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Trump's Coronavirus Adviser Resigns


Scott Atlas, a special adviser to US President Donald Trump on coronavirus, has resigned. He caused controversy by making various comments during the coronavirus epidemic.

Scott Atlas, Donald Trump's special adviser on coronavirus, resigned on Tuesday, BBC Online reported. In his farewell message, he thanked President Trump for everything, saying "he has always relied on modern science and evidence, no matter political considerations or influence."

While responsible for special advisers, Scott Atlas, like Donald Trump, has questioned the varied steps taken to regulate the epidemic. He was criticized for talking about wearing a mask quite once. Unlike Trump, wearing a mask isn't as important in his eyes. During his four months in office, he has been embroiled in controversy with other members of the White House Task Force on Coronavirus due to his controversial position.

According to the BBC, Scott Atlas, a senior fellow at the Hoover Institution referred to as a Conservative at Stanford University, joined the White House Special Task Force last August. additionally, to questioning the necessity to wear a mask, he criticized measures like lockdown in handling corona. In order to affect the epidemic, he has given utmost importance to the strategy of building a tough system. But other health experts have long warned that a lot of people would die if they adopted this strategy. Without taking note of any of this, he has always been criticized for being like President Trump.

In the US, such controversial statements by Corona and Donald Trump and his close acquaintance Scott Atlas went hand in hand. The goal came last month when corona infections began to rise sharply within the second round within the US. during a tweet, Atlas called on Michigan residents to revolt to interrupt the newly imposed restrictions on Corona.

Top communicable disease specialist within the US. Anthony Fawcett has long complained against Atlas, misleading President Trump with misinformation about the spread of the coronavirus.

"The us goes through the worst of times," Anthony Fawcett told the BBC. Our infection rate here is growing so fast that it's setting new records almost a day. '

As of last Sunday, quite 4 million people within the us were infected with corona in November alone, quite double the amount in October. quite 13 million people within the US are infected with corona thus far. quite 2 lakh 8 thousand people have died.

Stanford University teachers have welcomed the resignation of Scott Atlas from the White House Task Force and Trump's Corona Adviser. They see it because of the victory of truth over falsehood.

According to Fox News, Scott Atlas joined the 130-day effect of the Trump administration. The deal is about to expire in the week. Atlas's resignation letter states that in his tenure, he has always tried to reconcile epidemics and structural planning in order that neither side suffers major damage. He has taken the difficulty of the poor and therefore the labor especially seriously.

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