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Trump's Pennsylvania Argument is Completely Ridiculous

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The Overview of Pennsylvania in the 2020 Election

Pennsylvania is a state with twenty electoral votes and in 2016, Trump won the state by a 44,000-vote margin (2,970,733 to 2,926,441). Prior to the 2020 election, most polling had Biden with a five-point advantage over Trump in the week before the election.

Final vote totals in Pennsylvania have Biden winning Pennsylvania by around 81,000 votes. Biden secured 3,459,263 votes to Trump's 3,378,263 and was able to claim the state's twenty electoral votes.

Of interest to this argument are the mail-in ballot totals. According to data released by the Pennsylvania Secretary of State's Office, those totals are seen below.

Pennsylvania Mail-In Ballot Totals

Pennsylvania Mail-In Ballot Totals

What Trump Thinks is Fraud

The case Trump is arguing, through a court filing on November 21 by a surrogate in Pennsylvania State Representative Mike Kelly, seeks to block the certification of the election in the state, claiming that mail-in ballots cast under his view of an allegedly “unconstitutional” law signed last year by Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf, a Democrat, cannot be counted.

The law, Act 77, expanded access for Pennsylvania voters to cast mail-in ballots without an excuse. After the lawsuit was filed, observers quickly pointed out that Act 77 passed a GOP-controlled Pennsylvania state legislature in 2019 with overwhelming support.

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So, in essence, Trump is trying to argue against a state's right to oversee it's elections in a manner they see as best and safest for its citizenry, that passed with overwhelmingly bipartisan support.

Pennsylvania State Representative Mike Kelly (R)

Pennsylvania State Representative Mike Kelly (R)

The Timing Issue

What is really concerting here, is that Trump and Kelly are trying to change the law after the fact because the result didn't suit Trump. In the days before Trump, it could be explained in terms that Trump supporters would understand, but since they have been told not to watch NFL games because players kneel for racial justice, not sure they would get it. But the argument would go like this:

Trump's case is akin to playing a football game, then going back in the week after the game was played and asking the NFL to rule out all rushing touchdowns because the winning side ran for three scores to the losing side's one. That in the view of the losing coach, rushing the football violates league principles.

This is the ridiculousness of what Trump and Kelly are trying to achieve.

Court Rulings

The seven-member Pennsylvania state Supreme Court unanimously agreed that the effort to halt the election results came too late, since the suit was filed more than a year after the mail-in voting law was enacted. The court also wrote that the GOP group “failed to act with due diligence” by waiting to file the petition until days before the county boards of election were required to certify the election results.

“At the time this action was filed on November 21, 2020, millions of Pennsylvania voters had already expressed their will in both the June 2020 Primary Election and the November 2020 General Election and the final ballots in the 2020 General Election were being tallied, with the results becoming seemingly apparent,” the court order reads. (Source)

We're arguing what?

We're arguing what?

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