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Trump's Rating Among Republicans Is Soaring and He May Be Back in the White House in 24

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Sometime back I read a book titled The looking glass by Jessica Arnold. The essence of the book is that one can see through the mirror only to see what is actually happening. In other words, how exactly you look you have to look into a mirror. People in America in particular the leftist brigade and Afro-Americans have been jumping with joy at the victory of Joe Biden over Donald Trump. I think they need to look into a looking glass to see the real truth and that is not what they would like. Firstly, I have written a number of times that Joe Biden did not win on his own but he had a helping hand with a 'fixed election' and the fact that he got a negative vote. There have been some inquiries conducted that have concluded there has been no voter fraud. Honestly, can any American government or authority admit that the greatest democracy in the world practices voting fraud?so there is a big question mark. Well, all that is gone, and Donald Trump is out of the office and we have a man who is beholden to China as the president.

2024 is now not all that far and it is worth having a look as to where Donald Trump stands.


Man to reckon

Donald Trump has been accused of many things, that he was in close confabulation with Putin and he organized the Capitol Hill riots. The Democrats went so far as to have an impeachment trial of him which in any case collapsed. The net result was it made the United States a laughing stock in the world where the chief executive is tried for treason.

Despite all this, the latest polls which are available now show that Donald Trump has high ratings among the Republicans, and obviously at the moment he looks the best bet for 2024.

The Capitol Hill riots took place on January 6 and this was the first anniversary of the so-called insurrection in which his opponent's claim was engineered by Trump. Despite the claims and counterclaims the data available shows that there is strong support for Donald Trump while ex-vice president Mike Pence and Senate minority leader Mitch McConnell's ratings have slid to abysmal depths. Many political commentators including Newsweek have commented that this is because both these worthies acknowledged the victory of Joe Biden. Both these men had assumed that after Trump is linked with the Capitol Hill incident he would be losing face and support and this also brought about an element of fear in the mind of other supporters of Trump.

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However, to the surprise of a majority of people the Civiqs' daily tracking polls have shown that Trump stands where he was among Republicans and continues to enjoy support. The polls show that his rating is as high as 76% as of December 2021 and that I will say is not a mean figure.

Compare these figures of 76% with two important contenders. Mike Pence's rating has come down from 78 to 40 and is now just 28%. McConnell's ratings are no better. He had an approval rating of 58% earlier but when he acknowledged Joe Biden as the winner his ratings came down by 10 points and now he's at 32 reported by FiveThirtyEight.

Some Republicans believed that Donald Trump would be sidelined after the Capital Hill riots have not borne fruit. Daniel Ziblatt, co-author of How Democracies Die, told The Washington Post that the opposite has happened and the support for Donald Trump has intensified with the belief that he is the best bet.

Donald Trump has gone against his opponents with a hammer, especially the 10 GOP members who voted to impeach him for inciting the insurrection. He has started with the removal of Republican Liz Cheney from her position as a House Republican Conference chair after her criticism of Trump's role in the riots.

Whatever is the truth the fact remains that 62% of the Republicans believe that there has been voter fraud and that helped Biden enter the White House. What does this mean? If we extrapolate this percentage, it stands to reason that a considerable number of Americans feel the same way and that is a plus point for Donald Trump for 2024. I do not think he faces any significant challenge from the GOP candidates and Donald Trump as things stand barring a miracle will be the GOP candidate for 2024. Who his opponent will be is not clear because my reading is that Joe Biden is not going to last the full course

The future?

Nobody is a crystal gazer who can forecast what will happen in 2024 but the chances of Donald Trump coming back with a bang cannot be obviated. Donald Trump was not a great president, but he was many notches higher than Joe Biden. It will be in the interest of America to dump Joe Biden and send him home than to be President of the United States and face China.

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