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Trump's October Surprise: Biden's Email New York Post Story

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If you have been following the Russian inspired story given via Rudy Giuliani, which admits that there is a 50\50 chance that the source is from a known Russian disinformation agent, it is a last gasp measure by Trump to win.

Here is the story:

Hunter Biden or someone else dropped off a water damaged laptop to the Mac Shop in Delaware. The person receiving it is legally blind, meaning, he can see shapes and colors but not facial details unless he person is within a meter. This is common with people having Macular D. Okay, so there is a receipt with Biden's name on it. Lacking in all this is WHY was the laptop dropped off? For repair? As a donation? Was it actually stolen and dropped off by someone else?

The store attempts to contact Hunter Biden to no avail. This was after some service was done. The store owner then rifles through the laptop's HD, which is not a good business practice. Now, the store owner, angry or not, contacts the FBI about what he has and they then subpoena the HD content. Why? Does this happen daily with dropped off laptops? Seems like AG Barr informed Trump about this and Trump told Barr to seize it. However, before this happens, the store owner copies the HD contents and sends it to Rudy Giuliani. Again, why? Sounds like a Trump conspiracy to me.

Rudy, who spent months in the Ukraine meeting with known Russian disinformation agents, now send the HD contents to the New York Post, a pro-Trump publication. How many violations of privacy rights has happened by now?

But, the smoking gun email in all of this silliness is one where Hunter indicates to a board member of Burisma, where Hunter worked. In this 2015 email, the Ukrainian board member thanked Hunter for inviting him to meet with VP Joe Biden. The Republicans have taken this out of total context and they think it shows that this person DID meet with VP Biden because of the "thanking" wordage.

Joe Biden never met with anyone at Burisma where his son worked. If he did, surely by now, it would have been uncovered. Fact is, all that Hunter did was do what son's do innocently, that is, Hunter told the Ukrainian he would see if he could arrange with his dad a meeting. Hunter was being thanked for that and nothing more developed. Obviously, Hunter was not able to arrange the meeting or never tried because NO RECORD exists of VP Biden meeting with Burisma.

The one, only one, email that Republicans cling to does not show whether there was or was not a meeting. This stolen email may even not be real. The NY Post reporter is a staunch Trump supporter and even the computer shop owner is and believes in many right-wing conspiracies. What is more disturbing is why did the FBI even get involved.

Oh, I get it- the Biden name! If it had been anyone else, the FBI could care less about a damaged laptop at some little repair shop.


perrya (author) on October 22, 2020:

Never said it was illegal, but you neglect to address the ethics of Trump paying only $750 in US taxes yet he pays $188K in China for his businesses, you do not have an issue with that? Are you just going to say trump is smart for using US tax loopholes? And what of how Ivanka Trump while in the WH getting trademarks for her business that are not easy to get after Trump indicates he will help ZTE, a Chinese telecom? The Hunter Biden thing is nothing since it is all just Republican conjecture based on emails.

Sharlee on October 21, 2020:

You do realize it is not illegal to have a bank account in another country? He did supply the account on his taxes... If it was secret, it certainly was a well-documented secret. He does business all over the world this is not a new revelation. China is one of only three foreign nations — the others are Britain and Ireland — where Trump maintains a bank account, according to a Times analysis of the president’s tax records. The foreign accounts do not show up on Trump’s public financial disclosures but were listed on his taxes. where he must list personal assets because they are held under corporate names. It all is legal. But it seems you have been led to believe in some way it may be a crime. And this does not at all compare to a pay for play scheme with a son and a Government official. Joe Biden was VP his son was not paid all that money for not producing something valuable.

perrya (author) on October 21, 2020:

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However, the breaking news that Trump has bank accounts in China and the question is why? Maybe to pay off debts? Forget about the Biden thing which is miniscule compared to this.

Sharlee on October 21, 2020:

I think it just wise to wait for the FBI to handle the problem if there is one. I do not agree that we should grab onto Russia did this...

perrya (author) on October 21, 2020:

Of course I read it, as well as others. It does appear the laptop is Hunter's, but the items shown on Fox as evidence is sketchy. The signature could be anyone. But the whole thing is just trying to smear Joe Biden. Most parents of 40ish children DO NOT know many facets of their adult kids lives. The emails in the laptop are simple chatter from Hunter to someone. They are not evidence Joe knew what Hunter was suggesting-that the "big man" get 10% of what? We don't even know who the reference is to. It sounds like just surmising about an idea that has yet been told to the big man. Conjecture that it is Joe. Fox is running it like a huge scandal that has been proven and trump's AG Barr has already said his investigation into Joe Biden has proven nothing illegal.

Sharlee on October 20, 2020:

Have you read the New York Post article? It certainly is very different from your article.

It will be interesting to hear from the FBI, I am sure they have ascertained all that the PC has to offer. In my opinion, the New York Post did their homework, and are standing behind the story. If it's untrue I am sure the Biden family would bring a

defamation lawsuit against the paper. So far, Hunter or Joe has said the PC was not HUnters,

and that the emails were not his. Better to wait for facts.

perrya (author) on October 19, 2020:

Yes, indeed, and now there is a second laptop?! It seems the closer we are to election, the more desperate Trump's people are getting whether it is this or other attacks on Biden. Most voters have decided.

Perspycacious on October 18, 2020:

Truth is like water. It has a way of always coming out. Let's see how this one finaly settles into a pool, or a swamp.

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