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Trump's Enduring Popularity Eyes 2024 Presidential Election

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The Bad Dream Continues

Actually, Trump is America's nightmare for many. For others, a gift from God as the anointed one to save America.

Despite Trump's attempted coup of the 2021 election through ballot box manipulation and all other means, the fact remains that he did lose. It's been proven several times from the many recounts in the key states. It just did not happen. And yet, here we are in late 2021, still having to deal with the grifter Trump, the private citizen who is leading the Republican party.

Support online through his sponsored organizations have reaped in over $100 million dollars in contributions from Save America and Make America Great Again Action PAC funds. As of now, they have over $180 million total. Trump can use the money from the Save America fund for travel and lodging expenses, ad campaigns, and support those who cow tow to him if running for office. However, the Make America Great Again Action funds can be used by Trump for anything he wants to, there are no restrictions.

A lot of the funds from ordinary supports has been used to pay for pointless ballot recounts that have yet to change anything. Other funds have gone to make sure Republican candidates get reelected.

Even Trump's online store is raking in the dollars and this is money he can also use for any reason. So far the store has pulled in $93 million dollars as of 2020. He also raked in $17 million from his Trump properties used for reelection campaigns in 2020.

There is some hypocrisy, of course. Trump's "Made in America" online store that sells everything to sell the Trump brand and name and claims that the items are Made in America, a careful examination reveals otherwise. At least 35% of the items sold online are NOT made in America. Some items have no manufacturing tags (were they removed-Made in China) while others state Made in Italy etc. Some items get around this by saying, Decorated in USA.

While the money made is legal, the amount is staggering when you consider that he is just an old man looking to scam Americans. When asked about running for President again in 2024, he only grins and responds with a vague answer because it is a cliffhanger show. meanwhile, he continues to hold his lovefest rallies where the crowds pet his ego with stupid things like chant, "Let's Go Brandon" or worse. He plays the crowd very well just like the pied piper leading his zombie followers to wherever he wants to go. They don't mind. They eagerly give the man with orange hair more money for his lavish lifestyle.

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Go figure. Trump's income sources will no doubt increase and be used in the 2022 elections. Having Trump's endorsement does have benefits like money. Look what happened in Virginia, a new Republican governor was elected. If the Republicans take a majority in the Congress and keep the Senate, you just know Trump will run for president again.

Nothing would please Trump more than to take back the WH in 2024 and start his revengeful administration against anyone opposing him. It could happen barring some sudden change in his health. The Democrats need to look in the mirror and ask, "what the hell are we doing?".

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