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Trump's house was raided by the FBI


The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has raided former US President Donald Trump's Florida home. BBC news.
Former US President Donald Trump said on Tuesday (August 9) that the FBI had raided his Florida home. At that time, Trump alleged that an FBI agent broke into a safe in his home.

According to the BBC report, Trump alleged that the raid was carried out at his luxury Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida on Monday (August 8). The raid was reportedly linked to an investigation into Trump's handling of official documents. Trump claims that he has cooperated with all relevant government agencies. So "such an unannounced operation was neither necessary nor appropriate," Trump alleged.

The incident of the FBI raiding the house of a former president of the United States is unprecedented, according to the US media Bloomberg.

Trump was not at his Florida home during Monday's raid, according to the BBC. He was at Trump Tower in New York City at that time.

The campaign began after reports that Trump was preparing to run for the presidency for a third term in 2024.
According to the FBI, several boxes were recovered in the operation. But the door was not kicked in and the raid was over by afternoon.

Under US law, all letters, work-related documents, and emails of US presidents must be turned over to the National Archives. But officials claim Trump has illegally shredded many documents. They have to attach several documents.

Trump has alleged that the judicial system is being used as a tool to prevent him from running for president. Such attacks can only happen in third-world countries. Unfortunately, the United States has now become one of those countries, which has never been seen before.

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