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Truss and Blinken: Supporting Ukraine Against Russia at G7 in Liverpool.

Foreign Secretary Liz Truss and US Counterpart: Antony Blinken.


The G7 group has met in Liverpool, to show, its relevance in an ever-changing world. The group consists of the UK, France, US, Canada, Germany, Italy, Japan, and the EU.

Omicron, violence against women, development issues, Ethiopia, Iran, and the Western Balkans was discussed. G7 discussed the ongoing build-up of Russian troops, on the frontier with Ukraine. Joe Biden, earlier said there would be retribution if Russia engaged in military adventurism against Ukraine. However, Russia will more than likely, face damaging sanctions, rather than engage in combat with US troops and NATO. Biden also spoke to Putin, in a 2-hour Zoom call.

The G7 made it clear, they would support and do support, Ukraine in the face of Russian aggression. The group echoed the comment of the new British Head of the Armed Forces, Admiral Sir Tony Radakin.

At G7, Foreign Minister Liz Truss, (who has been touted as a future Tory leader and Prime Minister, should BoJo stand down), met with her American counterpart, Antony Blinken. The new German Foreign minister, also met, Blinken and Truss.

Russia was discussed at length, between the 3 foreign ministers. All agreed, that should Russia, engage in an invasion of Ukraine, it would be the biggest land invasion in Europe, since World War II. Both as did the G7 group, the new British armed forces head said there would be consequences for Russia and support for Ukraine, in any conflict. The question must be posed again when they say, consequences, what kind of consequences?

Well, certainly not, military consequences, if Biden is to be believed. However, if Ukraine, were a member of NATO, war, would have to be a response. NATO has a duty to support militarily, any member state attacked. So, if Russia was to take action against Ukraine, military assistance would be, the order of the day. With Ukraine, not being a member of NATO, then that rather complicates matters. Hence the threat of sanctions against Russia rather than military action. However, that's not to say military conflict with Russia, would never happen, in such an occurrence

Fighting Russia would not be like the Iraq War or even the 1991 Gulf war, which proved, rather one-sided. Russia is a strong conventional military power and has nukes, to boot. Any conflict, with Russia, could stay as a conventional war, but there is the danger that things could go nuclear and therein, lies the danger.

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Given also, that on the other side of the world, China and the US, are at loggerheads over a possible invasion by China into Taiwan, the world right now is on a cliff edge.

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