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Trumps Leaves The White House

Donald Trump need to go on with his life like every other President before him. He is now complaining about sh-- that he screwed up.


Trump Should Never be Allowed To Hold Public Office

On Wednesday morning, President Trump walked across the lawn of the White House. He told reporters outside the White House if Was a "great honor" working with them it was a job of a lifetime. He refused to take questions from reporters.

President Trump left the White House as president of the United States for the last time, boarding Marine One for the last time. President Donald Trump didn't want to make the trip but had no choice. The White House was now the House of President Joe Biden. President Trump requested a military send-off. He wanted a red carpet, a 21gun salute, brass bands with overhead jets, and thousands of people. He was denied by the Pentagon of his demands.

At Joint Andrew Force Base, President Trump was disappointed by the size of the crowd, who were there to say their goodbyes. The look on his face told the story. Trump's speech was plain and simple. It was as if he practically forces himself to speech. Trump said it was an honor being your president. I will be listening and watching you. Trump wishes the Biden administration great luck and success. Trump vow to be back.

Trump's mentor was Richard Nixon, the 37th president of the United States. Donald Trump said he had learned a lot from Nixon. The behavior of the two presidents was similar. Nixon knew how to control his behavior in public and Trump enjoy acting out in public. Richard Nixon left the White House, in disgrace, embarrassment, shame, and tears. Richard Nixon is a saint compared to Former President Donald Trump.

President Trump didn't leave the White House because Republicans refused to hold him accountable for his bad behavior. Trump has turned his party against each other. Richard Nixon never incited a riot on American soil, Trump did. Nixon got out to save himself and the little dignity he had for himself. Trump will be the one who destroys himself and his family.

Donald Trump is dangerous deraigned and should never hold public office again.

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Maxine Daniels (author) from Randolph Ma on October 23, 2021:

Donald Trump was embarrassed and humiliated because he was no longer the man with the power of the United States in his hands. Wishing the Biden administration luck and success is a bunch of bull ---.

Trump will try and do anything he can to destroy Biden. Instead of working with Biden, Republicans are working against restoring America. Biden is trying to do his job, with almost no help from the GOP. JMD

Maxine Daniels (author) from Randolph Ma on October 13, 2021:

There should never be a law protecting a president while he is in office. Presidents have to follow the laws like everyone else.

Maxine Daniels (author) from Randolph Ma on October 11, 2021:

Donald Trump is one of the worst Presidents in history living or deceased. He is disloyal, deceitful, and disgraceful. Trump was responsible for inciting a riot on American soil. Trump supporters are still willing to put America back into the hands of a manic. Who does that except they think the way Trump does? I would hope they would read Trump's first book, he tells them he thinks he is better than anyone, smartest, and will use anyone to get what he wants. In 2024 Donald Trump says he will run for president, who knows where he will be. (jail) In hope.JMD

Maxine Daniels (author) from Randolph Ma on October 05, 2021:

Donald Trump is obsessed with himself. He can't get through a sentence without making it about himself. Trump didn't run for president of the United States to make things better it was all about himself. Every day his face and name are posted on Newspapers and computers complaining. He incited a riot in the U.S. Capitol, people died and he is not remorseful. He is a criminal.JMD

Maxine Daniels (author) from Randolph Ma on September 23, 2021:

Donald Trump is a narcissist,he has an obsession with himself. For months, he has been complaining about everything else except what he has done. Did he forget about the attack on the U.S. Capitol, that he

precipitated? Five people died because of his erratic behavior. He is no better than terrors,he incited a riot on US. soil.

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