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Truth Tellers

Lynne, a retired school Administrator, writes romance novels, children's books and articles. Writing has always been her passion.


Let’s be the generation to start a new trend! Let’s be the “Truth-Tellers”!

Now that both major political conventions have concluded, the rhetoric is intense. I have read quotes, opinions and facts attributed to politicians, news people and so-called experts on the internet, read it in the newspapers and watched reporters on TV. Some inspiring and truthful but many statements were disappointing exaggerations of the truth.

I want to be an informed, knowledgeable voter. Knowledge is power and choosing the right candidates can mean the difference between a promising future and one riddled with troubles.

After several hours of “fact checking” I am saddened by the perpetual restatement of lies, opinions and innuendo without actual basis. So called “quotes” are being interpreted and restated to change the meaning instead of actually quoting the person or persons. Accurate information is ignored or modified to suit someone’s purpose.

Name calling and attacks are more prevalent than answers to our serious problems. What are the candidates’ plans to make changes and meet the challenges we face. We need to know.

The internet, newspapers, TV and even word of mouth are powerful tools that can convince people that my mother was a witch from Transylvania if it is repeated often enough. (By the way…she wasn’t).

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These elections are about your future, our future. I am in my twilight years but I think about our children’s future and our grandchildren’s future. Make it personal. Carefully consider your votes, your endorsements and your conversation for it can influence friends, family, acquaintances and even strangers.

You can be the voice of logic and truth or the person who repeats falsehoods and sensationalizes. Which person would you rather be??? Gossip is probably more interesting but what does your conscience tell you is the “right thing to do”?

Think of your child’s or grandkid’s face when you speak. Would you want them to see and hear you repeat, insinuation and slanted interpretations or state the facts?

Who do I think would be a better candidate? I have my own opinion, but this message is not about who I think should be a winner in any election. Whether it’s a local, state or national government, church, club or group voting, integrity should be our guideline.

I would like to see the rhetoric, written or spoken, based on authenticity. Before you repeat something, be certain of your facts.

I hope this message will inspire more people to be authentic, honest reporters and be the generation of truth-tellers.

Two Icons

Two Icons

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