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What's Really Going on Here with UFOS?


Recently there was a segment on the 60 Minutes tv show about navy

pilots witnessing UFOs during their routine airborne missions.

This was very provocative not only for its extraordinary subject

matter but also for the fact that a major network was covering the story.

Usually UFO sightings are the territory of fringe media, be it the internet

or cable. Therefore the leaders of our major media seem to think

this is a viable subject matter. The pilots in the 60 minutes segment

claim to have seen aircraft flying at speeds way faster than

any known aircraft have ever flown. Furthermore these pilots have seen these crafts perform aerial moves that no known airplane can perform. So these incredible claims must be confronted and we should try to find some .The explanation could be one of four things. First these incredible

aerial craft could be secret Russian or Chinese technology. A second possibility could be that the sightings are mistaken identity, namely, it isn’t a flying machine we are witnessing but instead a drone, a fallen satellite, an optical illusion,a weather balloon or the

failure of equipment meant to track the skies.

A third possibility is that these airships are secret American technology now brought forth to scare our enemies into not starting a war with us. And finally last but not least this phenomenon could be spaceships from other worlds. There can only be one explanation to this mystery

and we shall now see why this is so.

Enemy Advancement?

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Let’s start with the first possibility.

This states that these amazing aerial phenomenon are the genius of

Chinese or Russian secret Technology. This hypothesis is appealing

at first but eventually logically wrong. While both of these countries

have the wealth and technical advancement to make a breakthrough

as enormous as this, a key point of logic sinks the whole thing.

This point would be the fact that these sightings have been going

on for decades now so if Russia or China had this sort of technology

for so long then why haven’t they used it against us? A fourth grader

could tell you that Russia and China have tyrannical regimes

that wish to reduce or destroy U.S. world power so common sense

would tell us that any breakthrough invention by one of these nations

would then be used to destroy the United States. But this hasn’t

Easy Explanation?

So these fantastical sightings are not of our enemies warships

then how about an explanation less threatening and more mundane.

Isn’t it possible that these things are merely “mistaken identity”

cases. What I mean is that isn’t it possible that these things

are merely drones, fallen satellites, weather balloons or the

product of malfunctioning detection technology? This has

certainly happened before in the world of UFO detection.

While this seems like such a reasonable and probable conclusion,

it also falls short of logical victory. This is because all of these

pilots submitted their eye witness reports of these flying machines

to their commanding officers in the navy. The last thing the navy
wants is to be associated with UFO controversy. So one has to

assume that these commanding officers used all of the

resources at their disposal to prove these sightings to be just average aerial visual phenomena. But they haven’t come out with a mundane

explanation, they have just stayed shockingly silent as their pilots

have gone to the mainstream media and told their story. Their silence

speaks volumes, they are not saying anything since they really

don’t know what it is they are dealing with.

Right under our noses?

So it is safe to say that this strange situation is not mistaken identity or foreign technology but how about these ships being secret American military technology now being finally revealed to scare our enemies into not starting a war with us. This hypothesis seems to make sense.

We did a very good job of hiding the first nuclear bomb until

the day we dropped it on Hiroshima. Could this tactic now be repeating itself with these amazing aircraft. Actually, no. There have been reports of fantastic aircraft since the 1940s so this has been going on for almost eighty years. Why would we create such highly advanced military capability but then never use it. Why didn’t we use it to end the

Cold War sooner or wipe all terrorist groups? I can’t see our

military wasting all that money and lives just to keep an all powerful

weapon secret. Imagine it coming out that our military had all this

great technology but didn’t use it all these years. They would be

castigated as idiotic and immoral for letting all those American

soldiers die. Sure the Soviet Union kept secret their way advanced

tanks in the 1930s but in less than ten years their

super tanks were out in the open on the battlefield

and making Hitler’s army miserable in
World War 2. Likewise America did not wait

very long to bring out its secret nuclear
bomb when Japan needed to be taken out.

Drumroll Please!

So we're left with one possible yet world changing conclusion. Yes, these incredible aircraft are from another world. We have to realize that our universe is infinite with millions and millions of planets that could support intelligent life. Therefore it is entirely reasonable to surmise that we are being visited by other worldly aliens with technology far superior to ours. The big question now remains who are these aliens and what do they want with us?

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