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Trump's Endgame in the Middle East

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Despite the numerous American assets already in the UAE and Oman, Trump is sending additional naval units into the Persian Gulf. His official reason is to deter Iran from any retaliation from the US assassination of their Qods military force leader, Solemani, the mastermind of many terror attacks in Israel and elsewhere. But unlike previous build-ups, this time, in rare form, is an Israeli submarine. While the Israelis deny all this, the Egyptians, who control the Suez Canal, had to give permission for it to traverse the canal, which it did.

It joined an American flotilla with the following USN ships:

  1. USS Georgia (a cruise missile submarine)
  2. USS Philippine Sea ( a cruiser)
  3. USS Port Royal (a cruiser)

The immense firepower of just the USS Georgia is awesome with some 154 Tomahawk missiles and carried 66 Special Forces men. The Israeli submarine is an advance Dolphin class built in Germany, most likely the Tanin or Rahav. In either case, they are also armed with cruise missiles.

The real vexing question everyone is asking is, why now? Had this been planned before the USA election in November or is this part of Trump's "scorched earth" policy? If the latter, will Trump order the USS Georgia to fire at Iran's nuclear and oil facilities in order to cause mayhem for Biden who wants to rejoin the Iranian nuclear deal that Trump pull out of. It could be since Trump has several more weeks as POTUS. Or, is it really to deter Iran from retaliatory attacks to it's Arab neighbors or Israel or American forces in UAE\Oman?

Certainly, if Iran does strike in any format, Trump will issue the attack orders because not only is it a sign of strength but it will wreck any chances for Biden to succeed with Iran. Now, if Iran remains idle, and yet Trump does strike at Iran's nuclear or oil facilities, the effect is the same for Biden.

The gathering of even more additional forces in the Persian Gulf region remains a mystery. The few flights of B-52's across Iran heightens the suspicion that maybe Trump will use the force before he leaves office. The temptation may be too strong to ignore.

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perrya (author) on December 24, 2020:

No doubt, a scorched earth policy and look at who he is pardoning! Convicted criminals that worked for him while POTUS..

DW Davis from Eastern NC on December 23, 2020:

I won't be the least bit surprised if Trump orders an attack on Iran regardless of Iran's action. Trump wants to punish America for not reelecting him and leave Biden a huge mess much like Bush #41 did for Clinton in Somalia only on a larger scale.

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