayed because of a spike in COVID infections. It also gave the public time to get vaccinated. Boris will say at the conference, that he wants to "restore people's freedoms". Boris has set 4 sets for the total and complete easing of restrictions, i e lifting of masking wearing, the easing of the 2-meter distance, etc. These four stipulations are:

1) An effective vaccine programme.

2) Evidence, the vaccine is working.

3) Manageable infection rates.

4) Risk of variants.

The government will announce, by 12 July, whether or not, these tests have been met. Obviously, it can be assumed, that if these tests are met, the so-called 'freedom day' will happen on 19 July. In a sense, we have been out of lockdown for a while. Stores, restaurants, cafes, pubs, etc, have been open for a while now. The public allowed to enter these places, as long as they are COVID-free and observe the COVID safety precautions.

Health Minister, Helen Whately, has confirmed that the UK is "on track" so that the 4th stage, can be enacted. Ms Whately confirmed, there will be an expected rise in infections. Boris meanwhile, has stated that the "pandemic is not over". This despite, the good progression, in vaccination programmes. Mr Johnson, also added, that "we will manage the situation and monitor it".

Ms Whately confirmed that wearing masks, will become a matter of public choice. However, many doctors and medical practitioners, have very real worries about the total abandonment of masks, social distancing, etc. Infections, mainly of the Delta and Delta + variants are spiking, though right now, hospitalisation remains low. It seems to some extent, the vaccination programme of the UK's populace, has broken the virus to some extent. In other words, you will get infected but will produce no symptoms, of course, you will still have to self-isolate and get tested.

Both, Boris and Helen Whately, have stated like the flu virus, people will have to live with COVID. There are rumours, of a possible third possible vaccination programme to be debuted in the autumn/winter. These will be for the over 50's and other vulnerable groups, in the main.

Labour meanwhile, has stated though it backs the final lifting of restrictions, the government must proceed cautiously.

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