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Trump: Playing a Dangerous Game!

Donald Trump


Donald Trump, US President, is playing a deadly game with Iran. Trump has imposed tougher and tougher sanctions against the Islamic Republic. The sanctions are designed to hurt the Iranian economy hard and also targeting Iranian leaders like Ayatollah Khamenei

Iran is struggling to sell it's oil abroad, even though it is working on ways around these sanctions. Presumably, Iran's allies, namely China and Russia will stand with Iran and do what they can to protect Iran, from these sanctions.

The war of words between Tehran and Washington has been hotting up, especially from Trump, who threatened to obliterate Iran, in any conflict. However, Trump has stated he does want war as has Iran's President Rouhani, but mistakes happen.

Trump had always said, that the Iran deal, was not a good deal. Not good for the country itself, and, all nations involved. Trump walked away from the nuclear deal,, leaving European countries to continue with it.

Once Trump had walked away from the nuclear deal, he imposed sanctions on the regime in Tehran. Iran had sanctions lifted under the nuclear deal, so it could sell it's commodities abroad and grow its economy. But now, with an absolute plethora of sanctions, it seems the US wants to bring Iran to its knees or start a war. Either way, this cannot be good for Iran or the wider world.

No one is pretending the regime of the ayatollahs is wonderful, however, whether, you agreed with the nuclear deal or not, at least it was an agreement on paper at least, that suited everyone. Iran's bitter enemies like Israel and Saudi Arabia, accuse Iran, of carrying on with a clandestine nuclear bomb programme anyway.

The war in Yemen is a proxy war between Saudi Arabia, it's Allies and Iran. Iran is accused of sabotaging Japanese and other nations tankers in the Gulf. Iran shot down an American drone, which either was or was not in Iranian air space. Donald Trump was within ten minutes of launching an air strike on Iran in revenge. Instead, he launched a cyber attack on Revolutionary Guard missiles and the computers, that control them. The US has an aircraft carrier in the Gulf, ready at any moment, to launch its fighters, to devastating effect on Iran. Iran in response to sanctions is continuing to enrich nuclear material, which could, in theory, be used to create a nuclear weapon. All of this does not bode well and the atmosphere between the US and Iran remains tense.

The UK supposedly reinforcing EU sanctions, intercepted an Iranian tanker carrying oil. Apparently, the tanker was bound for Syria, to help Assad. The Iranian tanker remains impounded after a swift takeover by British Royal Marines. The tanker was in British waters off Gibraltar, apparently, when it was intercepted. Iran has demanded the ship be released and called the British action, piracy. The Spanish however, who always monitor British activity to do with Gibraltar (Gibraltar has always been a bone of contention between the UK and Spain) have said something different. The Spanish maintain, that the British may well have been enforcing EU sanctions against Syria or Iran, but, they say the Americans asked the UK to take action. John Bolton, a hard right adviser to Trump, congratulated the British on their action, if evidence of American involvement, was needed.

The Trump White House it seems is full of people like Mike Pompeo and John Bolton, who seem to be pushing for a war with Iran. On top of this, Trump, his Vice-President, and others all seem to be Zionist Christians. Zionist Christians believe that Israel was reestablished as a home for the Jews once more and will bring about the second coming of Christ. As well as being strong allies of Israel, the US is also firm friends with Saudi Arabia, so of course, the Trump White House would be against Iran.

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What we have here is a very dangerous situation, and frankly, Trump is not helping it.

Any war would be absolutely devastating and its consequences would be unforeseen.

Iran Threatens Action of its Own.

An ex-commander of the Revolutionary Guards Corps has threatened it is now Iran's duty to seize a British tanker. As explained above, the Iranian tanker, the 'Grace 1', was seized by British Royal Marines.

The ship remains impounded in Gibraltar and could be held for up to 14 days. The ship and its crew are accused of breaking EU sanctions against Syria and/or Iran. The ship was carrying a huge quantity of oil and did not travel through the Suez Canal. The ship instead travelled around Africa from the Gulf and was intercepted by the British Royal Marines.

The UK now finds itself, in a war of words, with Iran and Spain. Also, now by taking this action,, the UK appears to be siding with Trump.

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