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Trump's Cloak of Immunity Vanishes With Election Results

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Let's be clear: Joe Biden did win the 2020 Presidential election by a good margin. Now, the Republicans are sore losers and are trying to mount what amounts to an internal coup with numerous voter fraud cases. The funny thing is that even if he manages to reverse the Georgia, Arizona and Nevada results in his favor, he will still lose. He needs Pennsylvania to win and that is beyond any flipping to his side. Now, if the electors of each state do not pledge their votes to Biden, that would be revolutionary and a "coup". It certainly would shock American democracy to say Trump has a second term! If the states fail to certify the results, that is another red flag for Biden. do not underestimate the power of Trumpism.

Assuming none of that happens, Trump's cloak of protection vanishes. He becomes a normal citizen and subject to many court cases for a variety of reasons.

  • Obstruction of justice while president
  • New York state's DA investigation into criminal acts made by those at Trump, Inc.
  • New York state suit for tax fraud
  • Court cases demanding a release of his tax returns ( 8 years worth)
  • Rape cases that several accusers have filed and demand his DNA for evidence
  • He can be compelled to testify about items while he was POTUS
  • Legal action against his sons for tax evasion, namely, Eric Trump
  • Defamation cases from women claiming they were raped
  • A case from Mary Trump who was defrauded of millions from a family Will
  • Misuse of funds and overcharging for official events at Mar-a Lago amounting to millions
  • Cohen's suit for payment of legal fees incurred
  • Melania's planned divorce from Donald and millions owed (unless she changes her mind) according to a WH source

So, the list is great and explains why Trump is mounting a desperate attempt to stay in office, its not just about America to him, it's about himself!

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