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Trump Will Be Tried for Criminal Acts!

US Congress Speaker Nancy Pelosi has said that Donald Trump will be brought to justice for his criminal activities. A massive investigation has been launched into last Wednesday's infernal incident. Pro-Trump anarchists gathered in Washington DC to make arrests over videos and stills. Bizarre and insane people with horns on their heads and ponies of various colors on their bodies are now having to flee. The US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has released leaflets everywhere.

The public is being asked for information about those responsible for the violence.

In an interview with CBS News reporter Leslie Stahl, Speaker Nancy Pelosi said Trump has been in power for only a few days. Preparations are underway to take various steps against this terrible man as the head of the administration for this period. An investigation is under way into Wednesday's incident, in which Capitol Hill was trampled. For the first time in American history, one of the glorious foundations of American democracy has been destroyed at the behest of a president. Five people have died. The FBI and other agencies are investigating. Speaker Nancy Pelosi said nothing was out of consideration.

It is still under consideration to introduce the 25th amendment to the constitution and give the remaining days to the vice president. In addition, as a matter of urgency, a proposal to impeach President Donald Trump has been made. Meanwhile, 18 lawmakers have said they will support the impeachment motion to remove Trump from power. Earlier in the week, such an impeachment motion could be tabled in Congress on Monday. Earlier, the pressure was mounting on Trump to resign by handing over power to Vice President Mike Pence.

There is no chance of knowing the mood of President Donald Trump in the White House now. All social media including his Twitter account has been shut down. He did not speak to the media after Wednesday. In a video message, he spoke directly to the people of the United States. Where Donald Trump was not seen to be sorry or shocked for anything.

Now the US administration is trying to determine the responsibility for Wednesday's looting and Capitol Hill killings. It is being said that no one will be released after various investigations. It remains to be seen how much criminal responsibility President Trump will have to accept. Trump may find out after January 20 whether he is being blamed for the Capitol riots.

A frantic Trump supporter named Jacob Anthony Chensley was seen entering the Senate chambers with horns on his head and colorful tattoos on his body and flags of the American slavery era. Another speaker, Adam Johnson, was sitting in Nancy Pelosi's chair cheering. They have been arrested. A West Virginia state senator was also seen entering Capitol Hill to grab a chair.

Police and the FBI gave people gathered in Washington on Wednesday the opportunity to return to their respective areas. Now the arrests have started. They are being chased by pictures, video images, and cell phone sources. The FBI has said that those responsible for violating the law will be knocked on the door.

The FBI is investigating whether there was a plan to hold a lawmaker hostage during the riots. Hand-made bombs and truck-loaded firearms were found near Capitol Hill. The FBI has a video of another Trump supporter talking about killing Speaker Nancy Pelosi with a heavy weapon.

The US capital, Washington DC, is trying to recover from the trauma four days after the incident. The area is surrounded by a seven-foot-high fence.

The entire city is guarded by 6,200 members of the National Guard. In addition to the National Guard, round-the-clock patrols of DC police are visible. The state of emergency will remain in place until the day after Joe Biden is sworn in as president.


wba108@yahoo.com from upstate, NY on January 12, 2021:

T -I agree the truth will eventually get out, I believe sooner than later. The more (DNC, MSM, Big Tech and brainwashed leftists) tries to censor us the more strongly will be our resolve!

T on January 10, 2021:

Of course WBA. The truth will out, that’s why the Democrat cabal (DNC, MSM, Big Tech and brainwashed leftists) doesn’t want any one on the right revealing the truth. The truth will out. If they were on the side of the truth that’s what they’d be saying instead of censoring those who say it!

wba108@yahoo.com from upstate, NY on January 10, 2021:

Where was the outrage when BLM Antifa and thier sympathizers were rioting, looting and harassing law abiding citizens all summer long? I didn't hear anything from pelosi and her left wing cronies!

A couple years ago some left wing groups ie BLM, Antifa breached the Capital building, was there outrage? No, many Democrats said it was a good thing, after all Congress is the people's house.

With further evidence coming in it seems Antifa, BLM staged a false flag operation to discredit the otherwise peaceful Stop the Steal rally. They dressed up as Trump supporters and even posted it on social media!