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Trump's Inciting Insurgency: "Stop the Steal"

All Politicians embellish, but those that flat out lie to deceive can never truly be trusted.


October 2016: Donald Trump Calls the Election "rigged" If He Loses

Election 2020: Joe Biden Wins All the Way Around

Donald J Trump who expects loyalty from everyone and has no loyalty to anyone; that isn't providing him with something that he needs, has shown in the last 4 years that he does not take loss well.

It was no surprise that Donald J Trump would unleash a terror of lies and divisiveness. Joe Biden won the election by approximately 80M votes, taking the popular vote and also taking the electoral votes. Open and shut, no fraud.

In reality though, the chaos that Donald Trump unleased had actually begun during his campaign trail in 2016, claiming then that the election was rigged. That voter fraud was rampant. Even after putting together a committee to research fraud, then quietly dismantling it when no voter fraud was found.

Trump became more dangerous and divisive as his term was coming to an end and the real possibility that he might lose the election reared its ugly head. He continued the narrative that the election was fraudulent and that mail-in ballots was just a way for liberals to cheat the system.

The biggest way to cheat, according to Trump was by mail-in ballots, aka absentee ballots.

Aug 17, 2020, Trump campaigned in Wisconsin, where his claims of voter fraud were expressed, but he made sure to leave out the "mail-in ballot" fraud claim; instead he asked them to make sure to vote in person or by "those beautiful absentee ballots". Trump himself has voted by mail-in ballot, with the exception of this years election for a photo op.

Aug 2017: Only Lose if the Election is Rigged, election still 3 years away

Reality Matters - Trump's Delusional

The fact is that Trump never thought he'd lose his bid for re-election. The shock of losing put Trump in full blown "win at any cost" mode.

The lies became the Republican narrative, even though they knew he hadn't won. Convinced that they could overturn the election was all that mattered.

February 8, 2021. the Georgia Election office launched an investigation into the phone calls that Trump made after his election loss in Georgia. Those phone calls were to the state officials looking for help to overturn the results of the election, just find 1 more vote than Joe Biden's win, so he could be made the winner. All the major networks, with exception to probably Fox News, were condemning this criminal behavior.

Trump can be heard giving direction to Brad Roffensperger, the Georgia Secretary of State (Rep), as how to let the people know that he'd won. Even at one point making a threat.

Trump Dictates Process to Declare Himself the Winner

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Trump Incites His Followers: Stop the Steal

Trump Gives Marching Orders

Even before Jan. 6, Donald Trump was dropping hints and flat out sending messages via Twitter and other means to his "Patriots". The events that happened on January 6 at the U.S. Capital, were not a coincidence, they were planned.

As we heard and saw during the 2nd Impeachment Trial of Donald J Trump, his followers were doing Trump's bidding.

Trump used his followers to further his ability to hold on to power. He lied to them to convince them to set up a coup attempt, once there he said he would join them at the Capital, knowing that he wouldn't be joining them. Was this the signal he'd promised them or was this just another lie? Either way, as more and more of his "patriots" are being arrested, the more America is learning about Trump's involvement.

Trump to the Rioters

This is Not Political It's About Our Democracy

Trump ran as Republican, that have never been in doubt. Trump has always wanted his own party.

The Trump Party is pushing the actions taken by the Democrats and Republicans to be a political action that is attacking America.

The fact is that when the attack of America's capital took place, it was at the behest of the Trump Party. For over a year, the Trump's followers were pushed into believing the Big Lie. The election had been stolen.

As more and more facts are revealed, we have learned that Trump and his campaign leaders were involved in setting up the Jan. 6th rally and working to make sure the Proud Boys, the Oathkeepers and other militia groups were there as well. Oathkeepers were photographed with Roger Stone, who basically said they were there as his bodyguards because he had received lots of threats.

Alex Jones, the rightwing host bought a spot to speak for $50,000 and helped as an organizer as well. The Publix Supermarket heiress, Julie J. Fancelli donated $300,000 towards the rally itself.

And one can't leave out, Ali Alexander, the man who has gotten close to many of Trump's Republican followers. Ali, another agitator for the cause, claimed that several Republicans helped with the planning, naming two Arizona congressmen; Andy Biggs and Paul Gosar. The two "innocent" men made a plea to Trump for pardons relating to involvement in the events that took place on Jan. 6 at our nations Capital. Donald J Trump, left Washington, DC without granting their wishes.

Ali Alexander & Alex Jones at U.S. Capital in white layout. With Trump allies and political figures.

Ali Alexander & Alex Jones at U.S. Capital in white layout. With Trump allies and political figures.

Impeachment Trial: Facts not Fiction

Republicans Bow to Trump

The Republican Party showed how spineless they really are when they acted like children during the impeachment trial. Not paying attention or showing lack of respect as "impartial" jurors. They knew exactly how they were going to vote and they lied when taking the oath to serve.

One thing the Republican's never said, Trump is innocent. They stood strong the the fact that an impeachment couldn't take place after the President left office. While, they are wrong, it gave them something to cling to as an excuse they could use to vote on. Instead, several of them decided to leave it to those who filed charges against Trump or for a formal investigation.

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