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Trump Talk: The Modern Tragicomedy of America.

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Donald Trump: The Unconventional President

The United States of America entered a revolutionary era of "Greatness" with the arrival of an "unconventional" man to the seat of presidency. Donald J. Trump is a man of unprecedented presidential demeanor, previously considered unworthy of a man of his stature. However, contemporary America is not the old rusty one where Racism is kept under wraps and confined to white supremists' personal chat groups. Today, America is "Great" again where White mass shooters are "mentally challenged" while any other skin color automatically fits the description of a radical ideological terrorist, either shooter or not. However, all this banter has long been discussed, contemplated upon and ridiculed to no avail. On a lighter note, let's shift our attentions to the man of the hour; the face that made all this happen—Donald J. Trump.

Trump's World of Limitless Possibilities"

Donald Trump has "revolutionized" the face of American politics. His unconventional pattern of public speaking, pseudonym as "Trump Talk" is one of a kind in the realm of American Presidential discourse or any other state's official discourse for that matter. His public speaking tendencies, before assuming the Oval office, were inclined towards satirical and unconventional tweets against his opponents. Many mistakenly assumed that this inclination of sharing random thought on the social media platform would cease once he assumed office. However, to the unfortunate dismay of his advisers and to the pleasant surprise of the news reporting agencies, Trump had other plans. After the beginning of his presidential tenure, the president still continues to speak his mind, much to the anxiety of his advisors who expect a prior consultation before the announcement of a formal policy narrative. The Trump administration gets to know of the President's intentions in real time along with the common folks. This is the Great American dream where common folks are equally aware of the state's official security and Geo strategic policy narrative as much as the administration's advisory. This level of "equality" is unique only to America- the dreamland of modern progressive life. It is quite "worrisome" that in the previous year, British Lawmakers suggested their former PM Therisa May to persuade US President to stay away from Twitter. One of the lawmakers quoted: " Wouldn't the world be a better place if the Prime Minister could persuade the President of the United states to delete his Twitter account." In actuality, Trump's world is a world of self assumed facts and no tangible repercussions- at least for the president himself. However, the "captivating" features of Trump Talk do not halt at his reckless speaking of the mind. The party has just started folks!

The Savior of Nature and the Bird Population:

The man who claims to be an environmentalist has a very interesting perspective to share on the comparative disadvantage of renewable energy over non-renewable one. In one of his public speeches, the man leading the super power of the world declared the so-called "fumes" emitted by the windmills to be more dangerous than the Carbon footprints of thermal power generators. His logic you ask? The impact it has on the bird population. Declaring the Windmills as "the graveyards of birds", Trump's superhuman cognitive ability prefers to ignore the horrendous impacts of Climate Change on the Human population. This banter seems unconventionally stupid at first. However, an in depth analysis reveals the logic behind it. Windmills, as Trump points out, are "Ugly Things" destroying the natural beauty of lush green fields and this crime against mother nature "must" be stopped.

The President's Unique Self Praising Tendency:

Donald Trump has a very high standard of self evaluation. His performance monitoring skills and practices are above board to such an extent that no other news agency or political analyst can be trusted with undertaking that level of supreme critique. That is why, one often sees the President giving himself a 10 out of 10 in handling the Puerto Rico Hurricane Maria in 2019 as well as self assuming the A+ grade in matters of national security and strategic planning. That is why when any single opposing voices either be it from the "Fake News" or "Naive Democratic Opponents", the president himself undertakes the task of exposing them to the sensible American Republican supporters who are, of course, at the "highest order" of cognizance and intelligence. That is why several of the most repeated phrases by the president include a high level of self appreciation and appraisal, for instance, "Nobody can do it like me," "Nobody is stronger than me," "Nobody builds walls better than I do," and the best of them all, "Nobody has done more to promote equality than I have." Moreover, Trump claims that he "knows words" and apparently has the "best words," whatever that means. Yet, research shows his vocabulary to be an immigrant in the world of American English language. The president prefers to use his own customized collection of words like con-ducking in place of conducting, "ad-reth" instead of address, "anonommess" instead of anonymous and even replacing Obama with "ObamNa". World renowned language expert John Mcwhorter, while presenting a linguistic definition of the president, stated;

Donald Trump is linguistically unadorned.

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Informal Discourse in Formal Settings:

This choice of words may somehow be related to a speech impediment for which no human should have to suffer ridicule. However, the story does not end here. The president has a very unique tendency of using big words that convey little meaning. The best aspect of the Trump talk is the exquisitely coveted meaninglessness in his "verbose" speeches. The president is so original and untamed in his discourse that the education system and schooling has had no impact on his use of words. His casual demeanor of speaking by tagging sentences with enforcers like "believe me, trust me, you know," etc. is quite unique for his seat of Presidency in the Oval office. Moreover, another lingual aspect of the "Trump Talk" is his use of meaningless words in an effort to convey a supposed idea.

End Note:

His informal meaningless discourse can be best seen in his latest CPAC speech in 2019 when the president stated that he was lonely so he decided to "go to Iraq", potentially referring to the active involvement of US in the affairs of Middle Eastern countries. Declaring high level strategic decision as " killing boredom" further adds insult to the injury of thousands of people losing their lives in the Middle East as collateral damage. The fact of the matter is that the Presidency of Donald J. Trump is the biggest tragicomedy of modern American political history. This careless demeanor is injurious not only to the vulnerable South but also to the American people themselves. This fact is authenticated by the careless mishandling of the President in terms of the Covid-19 treatment medications. He is openly suggesting people to use unauthorized drugs and medications just because "he feels like it." Talking about Hydroxy chloroquine, he says;

If it works, it will be wonderful. It will be beautiful. It will be a gift from heaven. It may work. It may not work. I happen to feel good about it. If it does not work, hey, we tried... what do I know...I am not a doctor.


Nawal Siddiqi on May 09, 2020:

A vigilant approach for the research on Trump talks.. Really enjoyed reading it..

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