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Trump and Peace in Middle East

Having a first-hand experience of realities of living in conflict zone and a student of middle east and international relations.


History in making

  • Past couple of weeks the world has witnessed history being made .
  • It took U.A.E. more than a decade but eventually they did the right decision and chose the path of normalizing relations with Israel.
  • Being a modern and progressive country U.A.E. holds influence on other Gulf states and is surely key to moving forward.
  • We have already witnessed Bahrain follow the suit and starting a new beginning in respect to Israel.
  • United States is going to play a major broker role in order to prepare remaining neighboring states to finally make piece with Israel

The road to peace

The region of middle east have been suffering for too long and apparently there is no end in sight. Trump after being elected four years ago also lost the track of events in this regard unless he became under pressure to have a symbol of achievement of some sort to present to voters and pave way for a re-election. So to gain more in less time he took the service road instead of highway and tried to normalize Israeli relations with Arab monarchies at the expense of a resolution with Palestine, while offering fast track weapons deals.

There are a lot of demerits for weaponizing Gulf states,especially the ones with history of suppressing their masses and interfering (militarily) in neighbor and regional countries. It will provide a solid base for more bloodshed in near future


The Temple mount

For all the three Abraham faiths the Temple Mount hold a special religious place. Right now the Temple Mount or Al-quds is under Waqf jurisdiction and only Muslims can pray there, but with the peace deals signed recently there is going to be a tectonic shift to the status quo. The wordings used in these agreements denote Al-aqsa which is a small structure in Al-quds compounds as a place of Muslim worship and all other places can be used by peaceful worshipers of all the faiths. At first glance it seems sensible and right thing but in actuality it will open the doors for a change in status quo and will become a very strong reason for the blood that is going to be spilled by changing the status quo

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The question remains

  • After the celebration finishes, there would be some unanswered questions that need some explanation
  • What is going to happen to Palestine territory?
  • Is two states solution still a possibility?
  • Are there going to be any more settlements in West bank?
  • What is going to happen to the annexation planes?

The answers to all the questions raised above are obvious and present in plane sight, still there is hope for peace.

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