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Trump Is Defeated But Not Gone

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Trump is defeated. The wicked witch is dead. Ding dong. However, he is far from gone. The Trump swamp runs deep and wide with many fellow Republicans who lack any morals to stand up to this man with his thing. Even two weeks after the USA elected Biden as the next president, like a fat brat and sore loser, Trump refuses to concede the election knowing full well it IS over! He and his cronies and minions that embrace racist concepts and a pure white America challenge with forlorn hope that somehow Trump can overturn the election results and their electors so he can win. However, in court case after court case, he has lost and even Republicans are finally seeing the light.

However, Trumpism is far from over. Half of America voted for him and Biden did not get his projected landslide by any means, far from it. America was simply sick of Trump and his bullshit politics that corrupted many Republicans. They remain afraid of him, as if he has some God-like power to ruin their lives. What a pathetic lot they all are. No backbone to speak up against him. This is just like what happened in Nazi Germany in the 1925-32 years and Hitler even challenged election results using the same corruption reasons. But, many Americans are just plain ignorant of this history and see Trump as "breath of fresh air" in politics. They are also naïve to think that Trump thinks of America first when it is clear he and his business benefitted the most!

The Future

Trump is not gone. His staying power is remarkable and it would be just fitting to see him run again in 2024, when he is 77, just for spite, to show the world he can win and rub their noses in it. It would be just like him to float the idea of this just to keep other better Republicans, like Nikki Haley, from running until the last minute. In this way, he would get the nomination etc. A Trump and Haley ticket might get him elected again. Wouldn't it just be insane if Donald Trump and Donald trump. Jr. ran on the Republican ticket???

The ideology of Trump appeals to many, mostly white, Republicans. They like that asshole personality on the world stage, America going alone, and having government more intrusive when it is to their benefit. Many of the supporters are die hards and will do anything for him and will try to make the Biden years to follow stumble and fail.

The next four years will not be easy for Biden. He faces opposition in the Senate for sure and from within his own party from those on the far left. That wing of the Democratic party haunts Biden and they are already making demands for Biden to give them far left ideas that most Democrats frown on. His VP, Harris, will no doubt run for President in 2024, she is much further to the left than Biden, who is a sensible moderate. It will not be easy.

There is always a possibility, God forbid, that Biden's health fails, allowing Harris to become POTUS. This would shock the nation and many would claim some nefarious forces created it just to allow the far left of the party (i.e., socialist) to gain control.

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The next four years may be just as tumultuous as the Trump years.

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