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Trump is playing a broken record


One month after the US election, President Donald Trump continues to play his broken record.
Noting that he's making more important statements than ever before, Trump said tons of bad things have happened with the election.
Trump has said that Joe Biden can't be president of the US if his claims about voter fraud are correct.

Trump's 47-minute recorded speech wasn't broadcast live by any media outlet. He posted videos of his speeches on Facebook and Twitter. the 2 media outlets questioned Trump's speech and published it with comments.

Since the election, Trump has repeatedly spoken out on Twitter and Facebook about unproven allegations of vote-rigging. Trump claims he was defeated by conspiracy. consistent with him, his campaign camp has evidence to vary the result of the election.

In his speech, Trump accused Democrat candidate Biden of switching his vote by pressing the turn on the electronic mechanical device on the last night of polling day.

A day earlier, however, the Trump administration's attorney general said he had no information about fraudulent changes to the election results.

In his speech, Trump mentioned that there would be no more America without rooting out all the horrible frauds.

After the election, one case after another brought from the Trump camp alleging vote fraud has been dismissed in court. Trump's lawyers haven't been ready to present any effective evidence anywhere.

Now Trump is trying to vary the result of the vote with state-level lawmakers in swing states like Pennsylvania, Georgia, and Michigan. His lawyers are within the process of getting to the Supreme Court. Trump has made affidavits to witness vote rigging with a number of his supporters in various states. Trump said in his speech that he hoped the Supreme Court would hear his allegations.

Trump said the Democratic Party used the Corona epidemic as an excuse to undertake to defeat him during a post-election trap. Trump claims that many people, including dead people and illegal immigrants, have cast their ballots by post. Trump has accused the Democratic Party of rigging the systemic vote.

Trump noted that it had been statistically impossible for a candidate like him to lose the election anyway.

Recounts in additional than one state didn't change the results. Yet Trump isn't conceding defeat within the election. Never before within the history of America has there been such an occasion during a presidential election.

Biden, who won the election, is preparing for his administration from his hometown of Wilmington, Delaware.

The new president is going to be sworn in on January 20, consistent with the constitution. Before that, nobody thought Trump would get any results by getting to the Supreme Court.

It is expected that the presence of the previous president won't happen at this point as per the tradition at the inauguration ceremony of the new president.

The key Republicans aren't publicly taking a stand against Trump's unfounded allegations about the election.

Trump has already been ready to confuse a big portion of his supporters together with his baseless claims. In those states where Trump is threatening to overturn the results by talking about vote-rigging, Republican officials were responsible for the election. Trump is speaking harshly to any Republican if he's not on his side.

Trump supporters are still holding rallies in several states, including Georgia. However, the small print of such rallies is being avoided by the US media.

It is feared that the pro-Trump rally could turn violent at some point as a result of continued efforts to question the November 3 election.

No one is certain exactly when Trump will leave the White House. consistent with multiple US media reports, Trump will attend his dormitory in Florida for Christmas. He won't be ready to return to the White House after celebrating the festival there.

However, everyone thinks that Trump will still make allegations of fraud before and after January 20. he's doing so to boost suspicions among his supporters about the November 3 vote.

Trump can't stand another dream of staying within the White House. Trump has already indicated that he wants to return to the White House, albeit through the 2024 election.

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wba108@yahoo.com from upstate, NY on December 03, 2020:

It's not even controversial that voter rolls have not been cleaned up in years. This allows dead people, people who moved out of state and duplicate names to provide illegitimate votes when they're needed.

Elizabeth Warren and other democrats have warned about the numerous ways votes can be altered via the Dominion voting machines.

Changing in vote counting laws were made with weeks of the election in key battleground states. Absentee ballots were permitted without signature or postmark verification.

In many counties the votes exceeded the number of eligible voters.

Voting dumps in the hundreds of thousands occurred in the early morning hours that were at times 100% for Biden, while at the same time the vote counting process was stopped. ( It was stopped so they would know how many illegal votes to dump to swing the election for Biden)

Hundreds of eyewitness are now coming forward to testify of massive fraud.