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Trump's Presidential Epoch, a Thorough Investigation of Contemporary Domestic and Foreign Challenges

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Donald J. Trump


Trump's presidential era and Joe Biden's policies

Trumps presidential epoch, a thorough investigation of contemporary domestic and foreign challenges

The dawn of 20th January, 2017 was really an astounding not only for Americans but for the entire world. A veteran businessman and entrepreneur Donald J. Trump single handedly mashed his opponents and seized the White House. It is certain that his presidential era is marked with one of worst periods in American history. His aggressive nature urged him to ban the citizens of numerous Muslim countries, enacting of diverse tax and jobs acts as well as distorting health insurance policies. He was an unconventional fellow, who, unlike other American presidents, not only dispersed the nation but also attempted to harm his political rivals. As a president, his 26,000 nasty and vicious tweets exhorted Twitter to deter his account. His repudiation to join the inaugural ceremony of his successor manifests that his demeanor was not traditional. Moreover, he was denounced for his racial statements.

Trump’s Afghanistan Policy and its Outcomes.

Trump left very detrimental legacy. It consequences could be observed in America and rest of the world. His geo conomical research was not good enough. He questioned America’s affiliations with Europe, Middle East and America’s lion share in NATO. He estimated the post 9/11 situation and attempted to restrict American Army in Afghanistan. His talk with Taliban at neutral venues was not fully encouraging. He yearned for the political settlements of Taliban and the role of Pakistan and India would be pretty crucial. After a lot of direct and indirect negotiation with Taliban, an agreement was signed on 29th February, 2020. US announced the withdrawal of army within fourteen month.

His announcement of departure from the Afghanistan, without any solid planning, left the world flabbergasted. Currently, influence of America in Afghanistan has been lessened and Taliban are again exhibiting their power. It’s alarming for Middle East and all affiliated countries like Pakistan and India. Signed agreement has not been fully fulfilled. There is no cease fire. Once again US Army has started the air strikes and targeting Taliban. The proposed policy of Trump administration is not carrying reimbursement. Different perspectives are still uncertain. There is violence from both sides. Taliban are demanding the release of their prisoners. Despite of the US constant influence in Afghanistan, still 12.3% Afghan area is under the control Taliban. There must be a proper planning and setting up, so that this region may able to survive in the atmosphere of peace and harmony.

Trump administration social reforms and their consequences

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The outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic was a nightmare for the world. It demolished social and economic institutions around the world. US were no exception. During these crises, a promising role of government must be commemorated. Trump administration exhaustively flunked in these catastrophes. Trump anti workers agenda brought disaster in the working class of US. The slogan of rights and jobs protection could not properly be managed. Prior to Trump, social security funding was being issued by the state. it was also reduced rather suspended under the guise of COVID-19 relief program. About 6.2% of social security payroll tax was added by Republicans. Along with these cutting of social security funds, Trump administration lessened the health care insurance. Issues like Health care, unsafe jobs, exclusion of workers from jobs, limiting the PUA program, suspension of union election and privatization of services mismanaged by the Trump and his government. In addition to these policies, Issuance of Green Card was also suspended for the immigrants.

To rescue the diminishing economy, Joe Biden inducted a promising plan. He authorized the funds of about $ 1 trillion to congregate the prerequisite of health insurance, jobs security and for mortgage assistance. Biden’s core concern is to uplift the economy and the assistance of his mass. He allotted about $ 400 billion funds for the reoperation the schools and public heath measure. He dispensed $ 2 billion for the of public transit agencies. Small industry and technological potency is the back bone of US economy. So, $ 700 billion map has been visualized by the government. It is assumed that it would work magically in the fields of 5G technology, vehicle manufacturing companies and for the investment in development.


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