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Trying Times for Parents When a Bully Is a Country's Leader

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When Trumpie's In Charge, The Only One Who Wins Is Him


Going Rogue, And Not Caring - But We Do

Things continue to go from bad to worse, especially if you're anywhere in Trump's orbit, which really could extend globally nowadays.

Now, Twitter has seen #impeachTrump hit #1 as a trend, and it's only taken what - just over seven months?

My kids know about the tragedy in Charlottesville. Both listen to the news, and both ask questions about why it happened. I'm encouraging the dialogue. They know that white nationalists were involved, and they know there were people on hand, counter-protesting their protest. They know that basically, the whole mess started over the removal of a statue of Confederate general Robert E. Lee, and that a woman and two cops were killed.

They also know that President Donald Trump, who thankfully does not preside over Canada, waited until well after the fact to even say the first thing about Saturday's tragedy, and when he couldn't say in a large, loud voice that white nationalism and Nazism will not be tolerated in the United States in the immediate aftermath of the tragedy, he then waited two days to condemn these individuals - who comprise a good chunk of his voter base - and then "went rogue" at what was to be a no-questions statement about infrastructure, bickering with the press and saying that what went down in Charlottesville was basically everyone's fault.

Um. What in the actual hell?

How are parents who live in the States even beginning to explain that it would seem that their president is saying three individuals lost their lives because of actions on both sides?

White supremacists were involved. People from a range of Neo-Nazi organizations, and Trump just couldn't leave it alone. Many of us took it as the man basically supporting the white supremacists, and it would be really hard to dispute that at this point.

His staff basically were dumbfounded.

The thing is, kids today are far more informed than they ever were even 10 years ago, and they're seeing what's happening to the world they're going to inherit. They're seeing the current president of the United States, saying virulent things that are only fuelling hate across the United States, and then trying to condemn what happened in Charlottesville this past weekend.

He failed miserably at it, something that really shocks no one. Of course, he also went off the rails, bickering with the press about what happened and leaving his staff present at the Trump Tower presser completely stunned by what he'd done.

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"My People!" Yeah, Not So Much


Kids May Not Understand #ImpeachTrump, But They Should Understand Right And Wrong

Listen, I get that there will always be different opinions about how to deal with explaining difficult global situations to kids. That's the nature of the beast, and especially the nature of people; we're all different.

However, most people will say with a great deal of certainty that the ideology behind Nazism and white supremacy tends to generate a great deal of hate at all levels, and while not everyone might agree with a more liberal mindset, most will say that if you are in a leadership position and you're siding with people ascribing to the ideology of a hate group, you have little to no business running the country.

There are kids looking at you, daily, trying to figure you out. If they look up to you, they're looking at your behaviors and trying to determine how best to emulate you, and while the world has certainly become more screwed up with Donald Trump at the helm of one of the largest nations, we don't need it even more messed up with a new generation of people trying to be like Trump.

Unfortunately, sometimes the bullies win, and that's perhaps one of the biggest lessons to be taken from Trump having won the presidency. However, we still need to teach our kids that there's still hope, even when our leaders are utterly bereft of common sense and moral decency. We may not have good leadership, sometimes, but when our leaders are conducting themselves in an unseemly way, as Trump has done on multiple occasions, it's up to us to sit down with our kids and explain why sometimes leaders can be real disappointments.

So, sit back, watch the #ImpeachTrump movement continue to take hold, and be honest with your kids about it while still trying to be objective. They will only be better for it.


Jean Bakula from New Jersey on August 21, 2017:

And his wife said her Project as First Lady would be anti-bullying, when she's married to the biggest one! I don't even think he's sane. I hope he throws a tantrum and quits soon. He is immature enough to do it.

CJ Kelly from the PNW on August 16, 2017:

Important reminders. Good job.

It's also hard for teachers. My wife is just starting back and has been thinking about how to handle all the questions about Trump, Nazis and racism. It was horrible last year. Some of the things the kids said to each other were the direct result of Trump's nonsense. She expects it to be even worse this fall.


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