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Trump and Voter Fraud in the 2020 Election

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But the Republican party of Trump is no innocent bystander in voter fraud. Despite Trump saying that it is all about how the Democrats will be trying to cheat to win the election and how Trump is sowing distrust in the American democracy, he and his party are guilty of it as charged.

To wit:

In Texas, despite court challenges, so far, the Republican Governor has won to limit the number of voting places in each county within the state to just ONE. In the county where Houston is, a city of four million, all of them will have to go to vote in person at a single site! Why? The governor is trying to help Trump win Texas by this tactic of voter suppression via physical constraints. Imagine the long hours waiting in line not only to vote but just getting there and traffic. It is too much for many who will just NOT vote! That is the whole reason behind this. Or, imagine living in a county where you have to travel hours just to get there and still endure the hours in line to vote.

In California, even a more sinister Republican tactic is made. In that state, voters may use the official drop off boxes to drop their ballots. However, the Republican party there has been creating their own unofficial drop boxes claiming to be official boxes. Why? The Republican Party has said it is to help the state collect ballots and process them. There is suspicion it is just to destroy them once collected. Why else would the state DA issue a stop and desist order in these boxes and to remove those already in place. The official ballot drop boxes are orange in color, the Republican ones are not.

California is almost always Democratic, while Texas has been more of a toss up state. So, if the Republicans can rig the system in either state, the outcomes might be different. Many governors in Republican states are trying similar methods to rig the system towards their man Trump.

All this points to a very contentious post-election days and weeks. Biden, if he loses, should not concede either especially in battleground states where it is close because of how voter fraud is handled in red and blue states.

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