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Two Presidents, Two Worlds


Charles Dickens wrote a completely unique, A Tale of Two Cities, about Paris and London against the backdrop of the French Revolution. what's needed now's a writer like him, who will write A Tale of Two Presidents, a story of two presidents. one among them is Donald Trump, who lives in an 'alternative world' created by himself. the opposite is Joe Biden, who is gradually proving himself as a president in stark contrast to Trump. The difference between the 2 is being published in various ways a day. Take last Thursday. The price from corona infection within the US rose to just about 3,000 in 24 hours. About one American dies every 30 seconds. Trump had no worries about this. lecture reporters at the White House, he reiterated that he had won the election. From newspapers to courts his anger towards everyone. He has no confidence even in Attorney General William Barr.

The day before, William Barr had thwarted all conspiracy theories, saying he had found no evidence of fraud that might change the result of the election. Trump has always been angry at the words of the bar. Rumor has it, he could oust William Barr. Asked seriously by reporters, the president said he would get a solution during a few weeks.
There are, of course, good reasons for Trump's seriousness. On Thursday, his lawyers from three courts across the country returned to the pavilion during a failed mood. On an equivalent day, Wisconsin refused to require cognizance of 1 of Trump's lawsuits over the state Supreme Court election results. The court argued that Trump's representatives should hear the lower court's opinion before coming to the Supreme Court.
A court within the state of Arizona dismissed the allegations made by the Republican leadership after questioning. The court alleged that there have been irregularities within the ballot. a complete of 1,626 ballots were re-examined by the court and therefore the number of 'wrong' ballots was found to be only nine. On an equivalent day, the Supreme Court of the state of Pennsylvania literally unanimously rejected the demand to cancel another lawsuit on the question of cancellation of the postal vote.

Biden is preparing to take power

Joe Biden and his newly elected vice-chairman, Kamala Harris, on the opposite hand, spent last Thursday preparing to require power. an idea has been involved to require emergency action on Covid-19. Biden spoke to Anthony Fawcett, the country's chief communicable disease specialist. Biden-Harris also met with advisers about his preparations for the inauguration 47 days later. the 2 also are consulting with different parties and opinions on the formation of a replacement cabinet.

The more Trump rants about fraud, the slower Biden is doing his job. He promised that his cabinet would be an equivalent as America's, meaning that it might have black-and-white people. Of the eight cabinet members he has already announced, five are black and three are white. they need five women and three men. Almost everyone with an extended history of experience, many were former members of President Clinton or members of the Barack Obama administration.
The Trump administration, on the opposite hand, was white, very rich. The participation of girls was also much less. within the words of the American magazine Politico, 7 percent of Trump's cabinet was made from white and rich people like him.

Biden and Harris did another job on Thursday. He made it clear in an interview with CNN how different they're from Trump. within the last nine months, Trump has not only downplayed the coronavirus threat, he has also ridiculed the wearing of masks. He protested his words. He also questioned Fauci's intelligence. Biden said his first task after taking office would be to form it mandatory to wear a mask for the primary 100 days.

Dr. Biden wants to appoint Fawcett as chief adviser to the coronavirus task force, he said. Biden also said he would take the vaccine himself to reassure the people of the country that it's safe.

'Inhabitants of two worlds'

The skyrocketing difference between Trump and Biden is obvious in another case in an interview with CNN. Biden said he would never interfere with the independence of the judiciary. He won't even bother about Trump's trial. "It's not my personal judiciary, it is the people's judiciary," Biden said.

Needless to mention, Trump has tried to use the judiciary as his personal petty force since taking office. those that opposed didn't hesitate to be expelled from power. the top of the FBI fired James Comey simply because Comey didn't seem loyal enough to him. First Attorney General Jeff Sessions was fired for an equivalent reason. The fate of current Attorney General William Barr could also be an equivalent.

How different Trump and Biden are as the citizenry is captured once more during this CNN interview. during a video address Wednesday, Trump not only expressed confidence in his own victory but also questioned the legitimacy of the whole US voting system. Claiming that the country's democracy is under serious threat, Trump said that everybody is involved during this conspiracy. Even the judiciary and therefore the FBI is involved.

Trump said, "This is that the most vital speech of my life because I'm fighting to defend American democracy." The speech was so filled with lies and misleading statements that CNN disagreed. Twitter and Facebook circulated it, but the special editorial said the speech was "controversial."

The Biden-Harris interview, on the opposite hand, was filled with calm and well-thought-out answers. CNN's Jake Tapper, who took the interview, commented that neither Biden nor Harris once called the media "enemies of the people," or called them "fake news." consistent with Jake Tapper, there's an enormous difference between the present and future residents of the White House, "I think they're two worlds."

It is rumored that Trump won't attend Biden-Harris' inauguration on January 20. thereon day, he may announce his plans for re-election in 2024. When asked about this, Biden said that Trump should attend the event within the interest of the country, not for him. The division and bitterness that has already arisen are often ended by shaking hands with one another. it'll help the country move forward.

At the instant, Trump isn't brooding about the country, he's brooding about himself. By rejecting the election results and going into a legal battle, he has not only angered his loyal supporters but has also been ready to put his grandfather's money in his own pocket. By Thursday evening, 195 million dollars had been raised in response to his call! As Deda's money rises, he sees no got to change his tactics. If he or any of his children run president in 2024, not only money but also loyal supporters are going to be needed.

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