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Trump will leave Washington before Biden became president

Incumbent President Donald Trump has said he won't attend the swearing-in ceremony of newly elected US President Joe Biden. it's learned that Trump will leave Washington before Biden is sworn in as President.

A senior United States administration official was quoted by Reuters as saying.

A source on the brink of Trump said on Friday that Trump would go away Washington on the morning of the inauguration of the newly elected president. Earlier, he had planned to go away to Washington DC on Tuesday, the day before his debut.

The source added that Trump plans to carry his farewell ceremony at Joint Base Andrews, an outpost outside Washington. The base, which carries the president of the US, is predicated at Air Force One. Trump will fly to Palm Beach, Florida, after a farewell ceremony at Joint Base Andrews. There he begins his next life at a resort in Mar-a-Lago. Several White House aides are also expected to work for him at the resort.

A senior administration official said a number of his advisers had asked Trump to welcome Biden to the White House before he was sworn in. However, Trump isn't taking note of it.

Meanwhile, sources said that Trump is getting to pardon a couple of more people before the top of his term. it's learned that he's also considering himself on this list.

Trump is that the only president in US history to possess been impeached twice. He was last indicted last week by the lower house of Congress. The House of Representatives took the step after accusing the US of inciting an attack on the Capitol. The trial will begin within the upper house of Congress, the Senate. However, Republican Senator Mitch McConnell, the leader of the bulk party within the Senate, has already said that it'll not happen before January 20. Many speculate that the Democratic Party will have a majority within the Senate after Biden takes office. Trump may then be disqualified from running within the next election.