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Harassment in the Arab World

The phenomenon of harassment has spread a lot recently, as it is not limited to girls only, but also affects many children.


Types of harassment

The phenomenon of harassment has spread a lot recently, as it is not limited to girls only, but also affects many children.

They hang the girl’s dress or how she deals in the street with harassment, and that she shows her charms, and this is the hanger on which the harasser comments about her act.

What about children? Are they showing off their charms too, or what? There are many types of harassment, which we will talk about in detail in this article.

The first type:

Verbal harassment:

We see in it that a girl is passing by in the street, and a young man walks behind her and describes her body in obscene words that counteract modesty.

And some others use the method of speaking on the phone, and the harasser uses this method so that his matter is not revealed, so when the girl shouts at him and people gather around him, he absolves himself that he is speaking on the phone.

The second type:

Theoretical harassment:

And we see in it people I do not know what to describe them, so we see them standing in sideways, so that no one can see them from the pedestrians , and when they find any girl in front of them,

they remove his penis for her, or we see in another way a man inside his car, when he sees a girl standing in his car taking out his member The memory of her.

Type III:

Physical harassment:

This type is considered one of the most dangerous types of harassment, because the harasser touches the victim's body without mercy, and the harasser justifies his act, and he comments this act on the girl’s release, and says that the girl’s dress is the reason.

Is confusion the reason? And show the girl to her charms? So why are the veiled and veiled women more harassed than other girls? What about child molestation? Are they showing off their charms too? Or are we society trying to justify the harasser who did it with any words?

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The harasser does not think of anything other than touching the victim's body, he does not look at the clothes, the tooth, or anything.

Justifications for the harasser:

  • That the girl is the reason.
  • And that he cannot marry.
  • Or he is using drugs and does not realize what he is doing.

All of these are false justifications, he is fully aware of what he is doing, and he knows its consequences, but he does so comfortably because he realizes that most girls do not speak in order to avoid scandal. Also, when a report is drawn up, the victim is blackmailed or threatened by the family of the harasser, in order to drop the case.

Or that bystanders who intervene when the girl shouts, trying to escape the harasser, during gatherings of passers-by. All those who defend the harasser are just like him, but are partners with him in his crime by covering him up and defending him.

When does the harasser do it:

The harasser takes advantage of the crowds, for example, harassment is frequently reported on public transport, such as the bus or train.

Or the opportunity to crowd in parks on the occasion of holidays, or in shops and malls, as he sees it as an opportunity to do his thing.

The harasser also finds his chance in empty streets, or in which there are few pedestrians, to take his action.

What about children? The harasser lures his child victim, by saying that he will buy sweets for him, or that his father or mother is waiting for him somewhere.

  • Some parents let their children play in the street, and these people are easy to lure by the harasser. The mother should give advice to her children, that they do not talk to strangers, or they go with anyone, no matter what, even if they are close. Because most child molesters are first or second degree relatives, or even neighbors, there is no safety for anyone now.
  • Street children who have no shelter, who engage in begging, or sell tissues at signs are more likely to be harassed.
  • Mothers must educate their children, and tell them that their body is theirs alone, no one can touch them, or even see their body. It is also studied in schools, and to raise awareness of the seriousness of harassment.

    When does the harassment end:

    Harassment ends when the maximum penalty is imposed on the harasser, so that it is a lesson to others, and no one dares to do so again.

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