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Trump Laughed At May's Earnings.

Former President Donald Trump and Former Prime Minister Theresa May.


According to an article in 'The Spectator', when Donald Trump was told, Theresa May earned £100,000 every time she gave a lecture, he apparently, exploded into laughter. According to former, ITV breakfast presenter Piers Morgan, Trump said "I'd pay her £100,000 to keep quiet" or words to that effect. Trump was always scathing of his opposite, number when she was, Prime Minister.

When asked, who he rated 10/10 in world political leaders, President Trump, certainly did not rate, Mrs May. Mr. Trump regarded Mrs. May as weak on immigration, Brexit, and NATO. When Trump and May, held hands as they walked through the colonnades, of the White House, May said "she was surprised" by this. Although, at the time she said he held his hand, so, he wouldn't fall.

Mrs. May, apparently, never knew how to take Donald Trump and was, intimidated, by him and frustrated. Never had there been a moment in history like this, where, the British Prime Minister was unsure of a sitting American President. In fact, other political leaders were often left flummoxed by the antics of Trump, whilst in the White House. Trump in his tenure, walked away from the climate change deal and the Iran, nuclear deal. In his America First mantra, Trump did not think these deals were worth the paper, they were written on. It now falls to the almost incoherent, President Biden, to fix, what Trump deconstructed.

In the 'Spectator' article, Piers Morgan poured scorn, on Mrs. May earning £100,00 every time she gave a talk on the lecture circuit. Mr. Morgan said Mrs. May was raking in 1 million and doing very nicely out of it, thank you, since she left No 10, (though she is still a Tory MP). Currently, Theresa May is part of a Conservative rebellion by a number of Tory MPs in wanting to reverse, cuts, to the foreign aid budget.

When May and Trump, first met, many thought it was the 2nd coming, of Margaret Thatcher and Ronald Reagan. Whether people were, nostalgic, for the 1980s or what, but Trump being Reagan and May being Thatcher, didn't quite, work out like that.

Historians, will be pouring over the May-Trump era, perhaps decades, even centuries from now.

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