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Trump Refused to Work on a Stimulus Bill Until After He Is Re-Elected

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The President and The Tweet

By now, it's no surprise social media platforms are the most convenient way to reach large groups of people at once. Almost everyone uses one or more site themselves. President Donald Trump uses Twitter as one of his prime, presidential platforms. Social sites have certain rules and algorithms to try and keep their online communities safe. Not even Government Officials are exempt from these rules. Whenever a verified account shares potentially harmful information, it may be left up with a disclosure informing users of the misinformation.


Verified accounts have a large following and can cause damage misleading those who look to them for vital information. Transparency is very important. Despite being flagged for posting statuses against Twitter's Terms of Service on a few occasions, Trump continues to keep the public informed on his workings through Tweets. It seems he has recently come under fire for a thread he posted concerning his plans for the upcoming Stimulus Bill.


"Nancy Pelosi is asking for $2.4 Trillion Dollars to bailout poorly run, high crime, Democrat States, money that is in no way related to COVID-19"

What are the proposed ideals for a new stimulus bill? According to a Forbes.com graph displaying the parties' plans for the new stimulus bill, there are quite a few areas the parties don't agree on. Democrats do suggest money for bailing out states while Republicans would rather not. The money dispersed among the states would be for both democratic and republican run states, not only democratic states. Trump also suggest the money is not for COVID-19 although a great deal of it will be going back out towards the people to help them during the pandemic. A fairly large portion of Republicans shown a disdain for Trump's decision to not agree upon another stimulus check for struggling Americans.

One of the Republican vs. Democratic plans for the Stimulus Bill


"...stop negotiating until after the election when, immediately after I win, we will pass a major Stimulus Bill..."

A pandemic hardly seems like the time to deny Americans financial aid. As unethical as that may seem, now America has a President denying citizens help until he is re-elected. This could impact a lot of people financially and politically in terms of the election. It could also be easily mistaken as an attempt to bribe the American people to vote specifically for him. Waiting until after the election to negotiate the Stimulus Bill leaves millions of people to wonder how they're going to support themselves and their families during this time.


Fill The Seat!

President Trump made it clear he wanted McConnell's time spent approving his pick for the Supreme Court. Democrats don't believe the Supreme Court seat should be filled until after the election. Republicans believe they have the right to fill the seat since they are technically still in office. Trump's nominee, Amy Barrett, supports his move to do away with Obama Care. The President was given an opportunity to discuss his health insurance plans during the Presidential Debate, however, never explained exactly what his replacement policy would be. Trump signed an executive order which he claimed would protect people with pre existing conditions. This order was signed only a few days before the debate without giving the American people much insight into how they would be protected.


BBC News says "The US economy has now been hit by the biggest economic contraction ever recorded and the highest unemployment rate in more than 80 years."

Trump states America is leading the world in economic recovery. America is not the worse country to be affected by COVID-19, but it's not doing quite as well as the President would like to make it sound. With people out of work, no hope for a stimulus plan, and some possibly losing healthcare benefits will add months of suffering to already suffering communities.

What We Can Do For Now

During times like these it is important to have a President who is genuinely concerned with public health. Judging from his strain of Tweets, it sounds as if Trump is more worried about his personal agenda and getting re-elected than he is the citizens of the United States. It appears this will be a very important election no matter which way it happens to be looked at.


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Ashleigh Nicole (author) from Florida on October 08, 2020:

I did see where that was going on as well. There is a lot that will be gong on over the course of this election and hope things can get worked out before it gets to be unworkable.

JOC from Syracuse, NY on October 08, 2020:

News out today that the FBI arrested six militia members who were planning to kidnap Michigan Governor Whitmer. Gee, I wonder who might have provoked them by telling them to 'Liberate Michigan!' Welcome to Donald Trump's America, people.

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