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Twas the First Day in the Year of Our Lord, Twenty and Twenty One

God Bless America, Land that I Love, Stand beside her and guide her, thru the night, with a Light from above...


In The Year of our Lord, Twenty and Twenty One

'Twas the first day in the year of our Lord, Twenty and Twenty One

Everyone was giddy, Twenty Twenty was finally behind them, in the rear view, stick a fork in it, what’s done, well it is done

With a new slate, although already messy, nonetheless, a fresh start for a road weary Nation

Feeling so unsettled here of late; dealing with disloyalty, dishonesty, deceit and such abuse, which has led to so much frustration!

What will happen in the Senate, in the White House, to this Country, does the current President stay or does he go

Do the people really favor this move toward communism, being under the Government’s thumb or have we all been fooled into thinking that it‘s so...

With all that has gone down, can we move forward with some semblance of unity

Which enemies are lurking, looking for every divisive and destructive opportunity?

A lot has happened, it may be too much this time - can we just forget and forgive

Will we really be expected to just put it all behind us, accept the inevitable, live and let live

Darkness or Light

Will there be light at the beginning of the tunnel - forget the proverbial, what's at the other end...

We need to know early on of a charted course; do we save for a mass depression, do we go off the grid...or will we see light and continue to spend

Will our hand be forced even more, resulting in the loss of our freedom card

Will we be wondering why in the past, we ever uttered the words...life is so darned hard

Do we prepare our lives for servitude or will life leave us free to continue to plant and to sow

I cannot fathom lovers of freedom just going along with the subservient flow

Will change for the worse replace better, will we recognize our Country in the end

Will it come to a great division, those not weak-kneed, rising mighty to defend

I pray Lord we never go there, I trust God has a plan

But you can't change the DNA in your blood and for US, “can't has always been can”

We Haven’t Folded Yet

We have never backed down before, whether a foreign or a domestic threat

We may have been tested in Twenty and Twenty, but we haven't folded yet

Something is changing, I feel it deep in my bones and while I sense it in my soul

I don't know if the change that's coming, restores us or suits our enemy's goal

How do we convince the naysayers that this Nation as founded...is the real prize

Straying further and further from its roots, will quickly lead to its demise

Utopia on earth made its way here - nearly two hundred fifty years ago

There is nothing better or greater here on earth, why don't more people know?

'Twas the first day in the year of our Lord, Twenty and Twenty One

and I am telling you now, if you were born here, made your way here, you have already won!


Home of the Brave

We don't blame the tree which has fallen, but rather, what caused it to be

No matter the underlying issues, this is the land of the free

As hard as some may try to destroy the roots of our great Nation

It was built on faith and courage, a product of a firm foundation

l will never stop spreading the word, for we are so worth fighting for, I will say it all day long

If you think that by giving up more and more rights is the way...then you my friend, are misled and dead wrong

I am so proud to call myself an American and that will be the case til I meet my grave

For the star-spangled banner yet waves...over the land of the free and the home of the brave

‘Twas the first day in the year of our Lord, Twenty and Twenty One

and the fight is far from over, the fight has just begun

AB Williams

The Star-Spangled Banner

Are you, personally, ready to give up on this Country, in lieu of something else?

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© 2021 A B Williams


A B Williams (author) from Central Florida on January 02, 2021:

I pray he still finds us worthy of intervention.

wba108@yahoo.com from upstate, NY on January 02, 2021:

No, the Lord isn't going to allow the United States to go down the drain. As a believer I'm standing on what the Lord has told me and that is that the corruption and fraud will be exposed and Trump will serve a second term!


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