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Two Predictions By 2024

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The Israeli Moves

The first thing that will most likely occur is that Israel will conduct an attack on the Iran nuclear facilities. The big IF is that this will occur only should the Biden administration return to partner in the Iranian nuclear deal that Trump got out of. The Israelis have already said that they will attack Iran should this occur because Iran has publicly said they are returning to 80% enrichment to obtain weapons grade material. The Israeli airforce has been told to draw up three plans to deal with the Iranian issue, whether the USA will or will not participate in such an attack.

The Iranian nuclear deal really was not much to stop Iran from getting a bomb that surely they would use on Israel, but was just to delay it by 5-10 years. But, that was back in 2015. Trump got out of it and applied sanctions on Iran that has crippled it and yet, they still are now just a year or so, from obtaining enough weapons grade material for a bomb. So, both the Democrats and Republicans have failed to deter Iran. Nothing has worked well and this leaves Israel to act in its self defense while they can strike. When this does happen, it will be a whole different world in the Middle East that will bring fire and brimstone to the region on a scale we have never seen.

The Return of Trump

Granted, a lot can happen to Trump in four years, but should he survive legal actions, impeachment, death threats, bad health, one can see Trump running again in 2024 for POTUS. This is because not all of the Republican party has divorced from him. Many have and will but his base supporters (40%) still view him has some sort of God and real patriot because of his gruff and obnoxious personality despite him lying most of the time. He is just the type to get in your face again and run for POTUS just to prove a point, just to be a thorn in your side, all for his narcissistic ego, as we have all seen in the past four years.

Could he win again? Even if the Republican party kicks him out, he will no doubt be a threat by running as an independent, like Ross Perot did years ago. Trumpism is far from dead and it will be around for many more years because of the lie bought by his foolish followers that the 2020 election was unfair and stolen. Only idiots believe this. Trumps followers even were baited by Trump to storm the Capitol on January 6, 2021 even though Trump lied about being with them. In fact, Trump, ran back to the safety of the WH. Even a second impeachment may not prevent Trump from running again in 2024 and you know he will, if able, just for spite.

Trump is akin to a modern day Hitler in persona. In both cases, the followers lived and breathed what they were being fed by their leaders. Lies or no lies, the followers of either man, did not matter. They rallied and defended and worshipped the ground they walked on.

Trump maybe gone, but he is not out by any means.


perrya (author) on January 20, 2021:

Well, Israel certainly will do something about it and the most likely thing is to attack.

Ara Vahanian from LOS ANGELES on January 18, 2021:

Well, that's just speculation. First of all, if Israel wanted to really attack Iran they would have done it in the 4 years that Trump has been president. Iran says that it wants to use nuclear energy for peaceful means which is their stated reason. Maybe that's true maybe it isn't. Iran most probably would not use such a powerful weapon on Israel because doing so would be political suicide for them. Iranians are smarter than that.

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DW Davis from Eastern NC on January 18, 2021:

Israel has already attacked Iran's nuclear program on several occasions. Generally speaking, Israel doesn't bluff. Considering that the primary reason Iran wants a nuke is to use it on Israel, I wouldn't bet against Israel stepping up its measures.

Ara Vahanian from LOS ANGELES on January 18, 2021:

Israel would be pretty stupid to even try to attack Iran. So far they have been bluffing because all they have done is talk about it. The narrative keeps being that Trump will run again. I think that by then he will either be in prison or dead because he isn't a healthy guy at all. The idea of Trump possibly running again in 2024 is a silly narrative being pushed by the news media to keep people tuned in for higher ratings.

perrya (author) on January 17, 2021:

The Iranian nuclear issue is like a parent telling their teens not to do something and they still do regardless of any punishment given. Stopping the Iranian "desire and will" to get a bomb is almost moot. they will get it, the question is just when and then what?

DW Davis from Eastern NC on January 15, 2021:

I agree the Israelis will act unilaterally if they feel they must concerning Iran. However, I believe Trump's pulling us out of the deal made things much worse than they were. At least when we were engaged with the process, we had a chance to influence Iran towards becoming less belligerent and more stable. Trump's pullout did exactly the opposite.

perrya (author) on January 15, 2021:

Trump was not all bad, I did vote for him, yet, grew to find him a disgusting personality from many points of view. His covid handling was bad but did get fast track vaccinations going. His economics and stock market was fine.

Demas W Jasper from Today's America and The World Beyond on January 15, 2021:

A group of us put together a list of the 45th president's achievements in the four years of his presidency and besides sharing it on our Fb discriminated website, it had nearly 1,500 views. Frankly we thrilled at having a non-politician in the Oval Office doing exactly what he promised he would do while simultaneously dealing with every sling and arrow the angry, disgruntled, poor loser Democrats could throw at him from their hypocritical theme of "Stronger Together". Now the Democrats are going to be back in power and throwing money at problems while promoting "Stronger Together" even though they do not support it when the shoe is on another's foot. Bring on the Impeachment II and let's see if they can once and for all finish venting all their vitriol.

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